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  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

Saturday, June 12
Morning report 8:00am for 8:30am Tee Off.
Afternoon report 11:30am for 12:00pm Tee Off: 9 Holers report 12:30pm for 1:00pm Tee Off.


  • Hockey

Mid Canterbury Hockey
Draw for June 14 to June 20
Div 1 Women Monday 14 June Methven v Tinwald (K McIntyre, C Hastie) Hampstead v Wakanui (J Gray, S Mealings).
Div 1 Men Tuesday 15 June Wakanui White v Allenton (S Muir, B Gray) Tinwald v Wakanui Black (C Watson, A Soper)
Kwik Sticks Wednesday 16 June 3.45 pm Tinwald Bonnington Painting v Wakanui Black (B Greer; R Kidd) 4.55 pm Wakanui Blue v Tinwald Engineering Solutions (G Oates, H Kidd + L Ellis) 6.05 pm Methven Black v Collegians/Rakaia (Wakanui Div 2 Men, Allenton Div 2 Men) 7.15 pm Methven White v Allenton (Hampstead Lowcliffe Div 2 Men, Tinwald Div 2 Men)
SSL Girls Div 1 Championship Nga Puna Wai 2 5.00pm Ashburton College 1st XI v Marian College 1st XI (Umpires supplied)
Small Sticks Duty Club:  Methven Kiwi Sticks (Yr 5) Friday 18 June 3.45 pm Methven v Tinwald The Tool Shed – Turf a (S Geeson, R Kidd + S French) Allenton/Hampstead v Wakanui – Turf b (T Ellis + J Muir, H Kidd) Tinwald Foothills (BYE)
Kiwi Sticks (Yr 6) 4.30 pm Wakanui Blue v Tinwald Smith & Sons -Turf a (J Muir, H Kidd) Collegians/Rakaia v Rakaia Blue – Turf b (K McDonnell, R Kidd) 5.15 pm Allenton v Tinwald Foothills – Turf a (K McDonnell, D Law) Wakanui Black v Methven – Turf b (Methven Div 2 Women, Wakanui Black Div 2 Women)
Div 2 Women 6.15 pm Methven v Wakanui Black (Wakanui Div 1 Women, Hamsptead Div 1 Women) 7.30 pm Hampstead/Tinwald v Wakanui Purple (Wakanui White Div 1 Men, Tinwald Div 1 Women)
SSL Boys Div 1 Nga Puna Wai 1 7.40 pm Christchurch Boys High School 2nd XI v Ashburton College 1st XI (Umpires supplied)
Small Sticks Duty Club:  Methven Saturday 19 June Mini Sticks 10.00 am Methven Black v Allenton Mini Magic – Turf a (Coaches) Wakanui Blue v Tinwald Mayfield Transport – Turf b (Coaches) Tinwald Skip-2-It v Allenton Golds – Turf c (Coaches) Methven White v Wakanui Black – Turf d (Coaches)
Fun Sticks 11.00 am Draw made on the day (Coaches)
Snr Men (Canterbury Div 1 Men Champs) Mainpower Waimakariri Turf 4.15 pm Mid Canterbury v Rangiora CBK (Umpires supplied)
Div 2 Men Sunday June 20 5.00pm Wak-anui v Tinwald Black (Tinwald Div 1 Men, Methven Div 1 Women) 6.30 pm Tinwald Orange v Allenton (Wakanui Black Div 1 Men, Allenton Div 1 Men) Hampstead Lowcliffe (BYE)


  • Rugby

Mid Canterbury Rugby
Wednesday 9th -Secondary School Boys U15: Mt Hutt College v Lincoln High, 3:30pm Mt Hutt1 Jeremy Robinson.
Girls u18: AshHutt v Roncalli collage 5pm Celitc 1 Simon Bennett
Saturday 12th June 2021 – Club Day Collegiate
Seniors – Combined Competition Division 1: Finals: Southern v Southbridge, 2:45pm, Hinds1
Cup: Darfield v Methven, 2:5pm Darf1
MCRSU Plate 13th – 16th : Ashley v Hampstead, 2:45pm, Loblrl1
Plaque Section 17th – 22nd: Rolleston v Rakaia, 2:45pm, Foster1, Wooden v Celtic, 2:45pm Wood1
Senior B – Centennial Mug: Allenton v Celtic, Al1, 2:30pm Jeremy Robinson, Collegiate/Hampstead v Southern, Coll 1, 1:00pm Geoff Barr, *Methven v Mt Somers, Methv1, 2:30pm Simon Bennett *Bruce Beckley Trophy.
Senior Women: Kaiapoi v Celtic, Kaiapoi Oval, 2:45pm
Colts Combined: Ashley v Celtic, Ashley1, 1:00pm, Methven Combined v Hornby, Methven2, 1:30pm Phil Everest
1st XV Toyota Miles Championship: MC Combined v CBHS, Methven1, 12:00 pm Hamish Grant  – AR1 Simon Bennett – AR2 Gary Clement.
Under 18 Combined: Waihora v MC Alps, Rhodes Park, Tai Tapu: Field 2, 1:00 pm
Under 16 Combined: Dunsandel v MCRU Plains, Dunsandel Domain, 12:00 pm, West Melton v MCRU Alps, West Melton Domain, 12:30 pm.
Under 14.5 Combined: Methven v West Melton, Methven3, 1:15pm Greg Jopson, MCRU Alps v Lincoln, Collegiate1, 2:30 pm Linda Kelsall, MCRU Plains v Waihora, Celtic, 1:00 pm Moon Tuilaepa.
Under 13: Collegiate v Celtic, Coll1, 11:45am (club), Methven v Rakaia, Methven3,12:00pm Liz Bell. Southern BYE.
Under 11.5: Allenton v Celtic Green, Allenton2, 1:30pm, Collegiate v Celtic White, Coll2, 1:30pm, Methven Red v Methven Black, Methv1A 1:30pm, Methven White v HampsteadMethven1B, 1:30pm, Southern v Tinwald, Hinds3, 1:30pm
Under 10: Allenton v Rakaia, Allenton3, 1:30pm, Celtic v Tinwald, Celtic3, 1:00pm, Collegiate v Hampstead, Coll2, 12:30pm, Southern v Methven, Hinds3, 12:30pm.
Under 9: Allenton v Tinwald, Allenton2, 12:30pm, Celtic Green v Hampstead, Celtic4, 1;00pm, Methven/MtSomers v Rakaia , Methv4, 1:30pm, Southern v Celtic White, Hinds4, 1:30pm, Methven BYE.
Under 8: Allenton Gold v Rakaia, Allenton3, 12:30pm, Collegiate v Celtic, Coll2, 11:30am, Methven v Allenton Maroon, Methven4, 12:30pm, Southern B v Methven/MtSomers, Hinds4, 12:30pm, Southern W v Tinwald, Hinds1A, 1:30pm.
Under 7: Allenton v Celtic White, Allenton4A, 1:30pm, Collegiate v Hampstead, Coll3, 1:15pm, Methven v Tinwald O, Methven5, 1:30pm, Southern B v Tinwald B, Hinds1A, 12:30pm, Southern R v MtSomers, Hinds1B, 1:30pm, Southern W v Celtic Green, Hinds1B, 12:30pm, Rakaia BYE.
Under 6: Allenton Gold v Celtic White, Allenton4A, 12:30pm, Allenton Maroon v Celtic Green, Allenton4B, 12:30pm, Collegiate v Rakaia Black, Coll3, 12:30pm, Methven Black v Rakaia WhiteMethven5, 12:00pm, Methven White v MtSomers, Methven5, 12:45pm, Southern B v Hampstead, Hinds2A, 12:30pm, Southern Red v Tinwald Black, Hinds2B, 12:30pm, Southern S v Tinwald Orange, Hinds2A, 1:30pm, Southern W v Tinwald Blue, Hinds2B, 1:30pm.








Norrie Cup 2021

A strong turnout of adults and children across all age groups ran and walked varying distances at the annual Norrie Cup held on Saturday June 12, starting from the Hot Rod Clubrooms, Tinwald, weaving our way around a 2km course in and around the Tinwald Domain, including a water crossing.
56 people in total took part having travelled from Timaru, Geraldine, Waimate and Ashburton. This made for great competition for our competitors and great viewing for our spectators. Our thanks to all who travelled and our Run and Walk Ashburton Members who hosted this event.
Thanks also to our timekeepers Gordon Clinton, Barbara Taylor, Viv Strong and Steve Skilling.
Results: Clubs – Ashburton (A) / Timaru (T) / Waimate (W)
Walkers 6km: Men: Noel Batty (A) 42:45; Dave Strong (A) 44:02; Robert Moffitt (A) 45:42; Kelvin Leach (A) 47:34; Roger Small (W) 52:09; Bill Hood (A) 53:32; Dave Wilkinson (A) 68:30. Women: Stacey Hooper (A) 42:45; Judith Crozier (A) 45:44; Marie Batty (A) 45:48; Lori Rusbatch (A) 46:17; Chrissie Stratford (A) 47:41; Lynda Bayne (A) 48:56; Karen Hodgson (A) 54:58.
Children Runners: Boys 2km: U6 Judah Courage (T) 11:25; U8 Jamie Hooper (A) 11:54; U10 Valiant Pilgrim (T) 10:13; Gus Simpson (A) 10:43; U12 Benaiah Courage (T) 8:17; Tadhg Simpson (A) 11:53. Boys 4km: U14 Ben Pilgrim (T) 19:39; Jack Hooper (A) 19:45; Peter Heeron (W) 28:15. Girls 2km: U8 Charity Pilgrim (T) 11:29; U10 Justina Courage (T) 9:13. Girls 4km: U12 Graceful Pilgrim (T) 19:39; Emily Heeron (W) 19:59; Carina Lupse (A) 20:48.
Men Runners: Senior 10km: Jessie Kempf (T) 34:21; Daniel Pilgrim (T) 35:55; Matthew Linton (T) 37:42; Josh Cameron (T) 38:15; Xye Doyle (T) 38:53; Shaun Clarke (A) 39:08. Veteran 8km: Peter Trainor (W) 32:49; Ronnie Campbell (A) 33:39; Brian Goodes (A) 35:48; Ian Broadbelt (A) 39:07; Wayne Doyle (T) 39:43; Eamon Hooper (A) 47:34. Veteran 6km: John Conway (A) 30:40. 65 plus 6km: Merv Gilbert (A) 35:38; Kenny Johnston (A) 35:54; Phil Crozier (A) 45:17; Mike O’Callaghan (A) 48:00. U18 10km: Triumph Pilgrim (T) 39:21.
Women Runners – all 6km: Senior: Ange Wreford (T) 25:33; Hannah Kempf (T) 26:14; Joy Courage (T) 28:30. Veteran: Gabby Simpson (A) 28:21; Tam Grant (A) 28:50; Megan Stirling (A) 30:54; Toresa Hooper (A) 31:20; Alison Conway (A) 33:52; Lisa Small (W) 34:34. 65 plus: Andrea Wreford (T) 30:06.


  • Bowls

Allenton Bowling Club
Friday June 11 was the next round of the Hunt Trophy format 3 bowls Triples. Play started at 12 noon.
The top three teams were as follows: First: Mike Quinn, David Hickman, Barry Molloy 3 wins 15 ends 35 points. Second: Joe Ryk, Heather Goodall, Judy Ryk 2 wins 1 draw 14 ends 27 points. Third: Bruce Hopwood, Raylene Heads, Faye McKnight 2 wins 1 draw 12 ends 34 points.
SaturdayJune 12 was the next round of the Winter Trophy Aussie Pairs format. Play started at 12 noon. Top three teams as follows: First Rowen Tonks, Wayne Lloyd 3 wins 14 ends 32 points. Second: Murray Smallridge, Richard Kane 3 wins 13 ends 21 points. Third: Sandra Keith, Mick Buchanan 3 wins 14 ends 20 points.
Next Events on the winter programme: Wednesday 16th next round Kiddie Cup 2-4-2 Pairs 12 noon start. Saturday 19th Next round Bishop Plate 2 Bowl Triples 12 noon start. Tuesday 22nd rollup names in by 12.45pm for 1.00pm start.


  • Cycling

Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers
25 riders June 12.
1st. Ged Wall 26m 31s. 2nd Lucy Reeve 28m 43s. 3rd Noel Henderson 26m 39s. 4th Don Sutton 26m 41s. 5th Pam Harcourt 29m 03s. 6th Brian Ellis 32m 24s. 7th Janette Hooper 32m 31s. 8th Larry Neal 23m 34s F/T. 9th Michael Gallagher 23m 34s. 2f/t. 10th Rob Hooper 24m 42s. 3f/t. 11th Liz Wylie 33m 04s. 12th Debbie Skinner 31m 44s. 13th Brent Kircher 29m 55s. 14th Kerry Clough 31m 46s. 15th Ross Templeton 24m 58s 4f/t. 16th Doug Coley 25m 02s 5f/t. 17th Richard Kirwan 25m 20s 6f/t.
Tinwald Cycling Club
U17 Development: Sunday 13th June 21. Open Scratch 9km. 1st Ryan Gallagher 18m 44s. 2nd Eliza McKenzie 18m 45s. Graded A. 1st. Ryan Gallagher, 2nd Eliza McKenzie.
Second Race. 2km Time Trial 1st. Ryan Gallagher 3m 56s. 2nd. Eliza McKenzie 4m 04s. Graded Results. A. 1st Ryan Gallagher, 2nd Eliza McKenzie.


  • Petanque

Ashburton MSA
Club Drawn Doubles: Winners Colin Jones and Marion Harrison, Runners-up Karen Bensdorp and Henry Marriott, 3rd: Jan Guildford and Carol Hogg.



Mid Canterbury
Luisetti Seeds Combined Final: Southern 22 v Southbridge 18
Cup: Darfield 58 Methven 7. MCRSU Plate 13th–16th: Ashley WBD Hampstead LBD. Plaque Section 17th–22nd: Rolleston 19 Rakaia 39, Woodend 12 Celtic 53.
Senior B – Centennial Mug: Allenton 15 Celtic 26, Collegiate/Hampstead 17 Southern 14, Methven 32 Mt Somers 31
Senior Women: Kaiapoi 50 Celtic 10
Colts Combined: Ashley 24 Celtic 24, Methven Combined 24 Hornby 46, Hampstead/Southern LBD Comb Prebbleton WBD.
1st XV Toyota Miles Championship: MC Combined 17 CBHS 69
Under 18 Combined: Waihora 5 MC Alps 7
Under 16 Combined: Dunsandel 15 MCRU Plains 12, West Melton 34 MCRU Alps 20
Under 14.5 Combined: Methven 14 West Melton 19, MCRU Alps 28 Lincoln 48, MCRU Plains 49 Waihora 12.






Altrusa Club

At the June meeting Denise Hydes, the President for the 2021-22 Altrusa year, welcomed the Club members able to attend after memorable days of flooding in the district. Our Changeover Dinner in May at Farmers Corner was a very pleasant and positive event, which instated our new President and Board. Ashburton members and representatives from Christchurch, Timaru and Oamaru Clubs attended. Three members met with the Ashburton District Council Community Services as part of their on-going initiative to co-ordinate and profile local community groups and their projects.
We are assisting the Rotary Community Breast Milk Bank in Christchurch with funding towards a steam mop for hygiene purposes, as this service is also used by Ashburton babies and their mothers when needed.
Following our successful Fabric and Craft Bazaar in April, members used suitable materials left over to sew and press 104 sets of curtains to give to the Ashburton Curtain Bank, to be distributed, through local charity groups, to those who have need for them for winter.

Ashburton Lions
President Roger Paterson welcomed all to the Changeover and Partners’ Night meeting. He introduced twelve members of the Civil Defence team from Christchurch who are staying in Ashburton to assist with the flood relief effort. Their work included welfare checks, food parcels and water which were dropped off to those who needed it.
This included animal welfare support. Rural Support networks play a vital role to those who needed support on farms. Fencing is one of the biggest needs, along with silt deposits. Some families came very close to having water running through their homes, others were not so fortunate. Keeping an eye on one’s neighbours is important; often they won’t ask for help. It was good to hear first-hand insights of the work Civil Defence are doing to assist in Mid Canterbury.
There was a resolution from the Board of a donation of $1844.37 to the Ashburton Senior Citizens Trust for a new audio system (TV, sound bar, trolley). This Motion was carried.
Max Cawte gave a summary of the recent Talley’s visit, which was well received by those who attended. Talley’s are active in investing in Mid Canterbury and well worth a visit.
Graham Smith reported that the planning for the Big Smoke vs Rural Folk evening is progressing well, Life’s Worth Living and the Big Little Theatre Company are the beneficiaries of this year’s event.
A Toast to Lions International was given by Graham Smith. There are 46,000 clubs internationally, totalling 1.4 million members. 9,500 of the members are in NZ, 1,220 in our local District 202j, of which 485 are in our local zone, which is made up of nine clubs. District Treasurer Meredith Lowe replied to the Toast. He added that Lions Clubs International has its Head Office in Chicago, with three offices in the Asian region.
It has just 225 paid employees worldwide in Lions Clubs International, so it is overwhelmingly reliant on volunteers.
Entertainment for the evening was expertly provided by a local trio called The Entertainers with pieces such as Sweet Caroline, Ten Guitars and Peaceful Easy Feeling, all of which had the audience’s feet tapping.
Lions Chevrons were awarded to Tony Adams & Colin Morgan – 10 years of service; Murray Bonnington & Steven Thomas – 15 years; David Stewart & Brent Read – 30 years; Garth Madden – 45 years. Rex Whiting was awarded post humously for his 25 years of Lions involvement.
Brent Read received special commendation. Brent joined Lions in 1990 of which 16 years has been with 100 per cent attendance. He attends most if not all projects & social evenings and the award was made in acknowledgement of his leadership and commitment.
George Brown presented Marion Brown with a Lions Good Sorts Award. George noted her extensive involvement in Girl Guiding and the A & P Association. Graham Edge presented in his capacity as a Trustees of the Lloyd Morgan Charitable Trust (LMCT) in acknowledgement of the late Rex Whiting for his substantial involvement in Lions. Rex will be noted on the Lions Honour Roll.
The LMCT has made a $8000 emergency grant to the District in light of the recent flooding. Roger Paterson presented his President’s Report, reflecting on the many highlights of past year. He acknowledged the passing of Lions Rex Whiting and Graeme Hathaway. Christine Stewart, District Governor Elect, presented the new office holders for 2021-22 year.

Ashburton Golf Club
By all accounts the course has pulled up very well after the recent deluge, thanks again to Ben and all the gang.
I have said it many times before, but we are truly blessed to have such a passionate greens team, and it certainly shows out on the course. Well done one and all.
On that, we can all help keeping the course in great condition. Carry a bucket of sand to fill in divots and repair any pitch marks on the greens. Even if you didn’t make them, if you see one, please repair it. The sooner it is repaired the quicker it will recover.
On the playing front. Jamie Stone led the way in the Champs round 3 qualifier with a superb net 70. Great score off the back tees on a chilly day. Runner-up was Ken Clucas with 71 and Josh Coyle rounded out the top three with 72. The final of the Newton trophy was completed alongside the stroke round, and with Ken getting second in the stroke it is no wonder that he and Lefty May were victorious over Steve McCloy and Stephen Lee. Lefty was telling everyone who would listen, and anybody else who was not listening, that he single-handedly prised the trophy out of their opponents’ hands, and that Ken was only there to mark the card. Oh well, hopefully next year this will catapult them to winning a proper trophy.
I am told that the delayed final of the Watson Cup will be finished off on Friday.
Next Saturday we have qualifying for the Presidents Trophy. This is a stroke round off the white tees, with the top 16 getting themselves into match play for the next 4 weeks. Get yourselves down give it a go, but if you cannot make all the match play dates, please let Matt know so he does not put you in the draw.
We have the inter provincial meeting tonight (Wednesday) at 5.30pm. We have a few jobs that we need to get names for. Please come along and offer your services or just have listen to what is going on. It is going to be a great event for the Golf club, for Ashburton town and Aorangi district, come and be a part of it.
See you around the course.
Good golfing.

Ashburton Photographic Society
Our practical evening night saw a range of displays set up to photograph.  We had Blue Glass, marbles, different light sticks, wine glasses, model cars and more. It was very enjoyable to try photographing in different light.
Some members headed off to Staveley for the field trip. The Landscape competition had the most entries in memory.  We had 86 Digital Images and 37 Prints, It was a large competition for our Judge. Landscape Digital Acceptance: “Waipapa Point Coast Line” Annette Whyte, “Lake Mahinapua” and “Speargrass Flat” Bill Cabout,
“Westland Track” Camilla Harris, “A Stargazer’s Paradise” and “White and Cold” Cindy Lovett, “Beach Contours” Clarrie Brake, “Springtime In The Skagit Valley” Dale Abbott, “Wairepo Arm” David Oakley, “Lake Pukaki” Gaylene Smith, “Nugget Point” Jenny Brady, “Under The Bridge” Kyle Dickson, “Autumn Time” and “Early Light Frosty Morning” Lester Hurst, “Slow Flow” Malcolm Whyte, “Winter In Glenorchy” Maria Chamberlain, “The Blue Lake” Megan Ellis, “Forest In Winter” Michele Walker and “St Clairs Beach” Nel Davison. Landscape Digital Honours: “St Kilda Beach Moonset” Annette Whyte, “The Palouse Hills” Dale Abbott, “Frosty Opuha” Gary McIntyre, “Coastal Sunrise” Malcolm Whyte, “Kaikoura” Nel Davison and “Lake Hayes” Nicky Foden. Top Digital Landscape “Evening Glow” Gaynor Hurst: Landscape Print Acceptance: “Autumn Colours” and “Natures Trail” Bill Cabout, “Mount Sunday on a Tuesday” Charlotte Baldwin,
“Into the Distance” Cindy Lovett, “Rugged River Bank” David Oakley, “First Light” and “High Country Hut” Gaynor Hurst, “Sun Setting” Lester Hurst, “Towering Rocks at the Lower Hurunui” Maria Chamberlain, “Fog on the Lake” and “Sunrise over the Canal” Megan Ellis, “Down the Sand Dunes” and “Sunset on the Fields” Nel Davison and “Lake Tekapo” Nicky Foden. Landscape Print Honours: “The Last of the Storm” Cindy Lovett, “Potts River” David Oakley, “Autumn in the Orchard” Lester Hurst. Top Print Landscape “Autumn Willows” Cindy Lovett.
Congratulations on these awards, especially to those members entering for the very first time.

Wakanui Women’s
Wakanui WI members met at the home of Janet Butterick for their May meeting presided over by Julianna Protheroe.
Motto for the month was – No-one is perfect, that’s why pencils have erasers!
Correspondence included the Federation Newsletter and from NEC – Minutes of the 2020 AGM and the NZWI Annual Report and subjects for discussion at the 2021 AGM.
Members moved a donation of $100 be made to the Ashburton St John. Wakanui WI will be supplying afternoon tea for the Ploughing Match at Wakanui on 13th June.
Clair West and Anne Copland will supply flowers for the Hospital this month.
Members discussed the Subjects for Discussion to be asked at the AGM in Wellington which will be attended by Dianne Carter, Sue Kent and Margaret Cullimore.
Jackie Girvan was our guest speaker for the afternoon, and she explained about the Community Housing Scheme in Ashburton. She told how accommodation was very hard to find at the moment and older people who had never owned their own homes were struggling to find rental houses. Ashburton Housing and Support Trust are addressing this issue and plan to build 17 houses in Mona Square where the Council has leased the land to the Trust for 50 years. Members agreed that Jackie was a very informative and interesting speaker.
Next meeting June 23 will feature a film at the Regent Cinema.