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Run and Walk Ashburton

Club Road Championships held on Saturday September 18 starting from Ashford Avenue, Ashburton Business Estate.
Event was a sealed handicap on a 2km loop course.
Walkers 6km: Women: 1st place Alison Conway 42:10; 2nd equal Stacey Hooper and Judith Crozier 44:22; 3rd place and winner on handicap Lori Rusbatch 46:45; Chrissie Stratford 47:40; Lynda Bayne 50:44; Karen Hodgson 54:07; Nicky Mac Kenzie 55:03. Men: 1st Place Dave Strong 42:33; Paul Severins 42:37; Peter Larkin 46:14; Kelvin Leach 47:34; Robert Moffitt 50:23; Colin Phillips 54:29; David Wilkinson 70:10.
Runners: Vet Women 6km: 1st place Gabby Simpson 29:32; 2nd place and winner on handicap Tam Grant 29:47. Senior Men 10km: 1st Place and winner on handicap Shaun Clark 40:50.
Veteran Men 8km: 1st Place and winner on handicap Jeremy Hayes 34:29; 2nd Place Ian Broadbelt 38:37; 3rd Place Eamon Hooper 47:16. Men 65 and over 6km: 1st Place and winner on handicap Gary Whiting 31:30; 2nd Place Kenny Johnston 36:21. Girls 10-14 years 4km: 1st place Carina Lupse 23:08; 2nd equal Stacey Hayes and Billy Drake 32:02. Boys 10-14 years 2km: 1st Place Jack Hooper 11:18. Boys U10 years 2km: 1st Place Gus Simpson 11:13; 2nd Place Jamie Hooper 13:23.
Thank you to our timekeepers Viv Strong, Steve Skilling, Debra Curtain and Toresa Hooper, and Ian Broadbelt for laying out the course.


  • Bowls

Ashburton MSA Bowling Club
MSA Outdoor Bowling Club Friday Half Day Triples Results played at the Ashburton Bowling Club on September 17, kindly sponsored by Skip 2 It Flooring Xtra.
1st M. Anderson, J. Kewish, R. Suttie – 3 wins 16 ends 31 points. 2nd M. Hill, J. Rush, T. Pearce – 3 wins 16 ends 30 points. 3rd D. Kinvig, D. Prendergast, P. Quinn – 2 wins 15 ends 35 points.


  • Bridge

Ashburton Bridge Club
Tuesday Evening September 14, A Ladder: N/S 1ST Sue Rosevear & John Fechney, 2nd Peter Wilson & Rewa Kyle, 3rd Mary Buckland & Sonia Gill. E/W 1st Ian Doel & Pat Jordan, 2nd Peter & Trish Downward =, 3rd David Sewell & Debbie Seddon-Sewell.
Wednesday September 15, Brabant Trophy: 1st Trish & Peter Downward, 2nd John Shearer & Rosemary McLaughlin, 3rd Pat Jordan & Peter Wilson, 4th Mary Buckland & Bev Turton, 5th Eric Parr & John Irwin, 6th Janet Cuttle & Jill Browne.
Thursday September 16, 3rds, diff ptr: N/S 1st Jim Rooney & Pat Jordan, 2nd Mary Buckland & Rewa Kyle, 3rd Lois Rose & Maureen Kolkman. E/W 1st Audrey Rooney & Bill Kolkman, 2nd Eric Parr & Bernie Jopson, 3rd Peter & Trish Downward.


  • Cycling

Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers
2021 Winter Points.
Ladies (Madge Peach Trophy) Janette Hooper 99pts. Liz Wylie 67pts. Pam Harcourt 63pts. Debbie Skinner 61pts. Sarah Gould 59pts. Lucy Kirwan 57pts. Charlotte Cox 45pts. Monique Brake 36pts. Lucy Reeve 32pts. Isabella Inglis 25pts. Isabelle Wall 21pts. Veronica Wall 17pts. Kristen Marriott 13pts. Kayla Smith 9pts.
O/60. (MSW Cup) Nick Grijns 75pts. Rose Templeton 61pts. Don Morrison 57pts. Alan Johns 49pts. Paul Hands 47pts. Kenny Johnston 44pts. Dave Shurrock 40pts. Ron Kennedy 26pts. O/40, (Sandy MacKenzie Trophy) Larry Neal 133pts. Michael Gallagher 123pts. Rob Hooper 104pts. Andy Skinner 93pts. Tony Ward 89pts. Brent Kircher 84pts. Kerry Clough 78pts. Don Sutton 71pts. Roger Wilson 66pts. Noel Henderson 52pts. Paul Brake 47pts. Anton Nicholls 40pts. Doug Coley 33pts. John Uden 27pts. Neil Wylie 22pts. Paul Williams 19pts. U/40 (Jim Tate Trophy ) Ged Wall 59pts. Jelle Hendricksen 50 pts. Daniel Gould 35pts. Mark Summerfield 30pts. Matt Marshall 29pts. Chris Reid 25pts. Michael Templeton 18pts. Flynn Beeman 17pts. Jack Templeton 15pts. (Bruce Arnst Trophy) Under 15 Yrs. Sarah Gould.
Over all Points Larry Neal 133pts. Most Starts: Debbie & Andy Skinner 15.


  • Golf

Ashburton 9 Hole
Last week, 16th September, the winners of Netherby Pharmacy Putting were: First, Chris Anderson, 12 putts and second, Fairlie Matsinger, 13 putts, followed by Bev Blair and Gavin Johston with 15 putts each.
Next week, September 23 our club championships men’s quarter finals will be played. The draw is Andre van Rooyen v Terry O’Reilly, Tong King v Eric Weir and Bruce Sim v Murray Lister.
The rest of us will play a Hotel Ashburton Net Medal round.
On September 30, the semi-finals of the 9 hole championships, men’s and women’s, will be played along with a net medal round for other players.

Ashburton Country Women’s Vets
Results for the Ashburton County Womens Vet’s game held at Ashburton on the September 17. Split Sixes
18 Holes: 1st Ina Divers 50, 2nd Judy Webb 48, 3rd Joan Undy 44, 4th Daphne McDonnell 44.
Nearest Pins: # 4 n/s, # 8 Marion Oakley, #12 Judy Webb, #14 Tinwald Supervalue Voucher 2nd shot Heather Robertson. Longest Putt Daphne McDonnell. Ton’s Thai Lucky Card: Val Ferrier. 9 Holes: Val Ferrier.

Mayfield Golf Club
Saturday September 18, 2021 – The results of the club championships:
Senior Men – Logan Tasker, runner-up Kerry Read, Plate winner Wayne Blair. Intermediate Men – Jeff McNeilly, runner-up Jeff Ryan, Plate winner Kenny Read. Junior A – Ian Beach, runner-up James McCormick, Plate winner Neil Fox. Junior B – Mark Schrader, runner-up Matt Steffensen.
Grigg Trophy for the most improved player Matt Steffensen.
Ladies Silver – Christine Ross, runner up Jan Clucas. Bronze 1 – Sue Graham, runner up Helen Rapsey. Bronze 2 – Margaret Read, runner-up Marilyn Cross.

Methven Golf Club
Men’s Results, Saturday, September 18.
Senior: Michael Kemp 74-4-70. Intermediate: Andy Innes 81-11-70. Junior A: Mike Gray 88-20-68 by lot. Junior B: Gary Kermode 101-30-71 by lot.
Other good scores: 68 Tim Robinson. 71 Alan Lock. 72 Bruce Dickson. 73 Frank Sandys, Geoff Rhodes, 74 Piers Roton, Pete Wood, Alister Maxwell, Craig Middleton by lot. Twos: Andy Innes.
Closest to the Pins: Aqua Japanese #4 Craig Middleton. Hunters wine #6 Steve Schwass, Ski Time #13 Simon Wareing. Brown Pub #14 Simon Wareing. Green Parrot #17 Paul Plimmer.
Dubliner Best Nett: Mike Gray 68 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second-Best Nett: Tim Robinson 86. Bar Voucher Best Gross: Michael Kemp 74.
This Week Semi-finals club champs and first round of Filghts. 12 noon Start for Flights and club champs.

Rakaia Golf Club
Saturday, September 18 – Championship Round 1, Thomas Trophy.
1st Andy Copland 39, 2nd Teresa Booker 37, 3rd Kevin McCosker 36, 4th Steve Richards 35, 5th Chris Helem 35, 6th John Stara 34, 7th Harry Schat 33. Nearest the pins: 6 M Sheppard, 15 John McBeath, 8 & 17   Teresa Booker. 2nd shot Jeremy Duckmanton. 3rd shot Stu Sutherland.
Championship matches
Senior: Cameron Grant beat Paul Whittaker, Ryan Cockburn beat Gary Hunt, Jeremy Duckmanton beat John McBeath, Cameron Thomassen beat Mark Hutchins. Intermediate: John Cockburn beat Joe Lepaio, Steve Booker beat Mark Jones, Andy Gray beat Jeff Hurst. Junior A John Stara beat Kevin McCosker, Junior B: Stu Sutherland beat Brian Brown, Willie Pearce beat Brian Quinn, Tony Hurst beat Gavin Doody, Peter Harcourt beat Mike McGuire.

Tinwald Golf Club
Saturday September 18 – Stroke
Leading scores in the stroke round played on Saturday in conjunction with the second round of the club championships; Paul Cartney 71, Blair Wedderall 72, Cameron Miller, Wayne Ross, Clarry Whiting, Phil Bloomfield 73.
Women: (stableford) Jo Peacock 36, Jenny Harrex 35. Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland #2; Emily Wilson. Gluyas Ford #6; Nigel Heney. The Fine Lion # 12; Jason King. Ace Automotive #16; Cawte Whiting. G & R Seeds 2nd shot #11; Dave King. Twos; Nigel Heney, Snow Pierce, Cawte Whiting, Emily Wilson. Net Eagles; #16 Kellie Kenton.
The semi-finalists have been found for the championships with senior being Nigel Heney, Greg Hubbard, John Smitheram, Jason Mactier. Intermediate is Brent Smith, Pete Marshall, Adam Wilson, Randall Feutz. In junior A it is Neil Rayner, Neal Jones, Campbell Morrow, Craig Meyrick and junior B Lawrence McCormick, Warren Scott, Doug Osborn, Roger Bruce.
In the plate section, senior is Brock Peddie, Alex Roa, Struan Scott, Kevin Greenaway. Intermediate, Ryan Fahey, Gordon Rennie, Paul Hefford, Jason King. Junior A Lyndon Moore, Kieron Gray, Wayne Mellish, John Moses. In junior B Clarry Whiting and Barry O’Brien play off to see who will take on Arthur Pawsey.


  • Shooting

Target Shooting
Ashburton District Rifle Club, 19 September at 600 yards.
TR, Martin Fleming 48.6, 50.3, 98.9, John Miller 48.4, 48.5, 96.9, John Snowden 46.2, 50.5, 96.7, Megan Snowden 45.2, 49.6, 94.8, Mike Chui 45.1, 43.0, 88.1, (& FO, 54.1), Brian Hawksby 44.3, 42.0, 86.3, John Fleming 37.1, 45.5, 82.6.
FTR, Coby Snowden 58.1, 56.2, 114.3, Murray Cook 53.2, 54.0, 107.2, Mark Alexander 53.2, 53.1, 106.3, Brian Graystone 54.1, 49.1, 103.2, Charlie Ledbrook 49.2, 49.1, 98.3, Jeremy Yorke 50.1.
FPR, Darral Bradley 54.2, 55.1, 109.3, Jarrod Lawson 51.1, 57.2, 108.3.




Altrusa Club
Our speaker in July was Linda Brodie from the Ashburton Parents’ Centre, talking about the support they give for new mothers, and their aspirations for further practical assistance.
We have been pleased to help them with a donation.
We also have given donations to the Canterbury Westpac Helicopter Service, and to St John for the Health Shuttle.
At our most recent “Days for Girls” 219 sanitary shields were sewn and prepared.
We have entered a team in the Relay for Life.
Archives continue to be stored at the Ashburton Museum, with a need for more named photographs.
Our Foot Clinic has had 34 clients, with a five-week turnaround.
On September 8, World Literacy Day will be acknowledged with a display in the Ashburton Public Library.
“Design a Bookmark” competition entry forms have been delivered to Ashburton primary schools.
After consultation with the Hakatere Marae we will provide them with activities for visiting children as they offer their premises for disasters such as recent floods.
We have also provided meals and baking for the Flood Relief appeal to support our farming community.

Ashburton Bridge Club
Monday Evening August 2, Irwin Trophy:
N/S 1st George Brown & Eric Parr, 2nd Bev Blair & Fiona Williamson, 3rd Bernie Jopson & Jackie Chisnall.
E/W 1st Janine Havis & Paul Leadley, 2nd Ann Gilbert & Joyce Johnson, 3rd Pauline Scott & Catherine Robins.
Tuesday Evening August 3, A Ladder:
1st Leigh Wackrow & Mike Holdaway, 2nd Val Palmer & Mike Holmes, 3rd Sue Rosevear & John Fechney, 4th Anne & Maurice Reid, 5th Paul & Pauline Fergus, 6th David Wilkinson & Derek Newton.
Wednesday Afternoon August 4, 3 rds, diff ptr each round:
N/S 1st Maree Moore & John Fechney, 2nd Evelyne Taylor & Peter Wilson, 3rd Beth McIlraith & Lynette Leadley.
E/W 1st Leigh Wackrow & Anne Trappitt, 2nd Wendy Parr & Edna Segers, 3rd Eric Parr & John Shearer.
Thursday Evening August 5, 3 rds handicap, diff pt each rd:
1st Maureen Kolkman & Trish Small, 2nd Mike Holmes & Mike Holdaway, 3rd Peter Downward & Kate White, 4th Kay Robb & Rosemary McLaughlin, 5th John Shearer & Wendy Parr, 6th Evelyne Taylor & Peter Wilson.

Ashburton Golf Club
Another beautiful Saturday saw a big crowd take to the course in round 2 of the Brandon Cup.
The leaderboard had a sort of upside down look to it, with Perry Hunt on top of the pile.
I know! I was as shocked as you are, but the scores were re-counted and the cards double checked. It turns out Perry did actually score 40 points, well done matey.
He was followed closely by Darren Peace on 39 then Murray Moorehead, Gaby and Davo on 38. Solid scores all around.
After 2 rounds of the Brandon Cup, Greig Sparrow and Blair Snowball lead the way with 75 points. Jeff Hewitt sits just behind on 73 then Brad Fallaver and Gaby round out the top five with 72.
Round three is this Saturday, who will hold their nerve and finish with a flourish to pick up the cup? Tight call but I will find it hard to look past young Blair, he has been very consistent all year.
On Sunday we have two groups of pennants playing.
The scratch Holmes teams are at Tinwald for a double header. First up they have to play each other. I am not sure of the teams, but with Owen, Blair, Jeff, Josh, Dave and the Hopster plus others, there are surely going to be some great match-ups.
In the second games Ash 1 take on Temuka and Ash 2 face the strong Composite team. Good luck to all. If you like your golf R18 with a tad of violence and a smidge of adult humour.
Then get down to the Brandon on Sunday afternoon as in the Patterson grade the Vision Insurance pups will be getting their tails docked by the Brandon rottweilers.
Tom has been frantically calling players as it seems that many of them are washing their hair on Sunday, hopefully he can pull a team together.
In the other corner Arkrights phone has been running hot, with players wanting to step up and be part of the battle, the hardest part will be who to leave out.
If anyone can spare a bit of time on Sunday we could do with a referee or two and if anyone knows first aid, the triage tent will be set up outside the clubrooms.
Results and stories next week.
Good golfing.

Ashburton MSA
Petanque Club
Five of our players took part in the Bastille Day tournament in Christchurch, with
Neville Bensdorp being a member of the winning team, while Ellen
Pithie and Marion Harrison won the Plate, coming 5th overall.
Results of the Triples Tournament held last weekend:
Men’s Triples: Neville Bendsdorp was part of the winning team. A Dunedin team came second.
Women’s Triples: Karen Bendsdorp was part of the winning team. Shelagh Field, Jan Guilford and Ellen Pithie were second.
Canterbury Triples: This was played in very cold wet and snowy weather on Sunday, with a Christchurch team winning the trophy. Jan Guilford was part of the runner up team.
Lochlea: Our visit there was very enjoyable with 12 of our members taking part. We have them back to visit us on September 15.
Coming up: We have a busy schedule of tournaments coming up in August and September to be played i Dunedin, Christchurch and at home.
Please feel free to come and watch any of our tournaments, and to attend or join our friendly club games on each Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 1.30 at 115 Racecourse Road.
Boules are available for you to play and to learn about the game.

Run and Walk Ashburton
Strong Walk and Larkin Pace held Saturday August 7, 2021 at Argyle Park in Ashburton.
Dave Strong and Tam Grant did a superb job of setting the handicap times for our walkers and runners to start. This made for great competition amongst both fields, and kept our time-keepers on their toes at the finish line.
Equal numbers of runners and walkers turned out to compete in this annual event, with the weather also playing its part in another successful competition.
3km handicap Strong Walk:
Bill Hood 24:37 (1st on handicap and winner of the Strong Walk); Noel Batty 20:31; Paul Severins 20:51; Dave Strong 21:16; Marie Batty 22:05; Judith Crozier 22:06; Kelvin Leach 23:36; Lynda Bayne 24:10; Bill Hood 24:37; Barbara Taylor 25:50; Janet Hood 25:50; Colin Phillips 27:07.
3km handicap Larkin Pace: Flynn Gooseman 10:42 (1st on handicap, fastest time, and winner of the Larkin Pace); Ian Broadbelt 13:04; Tam Grant 13:43; Gary Whiting 13:51; John Conway 14:05; Gus Simpson 15:35; Alison Conway 16:27; Eamon Hooper 16:41; Carina Lupse 17:11; Trevor Cox 17:36; Mike O’Callaghan 24:00; Jamie Hooper 5:30 (1km only).
Thank you to our time keepers Richard Giller, Gordon Clinton, Viv Strong and Steve Skilling, and to Ian Broadbelt and Paul Severins for laying out the course.

Wakanui WI
President Julianna Protheroe welcomed members to the meeting plus our Guest Speaker Yvonne Lister a member of the Mid-Canterbury Federation.
Motto – When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.
The Roll Call was baking for 206 Club members at the Seniors Centre, and a good supply of baking was received.
Display for the month was a pair of gloves. A variety of gloves from thermal and leather varieties to glamorous long white gloves for weddings and balls.
Correspondence included thanks to members for food supplied to Rural Support during the recent flooding and from Mavis Wilkins for our support at Cup Day and Quizco.
Ashburton St John also thanked for a donation to the Health Shuttle.
Wakanui members and their families were also thanked for their help in supplying, dressing and modelling gowns for the recent Bridal Parade at Cup Day.
A wonderful collection of bridal and bridesmaids dresses through the years.
Wakanui WI once again gained most points for the table entries and were presented with the Rugby Cup.
Names were taken for cars and runners to deliver Meals on Wheels on Wednesday August 4.
Discussion was held on the Centennial of WI display at the Museum later in the year.
One team will be entered in the WI Indoor Bowls competition on September 24.
Our speaker Yvonne Lister then gave an outline of all the volunteer services she supports which gained her the Ashburton District Council Civic Award for 2020.
This award is made in recognition of volunteer work undertaken by a person in the community that benefits the Ashburton District and its people.
A very busy person who certainly deserved this award.
Next meeting Wednesday 25th August at 1.45pm.