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  • Golf

Tinwald Golf Club

Tinwald women’s golf draw 17th May, LGU 1st Kirsty Trophy (own Partners) – 3rd Twilighters 65+ yrs. Report 9.00 for meeting and start at 10.00, Starters V. Prendergast D. Morgan.
Cards B. Cochrane, Kitchen M. Oakley, Roster convenor J. Bruhns.


  • Hockey

Mid Canterbury Hockey
Draw for May 16 through to May 22.
Div 1 Women Monday 16 May 6.00 pm Methven v Wakanui Black (M Marshall, M Baker). 7.30 pm Wakanui Purple v Tinwald (C Watson, D Baker).
Div 1 Men Tuesday 17 May 6.00 pm Wakanui White v Wakanui Black (S Muir, R Leigh). 7.30 pm Allenton v Tinwald (S Mealings, TBA).
Kwik Sticks, Wednesday 18 May 4.00 pm Tinwald Bonnington Painting v Wakanui Boys Blue (Turf a) E Shapland, Tinwald Engineering Solutions Girls v Allenton Girls (Turf b) L Adam, 5.10 pm Allenton Boys v Wakanui Boys Black (Turf a) R Kidd, Methven White Girls v Allenton/Tinwald Girls (Turf b) G Oates, 6.20 pm Methven Black Boys v Methven White Boys (Turf a) Wakanui Div 2 Men, Hampstead Lowcliffe Div 2 Men, Methven Black Girls v Wakanui Girls Yr 7 (Turf b) Tinwald Div 2 Men, Allenton Div 2 Men, Wakanui Girls Yr 8 (bye).
SSL Girls Warm Up Black Wednesday 18 May Nunweek Park 2 4.55 pm Warm up SMC 2nd XI v Warm up Ashburton.
Small Sticks Duty Team: Lauriston Yr 5 Kiwi Sticks Friday 20 May 3.45 pm Lauriston Yr 5 v Wakanui Black Yr 5 (Turf a) J Muir, K McDonnell, Tinwald The Tool Shed v Wakanui Blue Yr 5 (Turf b) D Law, TBA, 4.30 pm Wakanui Blue Yr 6 v Tinwald Skip-2-It (Turf a) J Muir, K McDonnell, Methven Yr 5 v Tinwald Mayfield Transport (Turf b) D Law, TBA 5.15 pm Tinwald Smith & Sons v Methven Yr 6 (Turf a) Methven Div 2 Women, Hampstead Div 2 Women, Allenton Yr 5 (bye).
Div 2 Women Friday 20 May 6.15 pm Methven v Hamsptead (Tinwald Div 1 Women, Wakanui Div 1 Women Purple) 7.30 pm Wakanui v Tinwald (Methven Div 1 Women, Wakanui Div 1 Women Black).
Connetics SSP Boys Champs Friday 20 May 5.10 pm, Nga Puna Wai 2, Shirley Boys High School 1st XI v Ashburton College Boys 1st XI.
Small Sticks Duty Team: Lauriston Mini Sticks Saturday 21 May 10.00 am Allenton Maroon Magic v Wakanui Blue (Turf a) Coaches, Methven v Wakanui Black (Turf b) Coaches, Tinwald Black v Allenton Gold Sticks (Turf c) Coaches, Lauriston v Wakanui (Turf d) Coaches, Tinwald Orange (bye).
Fun Sticks Saturday 21 May Draws made on the day (Coaches).
Snr Men (Canterbury Div 1) Saturday 21 May Mid Canterbury (Bye).
Snr Women (Canterbury Div 1) Mainpower Waimakariri 1.30 pm Rangiora CBK v Mid Canterbury.
Div 2 Men Sunday 22 May 5.00 pm Wakanui v Tinwald (Allenton Div 1 Men, Wakanui Div 1 Men Black) 6.30 pm Hampstead Lowcliffe v Allenton (Tinwald Div 1 Men, Wakanui Div 1 Men White).





  • Bridge

Ashburton Bridge Club

Monday May 9, B & C Ladder: N/S 1st Bruce Leighton & Dee Murdoch, 2nd Val & Paul Sheldon, 3rd= Bronwyn Oakley & Cath King and Anne Gilbert & Ruth Logan. E/W 1st Amanda Evans & Karen Chettleburg, 2nd Bev Blair & David Fisher, 3rd Shirley Young & David McCormick.
Tuesday Evening May 10, Robinson Trophy: 1st Rewa Kyle & Bev Turton, 2nd Debbie Seddon-Sewell & David Sewell, 3rd Mary Buckland & Jason Vannini, 4th Pat Jordan & Mike Holdaway, 5th Jill Browne & Johnny Wright, 6th Jan de Jong & Rosemary McLaughlin.
Wednesday Afternoon May 11, Individual Ladder: 1st Maree Moore & Rosemary McLaughlin, 2nd Janet Cuttle & Jill Browne, 3rd Val Palmer & Colin Clemens.
Thursday Evening May 12, Smith Trophy: N/S 1st Maryke Blignault & David Sewell, 2nd Rosemary McClaughlin & Rewa Kyle, 3rd Val Palmer & Janet Cuttle.
E/W 1st Paul Leadley & Eric Parr, 2nd Maree Moore & Maureen Kolkman 3rd Kate White & Debbie Seddon-Sewell.


  • Cycling

Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers
14th May 22. 16km. 23 riders. 1st Kaylib Gorrie 26m 01s. 2nd Richard kirwan 27m 15s. 3rd Ross Templeton 27m 17s. 4th Nick Grijns 26m 07s. 5th Don Sutton 26m 08s. 6th Charlotte Cox 27m 18s. 7th Paul Brake 26m 08s. 8th Brent Hudson 33m 47s. 9th Larry Neal 24m 33s. F/T. 10th Monique Brake 24m 34s. 2f/t. 11th Dave Knight 24m 34s. 3f/t. 12th Roger Wilson 28m 11s. 13th Dave Shurrock 34m 02s. 14th Jack Gorrie 30m 32s. 15th Kenny Johnston 31m 09s. 16th Katherine Gorrie 31m 11s. 17th Jelle Hendriksen 25m 52s 4f/t. 18th Charles Savage 29m 55s. 19th Jeremy Savage 29m 56s. 20th Kerry Clough. 38m 14s. 21st Debbie Skinner 38m 124s. 22nd Andy Skinner 38m 15s. 23rd Lucy Kirwan DNF, crashed.


  • Golf

Ashburton 9 Holers
Last week’s winners:
The Round 4 Gordon Clinton Putting Trophy winner was Gavin Johnston (12), followed by Peter Woods and Gordon Clinton (15). The Round 4 Jean Drummond Putting Trophy was won by Chris Anderson, Judy Shepherd and Wendy Smith (16). Colin Fleming and Richard Johnson scored Smith & Church gobblers and Allan Bowman scored a 2 on number 8.
This week, May 19, we are playing at Mayfield and the following week, May 26, we will have a special event: the Bruce Leighton Mixed Bloodsome Trophy sponsored by Hotel Ashburton and Netherby Pharmacy.

Ashburton Golf Club
Watson Cup Knockouts + Stableford Round – Saturday, May 14
Watson Cup Quarter Final Winners: Dave Fisher & George Brown, Steve McCloy & Stephen Lee, Robbie Bell & Royce Jamieson, Greg Fleming & Chris Lovelock.
Newton Trophy Winners: Tom Blacklow & Ben Niles, Murray Moorhead & Ivan Blain, Pat Turton & Paddy Bradford and Dylan Stoddart & Jordan Bird. Radius Care Winner over the Field: Brendon Davidson +2, 2nd Tim Newton +1, 3rd Davis Rush +1.
Other good scores were;
Craig Bain +1, Jeff Hewitt +1 and Shane Beaven 0. Twos: Blair Snowball x2, Royce Jamieson, Terry Kingsbury and Paddy Bradford.
Nearest The Pins: Hole 4#”: South Island Seed Processing & Storage Co: Blair Snowball, Hole 8# 3 Stooges (Brown Bombers): Steve McCloy, Hole 12# Ashburton Golf Club: Terry Kingsbury, Hole 14# Value Plus: Paddy Bradford, Hole 6# Hamish Niles Shout: Robbie Bell, Hole 9# Tong’s Thai: Brendon Davidson, Birdie Jackpot Hole No 3#, Nett Eagle Jackpot Hole No 6# – Tinwald Tavern Bonus Spot Prize: Craig Bain.
9 Hole Competition: Stableford: 1st: Harvey Bakehouse Winner: Gavin Johnston 19pts, 2nd Sam Prince 17pts.

Tinwald Golf Club
Saturday, May 14
Grade winners in the medal round played Saturday. -12; Robin Simms 70 c/b Simon Ross, Dave King 70. 13-18; Pete Marshall 68, Snow Pierce 70, Dave Cockburn, Cameron Miller 72. 19 Plus; Phil Bloomfield 71 c/b Jim Lattimore 71.
Women: Kelly Kenton 72.
Nearest Pin: Tinwald Liquorland #2; Dave King. Gluyas Ford #6; Gary Lee. The Fine Lion #12; Jason Mactier. Ace Automotive #16; Snow Pierce. G & R Seeds 2nd Shot #11; Steve Mealings. Two’s. Greg Hubbard (2), Dave King, Percy Kelsall, Jason Mactier, Gordy Kenton, Robin Bosson, Dave Cockburn, Snow Pierce.
Net Eagle; # 10 Tony Sheppard.

Mayfield Golf Club
Saturday, May 14
Winners of the first round of the four ball: Steve King and John Sim, Donald Lake and Grant Early, Arthur Grigg and Ali McLeod, Kenny Read and Gordon Duthie, Murray Keir and Roger Lake. Lindsay Kearns and Ian Beach a bye.
Nearest the pins: No 2: Aon Insurance – Not struck, No 11: Hyde Bros Spraying – Not struck, No 5: Campbell Contracting- Wayne Vessey, No 14: ANZ Bank – Gordon Duthie, No 9 and 18: Ruralco second shot – Kenny Read, Twos: none. Kallara Texel Player of the Day: Lindsay Kearns 82-8-74.

Methven Golf Club
Senior: Michael Kemp 78-5-73. Intermediate: Stuart Wilson 85-13-72. Junior A: Paul Middleton 85-16-69. Junior B: Geoff Kelk 103-28-75.
Other good scores: 71 Phil Duff. 75 Simon Wareing, Alister Maxwell, Ben Rutter.
Twos: Paul Middleton.
Closest to the Pins: Methven Pubs #4: Greg Overall. Hunters wine #6: Piers Rolton, Ski Time #13: Stuart Wilson. Green Parrot #17: Phil Johnson.
Dubliner Best Nett: Paul Middleton 69. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Phil Duff 71. Bar Voucher Best Gross: Michael Kemp 78.
Next week: Duff and Middleton Matches.


  • Petanque

Ashburton MSA
South Canterbury Doubles, May 14.
Winners: Lani and Adelys Taraunu, Ash-
burton, 2nd Kay and Tony Morrison Papanui, 3rd Karen and Nevilles Bensdorp Ashburton. Plate: Mavis Thompson/Linda Millard Timaru/Ashburton. second Robbie Sihamu/Mark Richardson Caversham/Dunedin City, 3rd Francie Osborn/Nicky Foden Ashburton.


  • Squash

Celtic Squash Club
Results from the Celtic Squash Club’s winter league competition:
Team J&N Hedgecutting beat Team Mastercraft Kitchens 12-9:
John McDonnell beat Billy Nolan 3-2, Riley Broker beat Julie Copland 3-0, Simon Kennedy beat Kade Cummings 3-1, Nicky Dryland lost to Emily Proffit 0-3, Alex Forbes lost to Andre De Beer 0-3, Hollie Morgan beat Madi Read 3-0.
Team Campbell Contracting Ltd beat Team McCrea Paint & Decorators 13-7:
Nick Marshall beat Simon Kennedy 3-1, Mick Hooper beat Rob Giles 3-0, Hamish O’Reilly lost to Blair Horrell 0-3, Kirsty Clay beat Ian Dolden 3-0, Henry Ross beat Lucas Raphold 3-0, Blake Cummings lost to Craig Henshilwood 1-3.
Team EuroAagri beat Team Kirsty Clay Property Brokers 13-9:
Scott Broker beat Jimmy Hunn 3-1, James McCloy beat Neil Keenan 3-1, Kade Cummings lost to Kyle Hurren 0-3, Hayden Robinson lost to Kirsty Clay 1-3, Andre De Beer beat Meagen Bell 3-1, Taylor Moore beat Bryney Ward 3-0.