Letters to the Editor, June 11 2019

Doing it right at Lake Hood

In Monday’s Guardian there are two great photos taken at Lake Hood.

The first photo, on the front page, features three beautiful beagles, and big congratulations go to their owners.

The dogs are all on leads and therefore complying with the Ashburton District Council by-law.

However the second photo on page 11 of the ‘interesting boat’, very sadly does not comply with the Lake Hood rule which clearly states that “Every person in each boat must wear a life jacket”.

Not only is it a rule, it is simple common sense.

There is not a life jacket in sight in the photo, although perhaps there is a partly obscured child maybe wearing a life jacket, but no adults leading by example.

Eleanor Weir


Ashburton Bird Club

On behalf of the Ashburton Bird Club I would like to say thank you, to all the local businesses and individuals who provided sponsorship for our recent annual bird show.

Also, a thank you to all our exhibitors who travelled from all around the South Island to attend.

Without your support, our show would not be the same.

To all the visitors that attended the show we thank you and we hope you enjoyed it.

Michael Sheate, secretary,

Ashburton Bird Club Show