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Tools to cope with tough times

Tools to cope with tough times
Mental health advocate and former TV personality Matt Chisholm will chair a panel of mental health advocates as they share ways to manage mental health during a crisis or times of adversity. PHOTO SUPPLIED

After a tough year for farmers and rural communities with rising costs and low commodity prices, the Mid Canterbury Rural Support Trust is hosting an evening panel discussion with rural mental health advocates.

The evening will provide several coping strategies for people who are struggling with stress and mental health issues.

The panel, chaired by well known TV personality turned mental health advocate Matt Chisholm, includes Southland farmer Jack Cocks, local counsellor Anna Arrowsmith, and Tyler Langford, the wife of YOLO (you only live once) farmer Wayne Langford.

They will share the ways they handle mental health during a crisis or times of adversity, providing people with practical tools to deal with mental health issues.

Chisholm said farmers were going through tough times at the moment and it was really important to have a circuit breaker.

"For farmers that means to stop what they are doing and get off the farm."

Chisholm said the evening was a chance to connect with people, have a laugh, and learn some tips and tricks to cope with hard times.

This year there will be four panelists who will speak about their experiences, then go into a panel discussion before opening the evening up to questions from the floor.

"Different things work for different people. When we get busy we forget what to do to look after ourselves - slow down, be present, and appreciate what we have in our life," he said.

Time Out Tour in Ashburton

When: November 28 from 6pm to 10pm

Where: Hotel Ashburton

Cost: Free. Gold coin donation at the door would be appreciated to support the local white ribbon charity against family violence.

What: The Mid Canterbury Rural Trust has teamed up with rural mental health advocates Matt Chisholm, Jack Cocks, Tyler Langford and local counsellor Anna Arrowsmith. The panel will discuss their experiences with mental health and tools that can help in challenging times.

Book: Online at

By Sharon Davis