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  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

Saturday 28 March

A Par round will be played.

Starting Times: Morning start at 8.00am; Afternoon players report at 12noon for a 12.30pm start.

Nine hole golfers report 1.00 for a 1.30pm start.







Ashburton Bridge Club

Monday Evening – March 16th, B & C Ladder

N/S 1st Mary Francis & Fiona Williamson, 2nd Elizabeth Hutton & Kate White, 3rd Pauline Scott & Colin Clemens

E/W 1st Janine Havis & Debbie Seddon-Sewell, 2nd David Fisher & George Brown, 3rd Georgina Black & Carolyn Cameron


Tuesday Evening –March 17th, A Ladder

N/S 1st Trish & Peter Downward, 2nd Jim & Audrey Rooney, 3rd Rona Brownlie & Lois Rose

E/W 1st Sue Rosevear & John Fechney, 2nd Trish & Maurice Small, 3rd Gordon McCormick & David Sewell

Wednesday Afternoon-March 18th, Individual Ladder

N/S 1st David Sewell & Mary Buckland , 2nd Pauline Fergus & Maree Moore, 3rd John Shearer & Trish Downward

E/W 1st John Fechney & Edna Segers 2nd Peter Downward & John Irwin, 3rd Val Palmer & Paul Fergus

Thursday Evening – March 19th, 2 rds, diff ptr

N/S 1st Mary Buckland & Sonia Gill, 2nd Evelyne Taylor & Pat Jordan, 3rd Martin de Jong & Rosemary McLaughlin

E/W 1st Audrey Rooney & Trevor Coulter, 2nd Debbie Seddon-Sewell & Kay Robb, 3rd David Sewell & Maryke Blignault




Ashburton Bowling Club

On Tuesday, the 17th, the Ashburton Ladies Intermediate singles was played. It was won by Laraine Mills, 21-13, against Barbara Ewan – congratulations go to Laraine!

On Wednesday the 18th, the 2-4-2 open pairs, sponsored by Ray White, was played at the Club.

The results are:

1st – W Suttie, D King – 3 wins, 17 ends, 32 pts

2nd – G Eder, M Eder – 3 wins, 15 ends, 28 pts

3rd – R Herriott, W Herriott – 3 wins, 13 ends, 23 pts

4th – P Collins, O Collins – 2 wins, 1 draw, 15 ends, 37 pts

5th – H Goodall, J Smart – 2 wins, 1 draw, 15 ends, 32 pts

6th – M Quinn, S Doig – 2 wins, 1 draw, 15 ends, 23 pts.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, on Saturday the club had to suspend all bowling activities, end of season activites, the AGM and Club committee meetings and the weekly Happy Hour.

These activities also include the suspension of our weekly cards get-togethers on a Monday afternoon.

The resumption of all these activities is for another day.

The club wishes all its members, supporters, sponsors and fellow bowling clubs well for the uncertain coming weeks and months ahead.

We will bring you more news when we are able, in the meantime, stay well everyone!



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

Saturday 21 March

In the teams Ambrose competition the Radius Care winning team was: Jeff Hewitt, Rodney O’Neill, Steve Richards and Wilson Hii with a score of 57-4=53nett.

Other winning teams were: Hamish Niles, Brent MacGregor, Ben Niles and Gavin Douglas 54.4; Bruce Ferriman, Brendon Davidson, Perry Hunt and Gaby Jansen 55.1; Paul Warren, Blair Franklin, Steve Vivian and Hiro Kakado 55.5; Peter Morrison, Paul Morrison, Jamie Stone and Chris Ralston 55.6.

Twos: No twos awarded.

Nearest The Pins: Braided Rivers: Ian Rive; Rothbury Insurance: Dylan Stoddart; Value Plus Processing: Brent Smith; South Island Seeds: James McFarlane: Property Brokers #6: Steve Vivian; Ton’s Thai Longest Putt: Gaby Jansen: Tinwald Tavern Bonus Draw: Brian Nuttall.

Nine Hole Results

The Harvey Bakehouse winner was Mitchell Lye with 24pts.

Other winning scores were: Muriel Morgan 21pts, Peter Stretchman 20 and Peter Woods also 20.



Rakaia Golf Club

Nancy McCormick: Jill Burrowes and Freda Bierema 106-30-76, Fiona Rushton and Beverly Sutherland 109-32-77

9 Holers: Val Bell 55-18-37

Men: Steve Booker 91-18-73, Closest to the pin #8 Jeremy Duckmanton



Methven Ladies Golf

Wednesday 18 March

L.G.U And  1st Tuis

Silver Sarah Gallagher 90-16-74

Tania Wilson 94-19-75

Bronze A Ellen Kemp 93-21-72

Rox Grant 102-27-75

Pam Watson 94-19-75

Jane Lane 100-25-75

Bronze B Nola Hydes 97-29-68

Heather Middleton  98-29-69

1st Tuis Nola Hydes 41

Aqua Japanese Restuarant Best Nett Of Day – Nola Hydes

Nearest Pins:

No 4 Open Methven Travel Tania Wilson No 6 Open Methven Pharmacy Sandra Marr

No 13 Open Cinema Paradiso Roz Grant

No 17 Open 2nd Shot

Bronze B Heather Middelton

No 14 Bronze B Supervalue Margaret Kelk

Saturday Ladies Foursquare Bev Isherwood

Two’s And Nett Eagles Gayle O’Duffy, Robyn Maw, Heather Middleton,Roz Grant, Heather Santy, Tania Wilson, Bev Isherwoodx3



Mayfield Golf Club

9 Hole Golf

19th March 2020

Stroke & 2nd Stableford

Ladies: 1st Jo Cook 53-20-33   20 2nd Bernie Morrison 60-21-39  16

Men: Eddie Graham 51-14-37  19 2nd John Greenslade 55-17-38  17

Greg Sim Builders No 2: Jo Cook

Mayfield Transport No 5: Cate Hogan- Wright



Tinwald Golf Club


Thursday March 19th    


Leading scores in the twilight stroke round played on Thursday:

-6; Dave King 31, Daz Young 32, Robin Simms 33, Paul Boon 34. 7-10: Kerry Venmore 32, Richard Hewson 32, Cawte Whiting, Andy Rattray 33, Andrew Salvesen, Mike Sandrey 34 c/b.

11 plus: Nathan Frew, Leo Chmiel, Alex Bec 32. Women: 0-14: Linda McClea 33, Jacqui Beardsley 34.

15 plus: Carol Shanks, Cynthia Bonnington 37 c/b. Non-Handicap; Toby Thomas 29.

Nearest the pin: # 2 Tim Bain, # 16 Dave Morrison. Two’s; Tim Bain, Andrew Quigley, Nigel Heney. Radio Hokonui hacker; Ross Preece net 44 by lot.


Saturday March 21

Combined stableford

Leading scores in the combined stableford played on Saturday:

Chris Hart and Ton Kittikote 80, Bruce Collins and Snow Pierce 78, Nick Wilson and Brian Rouse 77.

Women; (Stroke) Jenny Harrex net 69. Nearest the pin; Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Brent Smith. Gluyas Ford # 6; Tony Sheppard. House of Travel # 12; Percy Kelsall. Ace Auto Electrical # 16; Selwyn Munro. G & R Seeds 2nd shot #11; Steve Kircher. Two’s; Brian Rouse, Percy Kelsall, Neil Rayner, Warren Scott, Tony Sheppard, Pete Marshall, Andrew Barrie, Mark Argyle, Wayne Mellish, Leen Bell.

Net Eagle; # 14 Myson.



Methven Golf Club

21st March

Senior: Piers Rolton 78-12-66. Intermediate: Phil Johnson 77-14-63. Junior A: Ian Lucas 89-21-68.

Junior B: Gary Kermode 93-27-66

Two’s: Tim Robinson , Allan lock x2.

Dubliner Best Nett: Phil Johnson 63. Methven Foursquare

Second Best Nett: Piers Rolton by lot.

Methven Travel Best Gross : Phil Johnson 77.

Closest to the Pin-Aqua Japanese Restaurant No 4: Phil Elliott. Terrace Downs No 6: Tim Robinson.

Ski Time No 13: Simon Wareing. Green Parrot No 17: Phil Elliott. Hunters Wines No 14: Alister Maxwell.

Next Week 28th March TBA



Mayfield Golf Club

Saturday 21/3/20

Winners second round Ruapuna:  Roger Lake, Charlie Rapsey, Jeff Mcnelly,  Duncan Barr

Rest of Players Played Stableford round winners were Logan Tasker 39 Harley Davies 38 George Butterick 38 Steve King 36

Nearest Pins:

No 2 Aon Insurance: not struck

No11 Jon McAuliffe Bayleys: George Buttrick

No 5 Campbell Contracking Charlie Rapsey

No 14 ANZ  Bank: Duncan Barr

9&18 second shot: Andrew Peck

Twos Allan Dixon, Charlie Rapsey, George Butterick

Rosehope Rommey Player of the Day: Duncan Barr 86/24/62

Run and Walk Ashburton

Turkey Trott held at Argyle Park Saturday 21st March 2020

Runners and walkers estimated their finish time for 3km.

The Winners is the persons whose actual time came closest to their estimated time.

Walkers – 3km: Alison Conway 20:29; Paul Severins 20:44; Dave Strong 20:58; Judith Crozier 22:22; Marie Batty 22:22; Wendy Severins 23:55; Lynda Bayne 24:38; Janet Hood 26:11; Barbara Taylor 26:11; Karen Hodgson 27:09 (Winner – within 9 seconds); Viv Strong 29:06.

Runners – 3km: Angel Spooner 13:01 (Winner – within 19 seconds); John Conway 13:32; Ian Broadbelt 13:45; Phil Crozier 20:28.


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