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Ashburton Bowling Club

January 22

2 Bowl Open Triples – kindly sponsored by Terrace View Retirement Village

12.30pm start – Whites or Club colours to be worn

The following Skips have entered teams.

M Anderson, B Mayson, J Ryk, R Anstiss,

G Body, G Eder, M Watson, M Smallridge,

D Gutberlet, L Osbourne, B Osbourne,

R Herriott, D Hickman, C Cleghorn,

B Holdom, B Hopwood, C Tubb,

E Maw, M Quinn, M Reid, N Sharplin,

GT, B White

For information contact: G Eder 307 7498



MSA Bowling Club

January 24

MSA Bowling Club Half Day Triples

Sponsored by Skip2It Flooring Xtra – 12.30 start

Skips entered: D Muir, R Mitchell, D Kinvig, G Sparks, B Williams, T Inwood, G Taylor, N Atkinson, B Harrison, B Hopwood, R Anstiss, E Maw, A McKenzie, M Anderson, D Hickman, J Argyle

Whites or Club shirts to be worn.  $21.00 team entry.  12.30 start.

If unavailable please phone Dave Muir 3086466



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

January 25

This is the Men’s Opening Day with a 4BBB match played in pairs for the Jim McKenzie Memorial Trophy.

Starting Times: Morning start at 8.00am; Afternoon report at 12noon for a 12.30pm start,

Nine hole golfers report at 1.00 for a 1.30pm start.


January 25

The Property Brokers Shootout final will be played with 19 players starting from #1 Tee.


January 25

Weekend Ladies

Report 8.15am for 8.45am start

Opening Day – Canadian Foursomes

Convenor B Fechney 0211305366


January 28

Mid-week Ladies

Report 8.30am for 9.00 am start

Opening Day- Canadian Foursomes

Starters M Watson/D Hinton


January 30

9 Hole Men and Women

Report 9.00am for 9.15 am start

Rnd 1 Marion Marshall Trophy – stroke

Rnd 1 Jean Drummond Trophy – putting

Convenor M Morgan 0279645380


Club Captain V Moore 0272437724



Tinwald Golf Club

January 28

Ladies Division

Gwen Forbes Salver

9 Holes Sylvia Williams Tray

Report 8.30 for clubhouse house meeting at 8.45.

Starters J. Bruhns M. Colville; Cards D. Bell M. Moore; Draw steward J. Bruhns




Hampstead Slowpitch

January 24

6.00pm: Devon Tavern D1: Demolition v Shits & Giggles; 7.10pm: Devon Tavern D1: Demolition v Marines & Angels; 6.00pm: Laser Electrical D2: Reigning Champs v More Beer Than Gear; 7.10pm: Laser Electrical D2: Reigning Champs v Laser Attack; 6.30pm: First National Real Estate D3: Lion Brown Club v As Good As It Gets; 7.10pm: Dell Phillips Landscaping D4: Shits & Giggles v Hawkies Hawks









Allenton v Peninsula    

Allenton won by 5 wickets. Peninsula 198 all out.

Bowling for Allenton Sukhjeet 2/18, Daljinder 2/27, Manu 2/30

Allenton 204/5 – Ravinderjit 43, Karmjeet 56, Satveer 30 not out




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

January 15

34 Riders. 1st. Matt Donald CT.33.49. HT. 6.30m. RT. 27m 19s. 2nd. Paul Summerfield CT.34.50. HT.9.30m. RT.25m 20s. 3rd. Martin Hyde CT.34.51. HT.9.30m. RT.25m 21s. 4th. Michelle Davidson CT.34.53. HT9.30m. RT. 25m 23s. 5th.Nick Grijns CT.34.53. HT.9.30m. RT. 25m 23s. 6th. Don Morrison CT.34.53. HT. 9.15m. RT. 25m38s. 7th. Brent Hudson CT.34.54. HT.4.30m. RT.30m 24s. 8th. Michelle Knight CT.35.06. HT.9.30m. RT. 25m 36s. 9th. Pam Harcourt CT.35.13. HT.6.30m. RT.29m 43s. 10th Kenny Johnston CT.35.35. HT.4.30m. RT.31m 05s. 11th. Rachel Reid CT.35.36. HT.6.30m. RT.29m 06s. 12th. Flynn Beeman CT.35.37. HT.10.30m. RT.25m 07s. 13th. Mark Summerfield CT.35.37. HT.12.00m. RT.23m 37s. 14th. Gerard Morrison CT.35.47. HT.12.00m. RT.23m 47s. 15th. Chris Reid CT.35.48. HT.12.00m. RT. 23m 48s. 16th. Jake Beeman CT.35.48. HT.10.30m. RT.25m 18s. 17th. Paul Sinclair CT.35.48. HT.12.00m. RT.23m 48s. 18th. Anna Summerfield CT.35.58. HT.6.30m. RT.29m 28s. 19th. Bridget Sheed CT.35.58. HT.6.30m. Rt. 29m 28s. 20th. Kerry Clough CT.35.59. HT.6.30m. RT.29m 29s. 21st. Paul Macfie CT.36.00.HT.10.30m. RT.25m 30s. 22nd. Matt Marshall CT.36.06. HT. 10.30m. RT.25m 36s. 23rd. Doug Coley CT.36.07. HT.9.15m. RT. 26m 52s. 24th. Kevin Opele CT.36.07. HT.13.20m. RT.22m 47s F/T. 25th. Tony Ward CT.36.07. HT. 13.20m. RT.22m 47s 2f/t. 26th. Mark Smitheram CT.36.08. HT.9.15m. RT.26m 53s. 27th. Ethan Titheridge CT.36.08 HT.13.20m. RT.22m 48s 3f/t. 28th. Matthew Clough CT.36.09. HT.13.20m. RT.22m 49s. 4f/t. 29th. Brad Hudson CT. 36.10.HT. 13.20. RT.22m 50s. 5f/t. 30th Cole Beeman CT.36.22. HT.9.15. RT. 12m 07s. 31st. Paul Hands CT.36.41. HT. 4.30m. RT.32m 10s. 32rd Leanne Chatterton finished had Bike Trouble.33rd John Uden Punctured. 34th. Shona McGrath DNF.



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

January 17

Midlands Seed Social Teams

Top Team: The Inconsistents 92 Blair Snowball, Daniel Snowball, Isaac Robertson, Jake Sherratt; Men: Cunning Studs 88.5, Wz R Good 88, Read Rebels 87; Women: Mayfield Magic 88, Lynn’s Lassies 88; Mixed: Puff Caddies 91, Gabites Swingers 87.5; Top lady: Katelyn Hogg 36; Top man: Blair Snowball 33, Jake Sherratt 33

Nearest the Pins: Colombus Coffee Pam Feutz; Mac & Maggies (now working from 7 Westcott Place) Brian Nuttall; Paul May Motors Hilary Ward; Gabites Ltd Josh Cochrane

Twos: Kevin Smith, Don McQuarters, Catherine Knight, Jeff Williamson, Brian Nuttall


January 18

AC Browne Cup for mixed pairs

Winners: Barbara Williams and Peter Wright 93-28=65 nett.  In the Men’s pairs the winners of the Smith Salver: James McFarlane and Jordan Bird 75-15=60 nett. Other winning scores: Sam Clarke and Tom Blacklow 61.5, Barry Jury and Kevin Smith 63.5, Eric and Wendy Parr 65.5, Dave and Jeff Hewitt 65.5, John Richards and Gordon Crawford 66.

Twos: Jeff and Fiona Williamson, Tom Blacklow and Sam Clarke, Dylan and Ryan Stoddart, Bruce Ferriman and Adrian Hopwood, Marilyn Walker and Vince Carr, Damien Roger and Josh Smith, Brent MacGregor and Hamish Niles.

Nearest The Pins: Braided Rivers: Ryan Stoddart; Rothbury Insurance: Josh Smith; Value Plus Processing: Perry Hunt; South Island Seeds: Fiona Williamson: Property Brokers #6: Shane Beavan and partner: Charming Thai Longest Putt: Tom Blacklow.

Nine Hole

Last Week: Tonee Hurley 19Pts.  Other winning scores: Oliver Prince, Sam Prince and Fiona Williamson all 19pts.  A two for Bruce Leighton.

This week: The Harvey Bakehouse winner: Dick Hansen with 21 pts.  Other winning scores: Robynne Nicol, Bruce Leighton, Gordon Clinton and Hughie Murchie all with 18 pts.



Ashburton Ladies County Vets Golf

January 17

Stroke round played at Tinwald

Joan Undy 68, Marilyn Bennet 70, Barbara Cochrane 70, June Bruhns 70, Maree Moore 71.

Nearest the pins #2 Erin Porter, #6 Alison Vessey, #12 Barb Harris, #16 Christine Ross.

Twos #12 Leen Bell; 9 Holes Diana Wellman 33, Fairlie Matsinger 36 on c/b.



Ashburton Veterans Golf

Merrett Salver

Winner: W Mason -3

Age 70: Alan Dixon 7, Brent Mac Gregor 11, 71-79, Dave Hewitt 9, Terry Molloy 12, Arthur Pawsey 12, 80+ Owen Everest 7, Alan Smith 11

Twos: J Dudley and K McStay

Next day February 3 at Ashburton, 1st round Heartland Bank Championship.



Tinwald Golf Club

January 16



Leading scores in the twilight Stableford round: -6; Phill Hooper 21, Gordon Rennie 21, John Smitheram 20. 7-10: Steve Moorehead, Dave Allan, Shannon Perry 22, Mitch VanderKrogt 21, Richie Watson, Adam Lowe 20 c/b. 11 plus: David Quigley 23, Darryl McKibbin, Stan Stringer, Ben Stoddart Phil Prendergast 22. Women: 0-14: Barb Harris 21, Sally Lane 20. 15 plus: Emily Wilson, Karen Young 23. Non-Handicap; Sam Whiting net 31. Nearest the pin: # 6 Kevin Chamberlain. # 12 Geoff Soal. Two’s; Steve Moorehead, Kerry Whiting, Phil Prendergast. Radio Hokonui hacker; John Schofield with 9 points.


January 18


Best scores in the summer season combined stableford. Men; Chris Bell & Matt Walker 78, Cameron Miller & Myson 77, Bill Mason & Rod Harris 76.Mixed; Ray Wards & Barb Harris 80, Alan Anderson & Maree Moore 78. Nearest the pin; Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Alan Anderson. Gluyas Ford # 6; Matt Walker. House of Travel # 12; Myson. Ace Auto Electrical # 16; Brian Rouse. Two’s; Andrew Hill, Warren Scott, Gordon Rennie, Myson, Des Green. Net Eagle; # 3 not struck.

The winners of the Closing day trophies were Chris Bell & Matt Walker in the men and Ray Wards & Barb Harris in the mixed.

The highlight of the day being a hole-in-one to Matt Walker on the par 3 6th.




Hampstead Slowpitch

January 17

As Good As It Gets 26-10 Hawkies Hawks; Marines & Angels 17-11 Laser Attack; Shits & Giggles 18-9 Marines & Angels; Lion Brown Club 7-0 More Beer Than Gear


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