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Speed limit ‘tidy up’ around subdivisions

Speed limit ‘tidy up’ around subdivisions
Holmes Road in Methven will officialy be reduced from 100kph to 50kph as one of eight speed limit redcutions in and near new subdivisions in the district.

Speed limits are being dropped around new housing developments in the Ashburton District.

Council roading manager Mark Chamberlain said the eight changes are “a bit of a tidy up” as speed limits are adjusted around new subdivisions.

In some instances, developers have already installed the speed signs, he said.

“This is just making them enforceable”.

Infrastructure and open spaces group manager Neil McCann said there had been a lot of new development outside Ashburton's 50kph urban areas, which warranted the speed reductions.

“It means that people leaving the subdivisions are turning into slower moving traffic, which is safer for everyone.

“At Albert Street, the speed limit currently goes from 30kph outside the Christian school, to 60kph heading towards Trevors Road and then 50kph at Trevors Road.

“Removing the 60kph tidies up an unnecessary change.”

The proposed changes did not require public consultation as they align with the council’s Interim Speed Management Plan, which was consulted on in November 2022.

On Wednesday, the council approved the changes. The new speed limits would be entered into the National Speed Limit Register for certification by Waka Kotahi, with the aim of having the new speeds take effect on November 1.

The council still planned to review its permanent 30kph school speed zone limits in February.

Meanwhile, speed limit reductions proposed in Waka Kotahi’s interim state highway speed management plan are still being reviewed by the speed management committee, an independent group that reviews state highway plans.

The process is expected to take until November before going to the Director of Land Transport.

In Mid Canterbury, it was proposed to cut the speed through Rakaia to 50kph, and down to 80kph across the Rakaia River Bridge.

The speed would also be reduced from 100kph down to 60kph past the Ōpuke thermal Pools, out of Methven on SH77.

Speed Reductions

Ashbury Grove Subdivision, Tinwald - new 40kph urban area.

Grahams Road, Tinwald 50kph - reduce from 80kph to 50kph for 150m from existing 50kph urban traffic area.

Strowan Fields Subdivision, Ashburton 40kph – new 40kph urban area.

Wakanui Road, Ashburton 50kph – reduce from 60 kph to 50 kph for 140m from existing 50kph urban traffic area.

Carrfields Subdivision, Tinwald 50kph – extend 50kph urban traffic area.

Westview Drive, Tinwald 40kph – new 40kph urban area.

Holmes Road, Methven 50kph – reduce from 100kph to 50 km/hr.

Albert Street, Ashburton 50kph – reduce from 60kph to 50kph from existing 50kph urban traffic area to existing 30kph Ashburton Christian School speed limit.

By Jonathan Leask