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Mid Canterbury Hockey

Small Sticks Duty Club: Wakanui

Friday 31 July

Kiwi Sticks [Yr 5] 3.45 pm Tinwald v Tinwald Foothills [Turf a] H Kidd, J Muir Allenton v Wakanui Black [Turf b] G Muir, R Kidd 4.30 pm Rakaia v Wakanui Blue [Turf a] H Kidd, G Muir Allenton Yr 6 v Rakaia Yr 6 [Turf b] J Muir, R Kidd Methven [BYE] Kiwi Sticks [Yr 6] 5.15 pm Collegians D & E v Wakanui [Turf a] L Ellis, J Muir Methven White v Tinwald Foothills [Turf b] J Ellis, D Law 6.00 pm Tinwald v Methven Black [Turf a] D Law, J Muir

1st Grade Women 6.50 pm Hampstead v Hampstead Blue [Methven, Wakanui] 8.00 pm Methven v Wakanui [Hampstead, Hampstead Blue]

Just Hockey SSL Div 1 Boys Marist Park @ St Bedes 4.30 pm Ashburton College 1st XI v Lincoln High School 1st XI [Umpires supplied]

Small Sticks Duty Club:  Wakanui   

Saturday 1 August

Mini Sticks 10.15 am Methven Yr 3 v Tinwald [Turf a] Coaches   Wakanui Black v Methven Yr 4 [Turf b] Coaches, Hampstead v Allenton [Turf c] Coaches   Wakanui Blue v Tinwald Foothills [Turf d] Coaches Fun Sticks 11.00 am Draws made on the day [Coaches]

Senior Women TIM 4.50 pm Craighead 1st XI v Wakanui [Umpires supplied]

Senior Men TIM 2.55 pm Temuka v Wakanui [Umpires supplied]

Sunday 2 August 

2nd Grade Girls Ash NBS 1.40 pm Tinwald v Wakanui [Wakanui Snr Men, Wakanui Snr Women]

1st Grade Men 4.00 pm Hampstead/Wakanui v Allenton [Tinwald Black, Tinwald Orange]

5.25 pm Hampstead Lowcliffe v Wakanui [Hampstead/Wakanui, Allenton] 6.50 pm Tinwald Black v Tinwald [Orange Hampstead, Lowcliffe Wakanui]

Monday 3 August

2nd Grade Boys TIM AE 5.40 pm Primary Inv v Wakanui [Umpires supplied] TIM TA 6.50 pm TBHS Falcons v Allenton [Umpires supplied]

Tuesday 4 August

Kwik Sticks [Yrs 7 & 8] 4.00 pm Allenton v Methven [M Wilson, B Greer] 5.15 pm Tinwald Foothills v Wakanui Black [L Ellis, G Oates] 6.30 pm Wakanui Blue/Collegians v Tinwald Orange [A Mitchell, Harry]

Wednesday 5 August

Just Hockey SSL Div 2 Girls Nunweek Park 2 6.10 pm Ashburton College 1st XI v Chch Girls High School Red [Umpires supplied]




Mid Canterbury Rugby

Saturday 1st August 2020

Seniors – Luisetti Seeds Watters Cup – Final: Methven PWL v Rakaia, Methven1, 2:30pm K Faalogo, H Grant, J O’Connor, M Southby.

Senior B – Michael Duff Memorial Trophy

Methven v Collegiate, Methven2, 12:45pm H Grant, Southern Wholesale Seeds v Rakaia, Hinds1, 12:00pm G Jopson, Allenton v Mt Somers, Allenton1, 2:30pm C Kelland, Celtic Kelly’s Café & Bar bye.

Senior Women

Celtic B’s Barber v HSOB, Celtic1, 1:00pm TBC Referee.

Combined Colts

Methven/Rakaia v Prebbleton, Methven1, 12:00pm J O’Connor, Celtic/Southern v Waihora, Hinds2, 1:15pm K Opele

1st XV UC Championship

St Thomas cc v MC Combined, St Thomas Field1, 12:00pm


Under 18 Combined

MC Alps v Oxford, Hampstead1, 2:15pm S Bennett

Under 16 Combined

West Melton v MCRU Alps, West Melton3, 12:30pm, MCRU Plains v Prebbleton, Hampstead1, 1:00pm P Everest

Under 14.5 Combined

Lincoln v MCRU Plains, Lincoln1, 12:00pm, MCRU Alps v Waihora, Methven3, 12:00pm J Robinson

Under 13

Allenton Smallbones v Celtic/Rakaia, Allenton1, 12:30pm Club referee, Celtic v Collegiate Ross Leadley Building, Celtic2, 1:00pm M Tuilaepa, Southern/Tinwald Howden AG v Methven, Hinds2, 12:00pm Club referee

Under 11.5

Celtic Green v Celtic White, Celtic3A, 1:00pm, Hampstead v Collegiate Cates Grain & Seed, Hampstead1A, 12:00pm, Methven Black v Southern Coleman Ag, Methven4, 12:00pm L Bell, Methven White v Rakaia, Methven3A, 1:15pm

Under 10

Allenton Trembath Constructions v Southern Four Seasons Treecare, Allenton2, 12:15pm, Celtic White v Tinwald Ace Automotive, Celtic3B, 1:00pm, Hampstead v Celtic Green, Hampstead1B, 12:00pm, Methven Black v Rakaia, Methven3B, 1:15pm, Methven White v Methven Red, Methven4, 1:00pm

Under 9

Allenton Engineering Solutions v Collegiate/Hamp Regent Cinema, Allenton3, 1:15pm, Celtic v Tinwald Moore Mechanical, Celtic4, 12:30pm, Methven v Southern Hayden McKenzie Contracting, Methven5, 12:00pm, BYE Rakaia

Under 8

Allenton Alpine view v Collegiate/Hampstead, Allenton2, 1:15pm, Celtic Green v Celtic White, Celtic4, 1:30pm, Methven/Mt Somers v Methven, Methven5, 1:00pm, Southern Bush Joinery v Tinwald Gluyas Nissan, Hinds3, 12:00pm, BYE Rakaia

Under 7

Allenton Gold Young Electrical v Allenton Auto Maroon, Allenton3, 12:30pm, Methven v Collegiate Ashburton Crane Hire, Methven2A, 12:00pm, Methven/Mt Somers v Rakaia, Methven1B, 1:30pm, Southern Blue James Doyle Contracting v Tinwald NZ Livestock B, Hinds4, 12:15pm, Southern White Riverlea Ag v Tinwald Skip-2-it Flooring O, Hinds4, 1:00pm, BYE Celtic

Under 6

Allenton Gold Ashburton Plumbing Services v Mt Somers, Allenton1A, 1:30pm, Allenton Maroon Sparrow Family v Tinwald Cranfield Glass Blue, Allenton1B, 1:30pm, Hampstead v Celtic White, Hampstead1A, 11:15am, Methven Black v Rakaia, Methven1A, 1:30pm, Methven White v Tinwald Alluvial Black, Methven2B, 12:00pm, Southern Matt Wakelin Contracting B v Celtic Green, Hinds5A, 12:15pm, Southern Harcourts Ashburton R v Tinwald Orange, Hinds5B, 12:30pm, Southern Agspread W v Collegiate Cranfield Glass, Hinds5A, 1:00pm








Ashburton Bridge Club

Saturday 19th July, Conlands Trophy: N/S 1st Mary Buckland & Trish Small, 2nd Bill Kolkman & Pat Jordan, 3rd Trish & Peter Downward. E/W 1st Sue Rosevear & John Fechney, 2nd Margaret & John Shearer, 3rd Bev Macaulay & John Irwin

Monday Evening – July 20th, Flaxmere & King Trophies: N/S 1st  David Robins & George Brown  , 2nd  Heather & Bruce Sim   , 3rd  Lynette Adams & David McCormick. E/W 1st   Paul Leadley & David Fisher , 2nd  Mervyn Jones & Joyce Johnson  , 3rd  Georgina Black & Carolyn Cameron

Tuesday Evening – July 21st, Ron Sutherland Trophy: 1ST Betty Hawthorne & Trish Small  , 2nd Rewa Kyle & John Fechney   , 3rd   Maree Moore & Pauline Fergus,  4th Val Palmer & Annette Blain, 5th Mary Buckland & Judith Edmond, 6th Peter & Trish Downward

Wednesday Afternoon- July 22nd, Valetta Trophy:  1st  Peter Downward & Mary Buckland , 2nd   Sue Rosevear & Kay Robb , 3rd Trish Downward & Rewa Kyle, 4th Trish Small & Leigh Wackrow, 5th Paul & Pauline Fergus, 6th Bev Macaulay & John Irwin

Thursday Evening –July 23rd, Eileen Willoughby Trophy:  N/S  1st  Trish & Peter Downward  ,  2nd  Evelyne Taylor & Pat Jordan  ,  3rd Annette Blain & Rona Brownlie  , E/W 1st Kay Robb & John Fechney ,  2nd  Val Palmer & Johnny Wright  , 3rd =Alan Wright & Mike Holmes  and Sue Rosevear & Anne Reid.




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

Mid -Canterbury Social Wheelers no 5 Training Ride.

27 riders . 25th 7.20. 1st Home Don Sutton 26m 16s. 2nd. James Kaye 26m 17s. 3rd. Don Morrison 26m 17s. 4th. Michelle Knight 26m 18s. 5th. Ross Templeton 26m 22s. 6th. Marcel Smithers 26m 26s. 7th Debbie Skinner 31m 50s. 8th. Andy Skinner 31m 51s. 9th. Ron Kennedy 31m 51s. 10th. Janette Hooper 31m 51s. 11th. Kerry Clough 31m 52s. 12th. Alan Johns 31m 52s. 13th. Richard Kirwan 26m 38s. 14th. Rob Hooper 24m 49s.4f/t. 15th. Kristine Marriott 24m 50s.5f/t. 16th. Gerrard Morrison 24m 50s. 6f/t. 17th. Doug Coley 26m 41s. 18th. Nick Grijns 26m 41s. 19th. Roger Wilson 27m 33s. 20th. Mike Hansen 24m 54s 7f/t. 21st. Brent Hudson 29m 25s. 22nd. Wayne Clement 23m 45s F/T. 23rd. Tony Ward 23m 45s. 2f/t. 24th. Steven Hands 23m 46s. 3f/t. 25th. Brian Ellis 30m 03s. 26th. Lucy Kirwan 30m 31s. 27th. Ross Proctor 31m 22s.

Tinwald Cycling U17 Development .26.7.20.

Open Handicap. 1st. Charlotte Neal  2nd. Konrad Artz, 3rd. Zoe Nicholls , 4th. Tineke Artz. 5th. Amwolf Artz.  Grade Placing, A. Amwolf Artz.  B.1st. Konrade Artz. 2nd. Zoe Nicholls , C. 1st. Charlotte Neal, 2nd. Tineke Artz. 1.5km. Time Trial. 1st. Amwolf Artz. 2.05. 2nd. Tineke Artz 2.16. 3rd. Zoe Nicholls 2.18. 4th. Konrad Artz. 5th. Charlotte Neal . Grade Placings. A. Amwolf Artz. B. Zoe Nicholls ,Konrad Artz. C. Tineke Artz. Charlotte Neal. Teams, Girls Team .Chralotte Neal ,Tineke Artz, Zoe Nicholls , 8m 19s. Boys Team , Konrad Artz ,Amwolf Artz, 9.01. thanks to all.



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

Saturday 25 July

The winners in the matchplay were: Watson Cup Steve McCloy & Stephen Lee defeated Paul May & Ken Clucas; Daniel & Blair Snowball defeated Jordan Bird & Sean Strange.  Newton Trophy Terry Molloy & Bruce Ferriman defeated Paddy Bradford & Pat Turton; Neil MacDonald & Ray Lambert defeated Matt Tait & Tom Blacklow.

The Radius Care player of the day and winner over the field was Trevor Watson nett 69 on c/b. The winner of the putting round was Hamish Niles with 23 putts.  Other winning scores were: Paul Baird and Ken Clucas 69; Chris Lovelock and Ray Lambert 70; Greig Sparrow, Ryan Stoddart, Bruce Day, Jacobus van der Westhuizen, Barry Jury, Robert Pawsey, Brent MacGregor, Ian Rive and Tom Blacklow all 72.

Twos: Brent MacGregor, Hamish Niles, Bruce Day and Barry Jury.

Nearest The Pins: Braided Rivers: Bruce Day; Docks Bar and Seafood Grill: Ian Rive; Value Plus Processing: Grant Smith; South Island Seeds: Steve Richards; Property Brokers #6: Blair Franklin; Ton’s Thai Longest Putt #9: Hughie Murchie; Tinwald Tavern Spot Prize: Peter Walker.

Net Eagles Jackpot Hole: #15 Birdie Jackpot Hole # 6

Nine Hole Results

The Harvey Bakehouse winners were: Murray Lister & Anthony White 39pts.  Other winning scores were: Maryanne Urquhart & Kay Niles 39, Robynne Nicol & Gordon Clinton 38, Chris Anderson & Peter Stetchman 35.

Ashburton 9 Holers

The 9 hole players gathered in the clubroom before play and following a discussion of the do’s and don’ts of match play, we teed off in pairs. Due to logistics and time constraints all pairs played 9 holes and the winners are:

Chris Anderson, Maryanne Urquhart, Jenny Matthews, Judith Stoddart, Gordon Clinton, Peter Stechman, Bruce Sim, Eric Weir, Stewart Bennet, Peter Woods, Andre van Rooyen, Gail Gutsell, Joy Nicholas, and Dorothy Knight. Kay Miles and Linda Baker were neck and neck and finished with the same score.

It was a different way to play for most of us and when the scorecards were checked, we discovered a few different ways could be used to show the scores! We’ll do it again in a few weeks’ time.

On 30th July we’ll play round 5 of the Heather Smith Trophy – a stableford round sponsored by Sega Golf. Our first game in August will be Round 5 of the Jean Drummond Trophy – a stroke round, sponsored by Flowers @the Gate by Tone’e.



Mayfield Golf Club

Winners first round club champships senior Kerry Read Wayne Blair Intermediate Steve Schmack Wayne Vessey  David Morrow Junior A Ian Hopping Roger Lake  Junior B Michael Salvesen.

Others Played stablefood round winners Steve King 43 Andrew Lake 34 Bill Allan 33

Nearest Pins: No 2 Aon Insurance: John Low, No11 Jon McAuliffe Bayleys: Mike Salvesen, No 5 Campbell contracting Neil Fox, No 14 ANZ  Bank: Kerry Read.

9&18 second shot: Ian Hopping

Twos: Kerry Read John Low Don Lake Neil Fox Steve Schmack

Rosehope Rommey Player of the Day: Steve King 75.10.65

9 Hole

July 23

Best Nett-1st Jill Ludemann 53-19-34 2nd Tessa Gallagher 59-21-38, Greg Sim Builders No 2: Jill Ludemann, Mayfield Transport No 5: Jill Ludemann

Ladies Golf

July 21

Ruapuna Rosebowl Final; Margaret Read bt Lal Mulligan. Championship Rd 1; Jacquie Murdoch bt Lucy Tait.  Eenie Meenie: Sanae Hydes 33, Jan Clucas 34, Juliet McLeod 34, Sue Graham 34.5. Mr Mann’s 2nd Shot 2& 11; Helen Rapsey, Sim’s Bakery Cloest to Pin 5 & 14; Juliet McLeod.  Player of the Day; Margaret Read.



Methven Golf Club

9 Hole

July 24

African Stablefords: Angela Simonett,Mike Markillie, Annette Maw 40 stablefords, Adrienne Goodwin 61-24-37, 17 Stablefords; Angela Simonett 66-24-42,19.

PGG Wrightson best player Angela Simonett. Methven Travel 2nd Shot Alister Goodwin


Winners of the Gerard Fitzgerald Memorial trophy: Piers Rolton & Gary Kermode 61.

Senior:  Piers Rolton 79-9-70 by lot. Intermediate: Keith Middleton 83-12-71. Junior A: Phil Elliott 87-17-70. Junior B: John Robinson 94-74-70.

Other Good Scores: 70 Alister Maxwell. 71 Bruce Dickson.

HOLE IN ONE: Frank Sandys No. 6

Two’s: Michael Kemp, Simon Wareing, Piers Roltonx2, Phil Johnson, Eric Grimwade.

Dubliner Best Nett: Alister Maxwell 70 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Piers Rolton By Lot. Bar Voucher Best Gross: Alister Maxwell 75

Closest to the Pins-Aqua Japanese No 4: Dayle Lucas.  Bar Voucher No 6: Frank Sandys. Ski Time No 13: Michael Kemp. Green Parrott No 17: Piers Rolton. Hunters Wines No 14: James Anderson.

Next Week 1st August: Second round club champs qualifying, blue tees.



Ladies Golf

Wednesday, July 22


Silver: Jenny Senior 90-15-75, Sara Gallagher 91-16-75

Bronze A: Jane Helmore  102-25-77, Jan Lane  102-25-79

Bronze B: Bev Isherwood  97-31-66, Gail Limbrick 110-39-71

4th Tuis: Bev Isherwood 43, Gail Limbrick 40, 3rd Gwen Cook, Bev Isherwood   66, Gail Limbrick      71

3rd Sarah Maw, Bev Isherwood 39, Heather Santy 36

Aqua Japanese Resturant best nett of the Day: Bev Isherwood   66

Nearest the Pins: No 4  Open Methven Pharmacy Sara Gallagher, No 17 Open  The Surprise Hole Jane Helmore, No 13 Open&Br B Methven Foursquare   Sandra Marr, No  6 Open  Supervalue Heather Santy, No  6 Sat Girls Methven Travel.

Twos and Nett Eagles: Gail Limbrick. Sara Gallagher. Bev Isherwood. Jan Lane



Rakaia Golf Club

July 22

Connelly Cup, Extra Medal: Freda Bierema  94-34-60, Jill Burrowes  108-29-77

Hidden Holes: Freda Bierema 31

Approach&Putt: Bronze A –  Jill Burrowes, Bronze B – Sally Smith

Railway Hotel 2nd shot #3: Mandy Hurst, Rakaia Seed Cleaning 2nd shot: Sally Smith, V.Bell Nearest the Pin #8: Freda Bierema, Chertsey Spraying 2nd shot #15: Marion Wederell, S. Quinn 2nd shot #17: Mandy Hurst



Tinwald Golf Club



Leading scores in the stableford round for the Snow Mann Trophy and 1st round of the Doug Gray Trophy played on Saturday; – 12; Pete Marshall 42, Steve Cowie 38, Cawte Whiting 37. 13-18; Trevor Taylor 37, Muri Ngutu 36, Ross Preece 35 c/b. 19 Plus; Steve Kircher 40, Bruce Collins 38, Roger Bruce 37 c/b. Women; (Stroke) Belinda Kirdy 71, Emily Wilson 72. Nearest the pin; Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Randell Feutz. Gluyas Ford # 6; Poko Paraia. The Fine Lion # 12; Emily Wilson. Ace Automotive # 16; Dave Rush. G & R Seeds 2nd shot # 11; Struan Scott. Two’s; None. Net Eagle; # 15 Ross Preece.

The winner of the Snow Mann Trophy with 42 points was Pete Marshall.




Mid Canterbury Rugby

Watters Cup Semi Finals :Methven PWL 37 v Hampstead 30, Southern Stu Tarbotton  v Rakaia 25

Senior B – Michael Duff Memorial Trophy: Celtic Kelly’s Café 69 & Bar v Collegiate 0, Mt Somers 28 v Methven 40, Rakaia 0 v Allenton 43.

Senior Women: Lincoln University 28 v Celtic B’s Barber 27

Combined Colts: Lincoln13 v Methven/Rakia 19, Prebbleton 57 v Celtic/Southern 0

1st XV UC Championship: Roncalli 12 v MC Combined 13

Under 18 Combined: MCRU Alps 37 v Waihora 22.

Under 16 Combined: Saracens 7 v MCRU Plains 53, Prebbleton 14 v MCRU Alps 27.

Under 14.5 Combined: Prebbleton 5 v MCRU Alps 46, MCRU Plains 98  v Leeston 12



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