Two sports, one programme

Kids will get the chance to test their football and cricket skills at a combined holiday programme between Canterbury Cricket and Mainland Football next week.
Photo Ashburton Guardian

In a hope to grow interest in both sports and support the wider regions they operate in, Canterbury Cricket and Mainland Football are teaming up to bring a holiday programme to the Ashburton Domain next week.

The programme, which will be run for six hours a day on January 20 and 21, will see kids get to try their hand at fun, skill-based games for both football and cricket.

Canterbury Cricket marketing and communications co-ordinator Dan Sharples said the idea came from a discussion between the two organisations’ CEOs, and a desire to do more in the regions.

“One aspect we both realised we can do a lot better is supporting our regions, as we have neglected them with our holiday programmes,” he said.

Sharples said the programme will focus on fun skills-based activities associated with the two sports with less of a focus on winning.

The hope is the programme will drive up participation in both sports by giving football players a taste of cricket and cricket players a taste of football to try and attract them to the sport.

The day will be structured around two groups.

One group will practice cricket in the morning whilst the other will practice football, and after lunch, the groups will switch over.

This is the first time they have run a programme like this, and Sharples said they plan to continue them in the future, taking them to other locations around Canterbury, like Timaru or Methven.

More information about the programme can be found on the Canterbury Cricket website

– Jaime Pitt-MacKay