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  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

Saturday April 17
A stableford round will be played from the White Tees. Starting Times: Morning Report at 7.40am for an 8.00am start and afternoon report at 11.30am for a 12.00 noon start (Winter Times). Nine hole golfers from 1.00pm. Note: earlier afternoon start this week.



Mid Canterbury Rugby
April 14
MHC U15 v Timaru 4.30pm Back field at MHC Jeremy Robinson.
Saturday 17th April 2021
Seniors – Combined Competition Division 1
Pool A: Hampstead v Hornby, Hamp1, 2.45pm Russell Lane – AR1 Simon Bennett – AR2 Geoff Barr
Rakaia v Springston, Rakaia1, 2:45pm Mitchell Neutze – AR1 Joc O’Connor AR2 Moon Tuilaepa
Pool B
Methven v Lincoln, Methv1, 2.45pm Hamish Grant – AR1 Nathan Forbes – AR2 Jeremy Robinson
Waihora v Celtic, Tai Tapu1, 2.45pm Karl Hancox
Rolleston v Southern, Foster Park 1, 2.45pm Justin Currie
Senior B
Allenton v Collegiate Combined, Allenton1, 2:30pm Greg Jopson
Methven v Southern, Methven1, 1.00pm Nathan Forbes – AR1 Jeremy Robinson – AR2 Liz Bell
Mt Somers v *Celtic. Mt Somers1, 2.30pm Ant McGirr – Bruce Beckley Challenge.
Senior Women
Lincoln Ewes v Celtic, Lincoln Uni1, 1.00pm
Colts Combined
Hampstead/Southern v Hornby, Ham-pstead 1, 1.00pm Simon Bennett
Methv/Rakaia/Tinw v Lincoln Red, Rakaia1, 1.00pm Joc O’Connor
Waihora v Celtic, Tai Tapu1, 1.00pm





Ashburton MSA Bowling Club

Results MSA Bowling Clubs Skip2ITFlooringXtra sponsored half day triples 9th April.
1st M. Anderson, G.Bishop, G. Crack 3 wins 17 ends 31 points, 2nd R. Mitchell, S. Harrison, M. Skilling 2,5 wins 14 ends 27 points, 3rd T. Inwood, J. Moffatt  A.Huband 2 wins 14 ends 33 points.
Thanks for your season’s support, bowlers and sponsors.

Open Junior Singles
The Open Junior Singles was played at the MSA Bowling Club on Saturday 10th April with Post Section play on Sunday 11th April.
After Qualifyiing rounds on Saturday April 10 – four players qualified for post section play.
Gus Hurrell (MSA), Mick Buchanan (Allenton), Russell Ward (MSA) and Wayne McCarthy (Methven). Gus Hurrell defeated Mick Buchanan, Russell Ward defeated Wayne McCarthy in the Semi-Finals.
In the final Gus Hurrell defeated Russell Ward 21-9.



Ashburton Bridge Club
Monday Evening – April 5th, mixed grade: N/S 1st Maryke Blignault & Kate White, 2nd =John F Rickard & Peter Downward and Cath King & Paul Leadley, 3rd Mary Buckland & Janet Cuttle.
E/W 1st Kay Robb & Dee Murdoch, 2nd Wendy & Eric Parr, 3rd Sheryl Reid & Trish Downward.
Tuesday Evening April 6, 2rds diff ptr: N/S 1St Bev Macaulay & Jeanette Lovett, 2nd Maryke Blignault & Sonia Gill, 3rd Lois Rose & Bill Kolkman.
E/W 1st Kay Robb & Sheila Lyons, 2nd Peter Downward & David Sewell, 3rd Debbie Seddon-Sewell & Trish Downward.

Wednesday Afternoon April 7, 3 rds diff ptr each rd: N/S 1st Trish & Peter Downward, 2nd Evelyne Taylor & Peter Wilson, 3rd Janet Cuttle & Val Palmer.
E/W 1st Rewa Kyle & Mary Buckland, 2nd Sue Rosevear & Anne Reid, 3rd Beth McIlraith & Jill Browne.
Thursday Evening April 8, Duplicate: N/S 1st Sue Rosevear & Debbie Seddon-Sewell, 2nd Kay Robb & Rosemary McLaughlin, 3rd = David Sewell & Mike Holdaway and David Greenslade & Jan de Jong.
E/W 1st Trish & Maurice Small, 2nd Peter Wilson & Evelyne Taylor, 3rd Audrey Rooney & Bev Turton.



Tinwald Cycling
Under 17 Development: Sunday, April 11 – Opening Day.
Race One Open Time Trial 2.5km. 1st Ryan Gallagher 5m 06s. 2nd Zoe Nicholls 5m 40s. 3rd Logan McKnight 5m 44s. 4th. Charlotte Neal 5m 55s. 5th. Cody Rollinson 6m 13s. 6th Alieiha Pope 6m 28s. 7th Braxton Brown 6m 45s.
Graded Results:
A. 1st Ryan Gallagher 5m.06s. 2nd Zoe Nicholls 5m 40s. B. Logan McKnight  5m 44s. 2nd Charlotte Neal 5m 55s.
C. 1st Cody Rollinson 6m 13s. 2nd Alieiha Pope 6m 28s. D.  Braxton Brown 6m 45s.
Teams Time trial:
1st Cody Rollinson, Charlotte Neal, Zoe Nicholls, Ryan Gallagher, Anton Nicholls, 28m 48s. 2nd Braxton Bown, Alieiha Pope, Logan McKnight, Larry Neal, Michael Gallagher, 29m 02sec.
Next Week Fords Road.


  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club
Saturday 10 April:
The winner of the Radius Care Player of the Day was Jamie Stone 94-27=67nett.
Other winning scores were Neil MacDonald and Tim Newton 68; Tom Blacklow 69; Adrian Hopwood 70; Kobus van der Westhuizen, Terry Kingsbury, Jordan Bird, Ken Clucas, Murray Wackrow, Ian Rive and Paul Baird all 71; Brent MacGregor and Peter MacAulay 72; David Fisher, Paul May and Darren Peace 73.
Twos: Peter Walker, Richard McKernan, David Morrison, Fritz Senekal, Neil MacDonad, Ian Rive, Ken Clucas and Perry Hunt.
Nearest The Pins: The 3 Stooges: Fritz Senekal; Docks Bar and Seafood Grill: Ian Rive; Value Plus Processing: David Morrison; South Island Seeds: Charlie Alexander; Property Brokers #6: Steve McCloy; Ton’s Thai Longest Putt #9: John Power; Alluvial Restaurant Tinwald Spot Prize: Paul Baird. Birdie Jackpot Hole #13 Net Eagles Jackpot Hole #17.
Nine Hole Results
In the 9 hole Stroke competition the Harvey Bakehouse winner of the day was Sam Prince with a net score of 34.  Other winning scores were: Chris Anderson, Gavin Johnston, Robynne Nicol and Bruce Leighton all 37; Wendy Hopwood and Terry O’Reilly 38.

Mayfield Golf Club
Saturday 10 April 2021
Winners of the Stableford round: Neil Fox 40, Murray Keir and Donald Lake 38, Ian Beach 37, Andrew Peck 36.  Mayfield won the District Teams on 34.75.
Nearest the pins: No 2: Aon Insurance –  Andrew Lake. No 11: John McAullfie Bayleys –  Andrew Lake. No 5: Campbell Contracting – Murray Keir. No 14: ANZ Bank – John Sim. No 9 and 18: Ruralco second shot – Andrew Peck.

Methven Golf Club
Saturday, April 10
Senior: Craig Middleton 77-8-69. Intermediate: Phil Elliot 83-13-70. Junior A: Ian Lucas 90-21-69. Junior B: Ron Hanna 94-22-72.
Other good scores: 70 Keith Middleton, John McGettigan, Peter Harper, Max Ferris. 71 Piers Rolton, Alister Maxwell, Paddy Helmore. 72 Eric Grimwade, 73 Frekie Greybie, Pete Wood, Dayle Lucas.
Twos: Max Ferris, Michael Kemp.
Closest to the Pins:
Aqua Japanese #4 Matt Duncan. Hunters wine #6 Ron Hanna, Ski Time #13 Pete Wood. Brown Pub #14 Simon Wareing. Green Parrot #17 Geoff Kelk. Dubliner Best Nett: Ian Lucas 69 by lot.
Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Craig Middleton 69. Bar Voucher Best Gross: Craig Middleton 77 by lot.
Next Week: First round of the Duff trophy.
9 Hole results
9th April – 2nd Stableford
Bryan Petrie 53-27-26,27 Stablefords, Alister Goodwin 50-18-32, 21 Stablefords, Trish Pedofsky 58-24-34,20 Stablefords, Adrienne Goodwin 58-23-35,20 Stablefords.  PGG Wrightson Best Player Bryan Petrie. Cafe131 Best Stableford Bryan Petrie. Methven Travel 2nd Shot No 4 Angela Simonett.

Tinwald Golf Club
Saturday April 10 – 4BBB and stroke
Leading scores in the 4BBB Findlay Cup qualifier played on Saturday were:
Lindsay Jackson and Richard Thompson 64, Neal Jones and Kevin Bishop 65, Rod Harris and Ray Wards 66.
Leading scores in the stroke round for remaining players Alex Roa 72, Nick Wilson 74, Dave Rush 75.
Women: (stroke) Moana 70. Nancy McCormick Foursome 36 hole Jenny Harrex and Bronwyn Flannery 142.
Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland #2; Alex Roa. Gluyas Ford #6; Moana. The Fine Lion # 12; Lindsay Jackson. Ace Automotive #16 John Smitheram. G & R Seeds 2nd shot #11; Randall Feutz.
Twos; Lindsay Jackson, John Smitheram, Brent Kirdy. Net Eagles; #15 not struck.



Mid Canterbury Rugby Union
Saturday, April 10
Seniors – Combined Competition Division 1
Pool A: Hornby 18 v Rakaia 24, Southbridge 31 v Hampstead 12
Pool B: Prebbleton 23 v Methven 22, Southern 21 v Waihora 18, Celtic bye.
Senior B
Southern 26 v Mt Somers 50
Colts Combined
Prebbleton 17 v Methven/Rakaia/Tinwald Combined 14, Hampstead/Southern Combined 17 v Ashley 45, Celtic EuroAgri 64 v Glenmark 0.
Senior Women
Celtic 7 v HSOB 84.







Ashburton Bridge Club

It is not often that 28 high card points between a partnership can give a Slam opportunity, but this deal from Thursday night’s club play, had the added advantage of a void in Spades for West’s hand which contributed greatly to the value for bidding purposes.
Dealer, South, will pass and whether West opens a Diamond or a Club, North may overcall one of his majors, probably Spades, East will respond with 2 Clubs, West immediately recognises the potential of this hand and will cue bid asking East for Aces.
Upon learning that East has 1 Ace, West bids straight to 6 Clubs, needing 12 tricks.
As the cards lie East/West will make 7 Clubs, 13 tricks, which gives them an overtrick.
There is no defence available for North/South to defeat the contract, they just have to hope that Declarer will make a mistake!!

Ashburton Golf Club
The weather ended up being quite nice last Saturday and a big field look to the Brandon course for the second qualifying round in the club champs.
With the rain early on, many of our usual morning players took the punt to play afternoon golf. It was lovely to see these shy and retiring golfers, that we had heard a lot about, but never actually played alongside. It turns out that they are quite nice, and a few of them are very good at buying beer.
The top score of the day though was from a player who stuck to his guns and battled through the early rain and posted a very good net 67. Well done Jamie Stone, great score.
Just behind Jamie on 68 were Neil Macdonald and Tim Newton and then one more shot back we had Tom Blacklow.
Last Saturday’s round was also the first round of this year’s RMF Silva Cup.
This will be in its 6th year now I believe. It is a wonderful competition, that everyone is automatically entered in. You just get points for turning up and playing on a Saturday. Obviously the better you play, the more points you get. We have 18 rounds this year right through the winter, ending with the final in November where the winner will pick up a club sub for next year thanks to the great gang at RMF Silva.
For more information on this competition and dates of rounds, take a look on the website.
This Saturday we have a stableford round off the white tees, this will also be an RMF Silva counter, so we hope to get another big field.
On Sunday we have pennants on the go again. Shane and the boys kick off in the Alexander grade with a game against Mayfield at Tinwald. Great things are expected of these boys this year.
A bit like the Warriors in the NRL, a great team on paper, they always set their expectations very low, and still fail to achieve them.
In the Patterson grade, after two good opening wins, players have been coming out of the woodwork trying to get a game. In the top team captain Paddy has stood down and form player Tim did not make the cut. First mate Gaby will now lead the boys and as they are playing Geraldine at their own course, two aggressive big hitters, Vincey and Fecho have been drafted in.
Ashburton reserves are playing Tinwald, I have not heard how Tom is going, piecing a team together, hopefully the boys are all allowed out to play and haven’t been grounded as nothing short of a convincing win will be tolerated.
Results and stories next week.
Till then good golfing.

Ashburton Musical Club
Ashburton Musical Club held their first concert for the year on Saturday 10 April at the Sinclair Centre.
President Janice welcomed members, visitors and four new students who performed with ease.
The programme was as follows:  Piano Solo, Emma Johnson – Remote Xianggelila – Ma & Zhang N and Bygone Days – Robert Horne. Vocal Solo – Brie Arnold, – Song to the Seals – Bantock and Memory from Cats – Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Piano Solo Charlie Burns – Waltz Mystique – Moore and Believer – lomagine Dragons.
Vocal & guitar Molly Harrison – a bracket of three songs, Trombone Solo Eunseong Kim – Melodious for Tombon, Andante Cantabile – M. Bordogni. Piano Solo Hannah Kuipers – Wheels of Time – Pam Wedgwood.
Vocal Solo Abigail Jones – Windmills of your Mind – Michel Legrand & A Special Kind of Man – Roger Whittaker. Cello Solo Juhyeong Kim – Cello Suite No 1 in G Major Prelude by JS Bach. Piano Solo Sam Kuipers – Prelude in D minor – book 2 JS Bach.
Violin Solo Hannah Kuipers – 4 short pieces from Celtic Suite – John Ryan’s Polka, Dark Island, The Piper of Dundee, The Three Wheels. Alan Andrews – a bracket of organ pieces. Accompanists, Helen Hinson, Heuijeong Kim, Pearl Wood.
Sam Kuipers who was the Scholarship recipient for 2020 was congratulated on gaining his ATCL at the end of 2020.
Other students who had successfully passed examinations were also congratulated. Supper and a chat concluded a very enjoyable concert.

Cavendish Club
On Friday February 29, 29 members of the club met at The Phat Duck for the opening lunch of 2021. Betty Roberts (life member and patron), Jennifer Hunt and June Thomas (also life members) joined us.
Jennifer Hunt was acknowledged for her 50 years’ service to the club. Jennifer has been a valued member and her friendship enjoyed by all.
There was a lot of chatter and excitement to have the club opened for the year, especially after the disrupted 2020 year.
Everyone enjoyed their meal and are looking forward to the new programme for 2021.
Arts and crafts Circle:
On March 12, it was our pleasure to have Clarrie Brake as our guest speaker, Clarrie gave some interesting history of the fabulous pieces of woodwork he has created.
His pieces included a wine table, a chair beautifully carved and several bowls. All his items were pieces of perfection. We were most appreciative of Clarrie sharing his hobby and his lovely presentation.
Drama Circle:
On March 19, the Drama Circle entertained members with poems and short articles inspired by the New Zealand Rural Women’s Book “Ragwort and Thistles”, the drama circle read the poems and short articles the ladies had written for a competition.
All the poems reflected life in the rural area, they were celebrating their lives. Many of our members could relate to the stories told.
They provided much discussion amongst the members following the readings.
The afternoon was enjoyed by all.

Netherby Women’s
24 ladies assembled at the Seniors Centre for the April meeting of the Netherby W.I.
Aspirations were recited together. Motto for the month “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless was read by Denise Clark.
Happy birthday was sung to one member.
Roll Call was biscuits for 206 where a good variety was handed in.
The movie group enjoyed their first outing and are looking forward to the next movie.
Raffle: New World and Countdown kindly donated prizes for the raffle and they were won by Nancy Christey and Diane Bradley. We still have prizes from Countdown to use for further meetings.
Once again the competitions were well supported especially in the Flower section with the Moylan Trophy being won by Barbara Burst and the Northchurch by Nancy Christey.
At the conclusion of the meeting a quiz was held with the questions based around recent news and some historical ones.
Participates had to circles one of 3 answers given. 10 questions were given at a time with a total of 30 in all. It was purely a fun quiz with no winners or losers!
These were duly marked and it was surprising that some found hard to answer.
Example – spelling of Mississippi, Who wrote Gone with the Wind and what was Jacinda Ardern’s nickname at Morrinsville Intermediate school?
Of course the answers were Mississippi and Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone with the Wind – most thinking it was Jane Austen – and Aunty Jack for the last one.
They all got a chocolate bar or 2 for their effort. At least they all knew that Dame Patsy Reddy was the Patron of the W.I.
Afternoon tea completed the afternoon with our next meeting being lunch at Speights for Mother’s Day.

Tinwald Garden Club
Thursday March 25th 43 members of the Tinwald Garden Club met in the supper room of the Tinwald Hall to celebrate 60 years of existence.
With Covid last year we had to postpone this event until this year.
The meeting being held in the original venue.
Kathleen read the first minutes and the first committee meeting held on March 24, 1960.
The meetings were to be held on the third Thursday of the month and they are still held to this day then. Subscriptions were to be five shillings.
Mrs Elizabeth Young was the first President, and she was our Patron until she passed away in 2019.
Karen her daughter in law is a continually active member today.
Alison Scammell, dressed as she would for that time 60 years ago, shared with us some of the history of the club and things of interest.
The original name was to be “Tinwald Districts Garden Club”.
For afternoon tea members were to bring their own cup and saucer.
President, secretary, and speaker of the day were to have their afternoon tea at a special table and served from a special silver salver.
Guest speakers were given two handkerchiefs as a thank you.
Flower and vegetable competitions and flower arrangements were a very important part of the meetings.
It was interesting listening to Alison.
The meeting then retired to the supper room where the two Life Members – Ann Truman and Audrey Bruce – cut the 60th Birthday Cake and then members were served tea or coffee and a lovely selection of sandwiches and sweet cakes on beautiful china crockery.
Everyone really enjoyed their afternoon and congratulated the committee on the effort they had put into this special occasion.

Tinwald Red Cross Branch
The Branch meeting was held in the Tinwald Hall on 6th April 2021.
President Pat O’Brien welcomed members and all said the Red Cross Principles.
The Guest Speaker Sarah Clifford was welcomed to the meeting, and she gave a very interesting and insightful talk on the Citizen’s Advice Bureau now established in Ashburton and based at Community House.
Anyone can access the CAB where they can get help with information on a wide range of issues. Quote from the pamphlet “Not sure? Ask us “.  “ You can ask us anything “. Sarah was thanked by Margaret Blair and given some home baking.
The meeting followed with members standing in silence in respect  of a member’s mother who had passed away and also a NZRC Counsellor of Honour.
Minutes were read and correspondence received which are mainly by email, now.
Audrey Bruce gave the Financial Report.
Members were thanked for their efforts with the Branch Raffle and with the NZRC Annual Appeal both raising valuable funds for New Zealand Red Cross –Where the Greatest Need is.
Discussion was held on the Programme for the year requiring some adjustments.
Three members attended a Red Cross event held in Christchurch for the 10th Anniversary of the Christchurch Earthquake.
The raffle was drawn and the items on the Sales table were quickly taken and the meeting concluded with afternoon tea, bringing another fruitful meeting to a close.

Wakanui WI
Vice President Dianne Carter welcomed members to the March meeting of Wakanui WI.
Motto – Seek respect not attention as it lasts longer.
Roll Call for March was baking for Cancer Support and members were thanked for the generous donations of biscuits, cakes and muffins. The display of your favourite recipe book included good all-rounders like the Edmonds Cookbook and several modern New Zealand cooks like Nadia Lim and Annabel Langbein.
Correspondence included information on Federation Cup Day competitions and members were asked to consider making some of the entries.
Kay Herbert gave an interesting report on the Federation AGM where members were wearing dress for in the pre-1940 era so pearls, gloves, furs and hats were the order of the day.
NZ National President, Mrs Fay Leonard and Vice-President Mrs Jude Vaughan gave a descriptive report on the Centennial Weekend in Napier where visits were made to the area where WI was founded and culminated in the unveiling of a statue of  founder, Miss Jerome Spencer.
Wakanui WI again won the Begg Trophy for most points in the competitions and also for the best programme.
Federation Cup Day on 23rd July in the Senior Centre will include a parade of wedding gowns (for those that still fit) and display of others.
Members were reminded that knitting for newborn babies was required for the Ashburton Maternity Ward.
Speaker for the afternoon was Rosemary Moore one of our members who is a volunteer for the Mid-Canterbury Citizens Advice Bureau.
Rosemary outlined the work of the service where extensive training is required to enable volunteers to support and help members of the public.
Next meeting is our birthday month and details will be circulated to members nearer the time.