Confessions of a procrastinating hot tubber

Phill Hooper

I’m going to start this week’s column with a time saving tip I came across this week. Hopefully those time poor people amongst us get something out of this little titbit.

We’re all obsessed with finding the best: the best TV, the best laptop, the best toothpaste.

I am guilty of researching/ procrastinating before making a decision about a purchase.

In my case it’s because 90 per cent of the time, within 24 hours of arriving home with a new purchase, a better deal on that very item pops up in a pamphlet or on social media.

At a certain point, though, you’re just wasting time says Personal Finance Advisor and Author Ramit Sethi. Ramit says we shouldn’t spend more than two seconds on decisions that don’t really matter. So, the next time you find yourself deliberating, ask: “Is this something that actually matters?

Or should this be a two second decision?”.

That decision could take some time though, right?

One decision we made recently after many months of procrastinating was to push ahead and purchase a spa pool.

I am sure there is a honeymoon period with them but at the moment I am averaging between 2 and 3 spas a day.

There is nothing better after a mountain bike ride up the river track or last thing in the evening before hitting the scratcher.

Or anytime the back is a bit sore.

It’s also a nice distraction for Manda and I.

A chance to chat under the stars without the distraction of our phones or the latest TV series we are binge watching.

We have both slept much better since soaking in it as well.

Although I have never had too much trouble sleeping, and Manda is possibly getting bored half to sleep with my jabbering in the evenings.

And now for something completely different.

British researchers say a firm handshake could be a sign of a longer life expectancy.

Scientists found that elderly people who could still give a firm handshake and walk at a brisk pace were likely to outlive their slower peers.

They found simple measures of physical capability like shaking hands, walking, getting up from a chair and balancing on one leg were related to life span, even after accounting for age, sex and body size.

With this in mind, there’s a couple of blokes who play golf at Mayfield who should live until they are 120.


Till next week

Hoo Roo


Phill Hooper



Phill Hooper is the breakfast host of Ashburton’s Hokonui radio station. The views expressed in this column are his and do not reflect the opinion of his employer or the Ashburton Guardian.