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All draws and results to be emailed to by 3pm Monday for the Tuesday’s draws and results page, sent as a word or in the body of the email, clearly head as a draw or a result. (Draws for Monday-Wednesday can be submitted before Wednesday 3pm for Thursday’s paper)





MSA Bowling Club

September 20

Skips entered MSA Bowling Clubs Half Day Triples

Sponsored by Skip2It Flooring Xtra Friday – 12.30pm

D Muir, R Mitchell, D Kinvig, G Sparks, B Williams, T Inwood, G Taylor, N Atkinson, B Harrison, B Hopwood, R Anstiss, E Maw, A McKenzie, M Anderson, D Hickman, J Argyle

Whites or club shirts to be worn – $21.00 team entry

If unavailable please ring Dave Muir 3086466



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

September 21

The draw for the Championship match play is listed below.  For those not playing a match a Par round will be played,

No 1 Tee

12.00 P Turton v G Brown; G Fleming v R Pawsey, 12.08  J Richards v A White; J McFarlane v J Williamson,  12.15 C Ralston v Peter Morrison; S Strange v J Overend, 12.22 J Hewitt v A Hopwood; R Bell v B Franklin

No 10 Tee

12.00 W Hetrick v J Stone, 12.08  K Clucas v P Hunt; D Hewitt v D Peace, 12.15 R Stoddart v Paul Morrison;  M Tait v J Bird, 12.22 T Sa v B Davidson; P Bradford v T Kingsbury.

A bye for E Parr.

Any matches seeking a morning start time should contact Matt Davis.

Starting Times: Morning start at 8.30am; Afternoon (non match play) report at 11.30 for a 12pm start,

Nine hole golfers report at 12.30 for a 1pm start.


September 22

The annual Aorangi v Canterbury matches will be played over 36 holes.  The course will be closed to other players, reciprocal rights will apply.


September 21

Weekend Ladies – report 8.15am for 8.45am

Rnd 3 Bermaline Cup

Convenor S Bradford 0211590983, B Fechney 0211305366


September 24

Mid-week ladies – report 9.00am for 9.30am

Rend 3 Bermaline Cup

Starters M Watson/D Hinton


September 26

Nine hole men and Women – report 9.15am for 9.30am


Secretary M Morgan 0279645380, Club Captain S Lemon 0274054910



Tinwald Golf Club

September 21

Championship Finals

9.00 Pete Nolan v Murray Beach

9.10 Maree Moore v Mara Kennedy

9.20 Adam Lowe v Phil Keir

9.30 Sue Gutsell v Sally Lane

9.40 Brock Peddie v Phill Hooper

9.50 Bronwyn Flannery v Christine Kinita

10.00 Nigel Heney v Regan Stills

10.10 Cawte Whiting v Neil Rayner

10.20 Brent Smith v Jeff Shanks, Pete Marshall v Robin Simms


September 24

Ladies Division

Pat McLauchlan All Irons

9 Holes All Irons

Report 9.00 for 9.30 start.

Starters J. Bruhns C. Shanks

Cards B. Harris M. Moore, Draw steward J. Bruhns




Mid Canterbury Rugby

September 21

Heartland Week 5

Poverty Bay v Agstaff Mid Canterbury, 2:30 pm, Gisborne


Under 18

South Canterbury v ACL Mid Canterbury, Pleasant Point, 1:00 pm


Under 16

Canterbury Country v ACL Mid Canterbury, Dunsandel, 10:00 am






Ashburton Bridge Club

September 9

Individual & Walker Trophies

N/S 1st Jan McClelland & Georgina Black, 2nd Mervyn Jones & Bev Blair, 3rd Bruce Leighton & Linda Osborne

E/W 1st Colin Clemens & Maryke Blignault, 2nd  Pauline Scott & Mary Francis, 3rd Mary Bruce & Anne Gilbert


September 10

Ron Sutherland Trophy

N/S 1st Trish Downward & Maree Moore, 2nd Rosemary McLaughlin & Jan de Jong, 3rd Val Ferrier & Trish Small

E/W 1st Val Palmer & Annette Blain, 2nd Kay Robb & Mike Holdaway, 3rd = Rewa Kyle & John Fechney and Jim Rooney & Edna Segers and Paul & Pauline Fergus


September 11

Valetta Trophy

N/S 1st Rona Brownlie & Bev Turton, 2nd Melva Stowell & Val Ferrier, 3rd Lynette Leadley & Jeanette Lovett

E/W 1st Sue Rosevear & Kay Robb, 2nd Rewa Kyle & Trish Downward, 3rd  Val Palmer & David Wilkinson


September 12

Party Night

N/S 1st Trish Small & Maryke Blignault, 2nd David Sewell & Debbie Seddon-Sewell, 3rd Mary Buckland & Heather Sim

E/W 1st Hilda Blee & David Wilkinson, 2nd Val Palmer & Jan McClelland, 3rd Maree Moore & Mary Bruce




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

September 14

Hidden Teams

1st. Kristine Marriott, Mark Smitheram, John Uden, Don Sutton, Andy Skinner, Don Morrison 47 Points. 2nd. Simon Chapman, Paul Chapman, Chris Reid, Pam Harcourt, Dave Shurrock, Brian Ellis, 50 points. 3rd. Rob Hooper, Paul Summerfield, Roger Wilson, Nick Grijns, Debbie Skinner, John Delore. 74 points.  Overall Points for the Winter Series. Madge Peach Trophy (Ladies) 1st. Debbie Skinner, 141. 2nd. Janette Hooper 94. 3rd. Liz Wylie 87. 4th. Lucy Kirwan 46. 5th. Kristine Marriott 41. 6th. Pam Harcourt 25. 7th. Caitlin Titheridge 18. 8th. Michelle Knight 17. 9th. Shona McGrath 16. 10th. Jackie Dwyer 14. 11th. Emma Hudson 8. 12th. Zoe Nicholls 6. Jim Tate Trophy (Under 40s) 1st. Gerard Morrison 121. 2nd. Paul Sinclair 69. 3rd.Tim Craig 55. 4th. Matt Marshall 42. 5th. Riley Strachan 38. 6th. Ethan Titheridge 26. 7th. Oliver Davidson 22. 8th. Chris Reid 20. 9th. Brad Hudson 14. 10th. Sam Clement Stewart 12. 11th. Matthew Clough 8. 12th. Cameron Harcourt 3. 13th. Tim Hansen 3.  Sandy MacKenzie Trophy (Over 40s) 1st. Rob Hooper 181. 2nd. Andy Skinner 123. 3rd. Mike Hansen 112. 4th. Roger Wilson 110. 5th. Tony Ward 105. 6th. Michael Gallagher 100. 7th. Nick Grijns 97 8th. Nigel Chatterton 80. 9th. Brian Ellis 63. 10th Kerry Clough 62. 11th Simon Chapman 61. 12th. Drew Titheridge 60. 13th.John Uden 52. 14th. Doug Coley 49. 15th. Ross Templeton 43. 16th. Don Sutton 36. 17th. Ronnie Campbell 35. 18th. Dave Knight 34. 19th. Mark Summerfield 29. 20th. Kevin Opele 26. 21st. Peter Wood 23. 22nd. Richard Kirwan 20. 23rd. Martin Hyde 6. 24th. Paul Chapman 5. 25th. John McIntosh. 5.  MM.C.S.W. Cup. (Over 60s.) 1st. Colin Teahan 97. 2nd. Paul Macfie 80. 3rd. Ross Proctor 76. 4th. Allan Johns 73. 5th. Ron Kennedy 70. 6th. Brent Hudson 67. 7th. Merv Grewer 65. 8th. Don Morrison 56. 9th. John Delore 45. 10th. Paul Summerfield 25. Bruce Arnst Trophy & Ribbon (Under 15) Riley Strachan. John Delore Special Most Starts over Winter Series Roger Wilson 16. Overall Points Winner Rob Hooper 181.  Thank you to all who competed in the Series.


Winter Series

September 14

18 Riders 16km.

1st. Don Sutton CT. 29.52. HT.2.20m. RT.27m 32s. 2nd. Don Morrison CT.29.52. HT. 2.20m. RT.27m 32s. 3rd. Andy Skinner CT.29.59. HT.1.15m. RT. 28m 44s. 4th. Brian Ellis CT.30.05. HT.1.15m. RT.28m 50s. 5th. Chris Reid CT. 30.32. HT.4.40m. RT.25m 52s 4f/t. 6th.Pam Harcourt CT.30.34. HT.2.20m. RT.28m 14s. 7th. Roger Wilson CT. 30.35. HT.4.40m. RT. 25m 55s 5f/t. 8th. Paul Chapman CT.30.36. HT. 4.40m. RT.25m 56s. 6f/t. 9th. Nick Grijns CT.30.37. HT. 4.40m. RT.25m 57s 7f/t. 10th. John Delore CT.30.41. HT. Go. RT.30m 41s. 11th. John Uden CT.30.43. HT.4.40m. RT. 26m 03s. 12th. Dave Shurrock CT.30.48. HT. 1.15m. RT.29m 33s. 13th. Rob Hooper CT.31.31. HT.6.25m. RT. 25m 06s F/T. 14th. Kristine Marriott CT.31.32. HT. 6.25m. RT. 25m 07s. 2f/t. 15th. Simon Chapman CT.31.42. HT.5.50m. RT.25m 52s 3f/t. 16th. Mark Summerfield CT.32.56. HT. 5.50m. RT. 27m 06s. 17th. Paul Summerfield CT.32.56. HT. 5.50m. RT. 27m 06s. 18th. Debbie Skinner CT.33.30. HT. Go. RT. 33m 30s.



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

September 12

9 Hole Golf

Winners of the first round of the 9 Hole Championships were: Tonee Hurley, Bev Blair, Kath Read, Val Ferrier; Sam Prince, Richard Hansen, Peter Woods, Gavin Johnston.

Stableford: Tonee Hurley 24, Eric Weir 23.

Smith & Church Gobbler: Robynne Nicoll.


September 14

Winners from the second round of the Club Championships: Senior; Jeff Hewitt, Adrian Hopwood (21st), Robbie Bell and Blair Franklin.  Intermediate; Chris Ralston, Peter Morrison, Sean Strange, and Jason Overend.  JuniorA; John Richards, Alan White (19th), James McFarlane, and Jeff Williamson. Junior B; Pat Turton, George Brown, Greg Fleming and Robert Pawsey. In the plate winners were; Senior; Brendon Davidson, Paddy Bradford. Intermediate; Ryan Stoddart, Paul Morrison, Matt Tait and Jordan Bird.  Junior A; Perry Hunt and Dave Hewitt.

In the Par round the Radius Care Player of the day was Ken Clucas with a score of +2.  Other winning scores: Dylan Stoddart +1 and Steve McCloy even.

Twos: Jeff Hewitt.

Nearest The Pins: Braided Rivers: Jeff Hewitt; Rothbury Insurance: Alan White; Value Plus Processing: Brendon Davidson; South Island Seeds: Shirley Elliott: Property Brokers #6: tbc; Charming Thai Longest Putt: Paddy Bradford; Tinwald Tavern Spot Prize: John Fechney.

Birdy Jackpot: #4, Net Eagles Jackpot: #16


Harvey Bakehouse Nine Hole

The winner of the Stableford round was Tonee Hurley with 20pts.  The other winning score was Sam Prince 17pts.


September 14 and 17

Putting: A Hewson 30, D Hinton31 on c/b

Nearest the Pins: No 4 Gabites:  Alison Hewson, No 8 House of Travel: Marilyn Walker, No 12 Lynn’s small Salon: Fiona Williamson, No 14 Todds of Ashburton: Jacqui Welch, No 18 2nd Shot to Green: Margaret Bean

Two’s: Pauline Bell no 4, Fiona Williamson no 12



Ashburton Vets Golf

September 16

At Tinwald

Winner of the Copland Trophy – Derek Prebble – 16.  Other results up to age 70, J Lattimore and B Walsh +4; 71 – 79 Mike Gray, Roger Lake and Malcolm Fechney all square, Guilford Lane, Neil Connelly +2; 80 + Brian McIsaac, Alan Smith – 9, Des Green, Owen Everest – 6

Next Game Rakaia September 30



Mayfield Golf Club

September 12

9 Hole

Best Nett – Ladies: 1st Bernie Morrison 55-21-34 2nd Jo Cook 58-20-38; Men: 1st John Greenslade 52-19-33 2nd Robert Schikker 64-29-35

Greg Sim Building & Excavating No 2: Bernie Morrison, Mayfield Transport No 5: John Greenslade


Men’s mid-week stableford competition

Hayden Tasker 38, Charlie Rapsey 38, Bill Allan 37;

Nearest the Pinn: Charlie Rapsey

Two’s: Stevie King x 2, Charlie Rapsey, Roger Lake


September 17

Ladies Division

6th Handicap 6th Putting – Handicap Jillian Lake 108-31-77, Helen Rapsey 103-26-77, Christine Ross 91-12-79, Juliet McLeod 113-34-79.  Putting – Val Fleming 30, Sue Graham 30, Judy Webb 30, Alison Vessey 32, Mr Manns Bakery & Café No 2&11 Second Shot Judy Webb.

Two’s: Judy Webb, No 14. Sims Bakery No 5&14 Nearest the Pin, Christine Ross.



Methven Golf Club

September 11

Ladies Division

LGU: Silver: Jenny Senior 87-16-71, Robyn Maw 96-19-77

Bronze A: Jane Helmore 97-25-72, Pam Watson 94-20-74, Ruth Smith 97-22-75

Bronze B: Sandra Marr 101-29-72 Open, Wendy Wareing 109-35-74, Fay Redfern 106-31-75, Margaret Lilley Putting: Jenny Senior 28, Sharryn Bree 30

Aqua Japanese Restaurant Best Nett of the Day: Jenny Senior 71, Mt Hutt Lodge Best Nett for August: Heather Middleton 69

Nearest the Pins: #17 Br B 2nd Shot Cinema Paradiso Wendy Wareing, #4 Open Methven Pharmacy Jenny Senior, #6 Open Arabica Jan Lane, #13 Open Methven Foursquare Sharryn Bree, #14 Br B 2nd shot Supervalue Heather Middleton, #4 Saturday Girls Methven Travel Ellen Kemp

Twos and Nett Eagles: Sharon Burrell-Smith. Pam Watson x3. Wendy Wareing. Ruth Smith. Robyn Maw.


September 13

9 Hole

Brown Bottle Competition

Methven 16.7 Putts, Mayfield 18.5, Tinwald 19.3

PGG Wrightson Best Player: John Barwell

Methven Travel 2nd Shot: Eddie Graham, Cliff Wells.


September 14

Men’s Division

Semi Finals Flights

Senior: Piers Rolton 79-7-72. Intermediate: Phil Johnson 81-14-73 by lot. Junior A: Ross Breach 85-18-67. Junior B: Alan Lock 101-28-73.

Other Good Scores: 69 Andrew McNeur. 72 Jimmy Rooney, Roger Callaghan, Jim Lattimore. 73 Mike Gray, Phil Elliott.

Two’s: Dayle Lucas.

Dubliner Best Nett: Ross Breach 67. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Andrew McNuer 69. Methven Travel Best Gross: Dayle Lucas 78.

Closest to the Pin: Aqua Japanese Restaurant No 4: Cruise Tare.  Hunters Wine No 6: Michael Kemp. Ski Time No 13: Dayle Lucas. Green Parrot No 17: Tim Robinson. Cinema Paradiso 2nd shot No 14: Higa.

Next Week September 21: Finals Day. Tee times for Finalist will be emailed.  All other players tee time will be at about 1pm.



Rakaia Golf Club

September 11

Ladies Division

Bev Sutherland 109 – 35 – 74

Railway Hotel 2nd Shot No 3 Tina Pearce, Rakaia Seed Cleaning 2nd Shot No 6 Sue Martin, Val Bell Nearest the Pin No 8 Not Struck, Chertsey Spraying 2nd Shot No 15 Teresa Booker, S Quinn 2nd Shot No 17 Sandra Quinn



Tinwald Golf Club

September 14


Grade winners in the stroke round. Gordon Rennie 67, Tetua Tuakeu 69, Dave Rush 74. Women; Jo Peacock 78. Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Adam Lowe. Gluyas Ford # 6; Dave Rush. House of Travel # 12; Phil Keir. Ace Auto Electrical # 16; Jeff Shanks. G & R Seeds 2nd shot # 11; Ryan Ford. Two’s; Regan Stills. Net Eagle; # 13 Paul Hefford.

The following players will contest the championship finals on Saturday 21st September: Senior; Nigel Heney, Regan Stills. Intermediate; Brock Peddie, Phill Hooper. Junior A; Adam Lowe, Phil Keir. Junior B; Pete Nolan, Murray Beach.




Pigeon Racing

Race Point Cape Campbell

1st M. Davidson Velocity 1230.28, 2nd E. Westgarth 1225.20, 3rd M. Marton 1222.76, 4th T. Drummond 1208.19, 5th L. Davidson 1151.43




Ashburton District Rifle Club

September 15

300 yards at ‘The Butts’

TR, Allan White 50.5, 50.4, 100.9, Martin Fleming 49.4, 50.6, 99.10,  Tim Webb 49.4, 48.6, 97.10, John Miller 50.4, 47.3, 97.7, John Snowden 44.1, 49.4, 93.5, Brian Hawksby 44.1, 48.4, 92.5, John Fleming 43.3, 46.1, 89.4, Kevin Hooper 43.2, 45.0, 88.2, Mike Chui 43.1, 45.0, 88.1.

FTR, Chris Brown 59.1, 60.3, 119.4, Murray Cook 58.3, 59.4, 117.7, George Cuthbert 53.0, 52.2, 105.2, Brian Graystone 46.0, 54.0, 100.0.




Mid Canterbury Rugby

September 14

Heartland Week 4

Agstaff Mid Canterbury 13 v South Canterbury 13


Mid Canterbury A

Agstaff Mid Canterbury A 7 v South Canterbury A 50


ACL Mid Canterbury Under 16

Mid Canterbury 5 v Metro Black 77


ACL Mid Canterbury Under 14.5 (Hanan Festival)

Mid Canterbury Hanan Festival Trophy Winners




Run and Walk Ashburton

September 14

Results 3km Albert McIntosh Run and Gilbert Walk held at Argyle Park. Sealed handicap with everyone starting on go.  Winner is the person who beats their estimated time by the most.

Runners 1KM – U6 Jamie Hooper 7:10; U10 Jack Hooper 7:07; 2KM – U13 Stacey Hooper 14:57;

Runners 3KM: Joe Ford 11:17 (Fastest time); Ian Broadbelt 12:56; Graham Wall 13:10; Gary Whiting 13:33; Toresa Hooper 13:39; Kerry Clough 15:04; Alison Conway 15:04; Eamon Hooper 15:49 (Winner on handicap by 2mins 11sec); Merv Gilbert 15:53; Kenny Johnston 16:13; Phillip Crozier 19:48; Mike O’Callaghan 22:27.

Walkers 3KM: Dave Strong 20:40 (Fastest time); Peter Larkin 21:52; Judith Crozier 21:53; Marie Batty 22:06 (Winner on handicap by 24 seconds); Robert Moffitt 22:07; Lynda Bayne 23:31; Janet Hood 25:04; Jackie Gilbert 26:02; Noel Batty 27:43; Karen Hodgson 29:41.


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