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Sawn-off shotgun aggravates drug offending

Sawn-off shotgun aggravates drug offending

The possession of a sawn-off shotgun by a woman and her partner who were selling drugs on social media showed a willingness to use it, a judge says.
An Alford Forest woman with a gang background was sentenced to six months’ home detention for her part in joint charges for offering to supply cannabis and the possession of a sawn-off shotgun and a prohibited firearm.
Natalia Rimene-Toby, 28, admitted multiple charges of offering to supply cannabis between June and October last year, as well as charges of possessing 17 rounds of ammunition, and two guns when she appeared in the Ashburton District Court on Monday.
Judge Raoul Neave said Rimene-Toby and her former partner became involved in persistent and deliberate supply of cannabis through Facebook, with a degree of commerciality.
The offending was significantly aggravated by the possession of weapons.
“The presence of firearms suggests a willingness to use them, if required.”
Judge Neave said there was a clear gang background and Rimene-Toby lapsed into offending partly due to financial pressure and partly due to the influence of her partner.
There wasn’t a clear link between her background of abuse and neglect and her offending – but it did predispose her to making poor choices and decisions.
Rimene-Toby was given credit for her early guilty plea and making “great strides” towards rehabilitation.
Judge Neave convicted Rimene-Toby and sentenced her to six months’ home detention. He ordered the destruction of the weapons and ammunition.

Drug charges admitted
A woman has admitted supplying cannabis and LSD.
Danielle Maree Malyon, 26, was jointly charged on six counts of supplying cannabis and LSD. She faces a maximum sentence of life in prison for the supply of LSD.
Malyon was convicted and remanded for sentencing on August 21.
Judge Neave called for a pre-sentence report and varied Malyon’s bail conditions to allow her to move to an address in Wellington that is suitable for an electronically monitored sentence.

Supervision sentence
A tumultuous break-up led to a woman threatening to post intimate photos of her ex online.
Kellee Lisa McBride, 47, vacated her earlier not guilty plea and admitted breaching a protection order on November 28 last year.
She was given a sentence of supervision.
Judge Neave said McBride had called and sent numerous messages to the victim toward the end of November, including threats to self-harm and threats to post intimate photos online.
While the statement of facts read like the communication was one way, there was reason to believe both parties had been sending messages, he said.
Judge Neave said the relationship was now over and there was unlikely to be further contact.
He convicted McBride, cancelled an earlier supervision sentence for assaulting a police officer, and imposed a further nine-month supervision sentence.
He also ordered the destruction of the photos and recordings.

Tyre rage
After becoming frustrated with church-goers parking over his driveway, an Ashburton man took matters into his own hands.
Mark Andrew Jenkins, 53, punctured two car tyres with a nail on April 22.
Jenkins, who lives next door to a church, had on-going problems with vehicles parking across his driveway. He had left notes in the past, but acted out in frustration on April 22.
Jenkins was convicted, given a suspended sentence, and ordered to pay $400 in compensation, plus $130 in court costs.

Discharged without conviction
A man who decided to drive after his girlfriend became ill has avoided a conviction.
Peter Daniel Grant Zenovich, 19, was stopped by police on East Street on October 21.
He admitted driving while disqualified. However, he made the decision to drive the five minutes home after his girlfriend, who was driving, became unwell and unable to focus on the road.
Judge Neave said Zenovich had no prior convictions other than for sustained loss of traction and agreed that there was a clear indication of an emergency.
His girlfriend was diabetic and needed to get home to get her medication.
Zenovich was discharged without conviction.

Reparation for hall
A man initially jointly charged with arson and entering premises for illegal purposes admitted an amended charge of unlawfully entering the Pendarves Hall on June 7 last year.
Judge Neave said Scott Patrick Hende, 34, was under the influence of a more sophisticated offender.
Hende was convicted and ordered to pay $150 reparation to the hall committee.
Warrants issued
Judge Neave issued warrants for arrest for two men who failed to appear in court on Monday.
The warrants will be acted upon if the men fail to appear in court on May 8.
Brookes Stephen Namana, 38, is charged with drink driving and driving while suspended.
Ricki Anthony Joseph McQueen, 33, who sent through a photo of a positive Covid-19 test, is charged with breaching his community work sentence.


Damien Johnson Campbell, 23, admitted charges of assault, impeding breathing, and threatening to kill in Auckland between February 9 and March 3.
Campbell’s lawyer Douglas Brown said he had not previously appeared in court.
Campbell was convicted and remanded to July 24 for sentencing.

Jarred Raymond McGuire, 39, pleaded guilty to this third or subsequent charge of driving while suspended. He was stopped by police on February 5.
Brown said McGuire had never held a licence. However, he was due to have his first driving lesson after court on Monday.
McGuire was remanded to May 29 to allow him to get his licence.

Puroka Absalom JJ Tekotai, 31, denied a charge of family violence on March 14. He will appear again on June 12.

Grace Lily Richan, 18, admitted driving carelessly on Walnut Avenue and causing injury. She was remanded to allow for restorative justice and will appear again on July 18.

The non-appearance of George Gage Rangihuna, 47, on a charge of driving while disqualified was excused. He was remanded to July 3 for sentencing.

La-Toya Paige Te Kapa, 19, admitted possessing two methamphetamine pipes, a machete and knife, as well as ammunition while on Victoria Street on February 26. She was remanded on bail to allow for diversion and is due to appear again on May 8.

Patrick Bruce Keen, 37, faces charges of offering to sell cannabis, stealing a Land Rover valued at under $4000 and intimidating Work and Income staff.
He will appear again on June 30 in the Timaru District Court.

By Sharon Davis