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The Farming Fast Five

The Farming Fast Five

We ask a farmer five quick questions about farming, and what agriculture means to them. Today we talk to YOLO farmer and Federated Farmers vice president Wayne Langford.

1-      What did my journey into farming look like?

I grew up on a dairy farm in Golden Bay, a 6thgeneration farmer, I was accepted into two Universities when I left High School, one to do a degree in Sports Coaching, the other to head to Lincoln. That’s where I met many great friends and my wife to be, so I’ve never looked back.

2-      Tell us a little about your farming operation?

We milk 230 cows, on a simple Once a Day milking system all season. I have worked on a variety of farming systems across my farming career, from high input to low input. I have loved the challenge of all of them, however currently we are enjoying the challenge of making our system as simple, efficient and profitable as possible.

3-      What challenges have we faced in our farming career and how have we dealt with them?

After 20 years farming I would like to think that I have experienced most things that will come at me. From weather like floods, droughts and snow storms, to animal health issues, mental health issues, low payouts, high payouts, family farming issues and more. The one thing I now know is to control the controllables, these things will come and go, it’s how you control those circumstances that will decide how you come through it.

4-      What has been a major highlight for you in your farming journey?

I’ve received a number of awards and accolades, however when you look at the question above, what I’m most proud of is this. I have absolutely loved farming with my wife and boys. Watching them grow and be a part of what we are doing along the way. Droving cattle down a gravel road like generations have done before me, a boy on my lap learning stock man skills, or talking dreams and goals with my wife on the hill at the back of the farm, that’s what life’s all about for me.

5-      What advice would you give to the next generation of farmers:

Enjoy what you are doing, if you don’t then change it. The best thing about farming is you can often achieve the same result in so many different ways, that’s why we love to visit each other’s farms. Challenge yourself by asking, am I proud of what I’m doing, which is not about being perfect, instead doing the best you can within the circumstances in front of you. Oh……and of course I would say, remember you:

You Only Live Once (YOLO), so enjoy life too.

by Claire Inkson.