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Parole for pickaxe wielding robber

Parole for pickaxe wielding robber

An Ashburton man jailed for aggravated robbery involving a pickaxe has been granted parole, and says he wants to turn his life around.

Joshua William Hurst, now 24, was sentenced to two years and six months in jail on May 3, 2022.

Early on January 20, 2022, Hurst entered a few properties on Cross St in Ashburton while still on an intensive supervision sentence for previous burglaries.

He picked up a pickaxe as he entered a garage at about 6am and made his way into the house.

When confronted by members of the household, Hurst swung the pickaxe toward the head of a man but fortunately did not cause serious injury.

A struggle ensued in which Hurst was injured. He ran from the house to the hospital where he was arrested.

An alcohol and drug report prepared for sentencing noted that Hurst was using both alcohol and methamphetamine before the aggravated burglary. It said Hurst had a high dependency on them and accepted he needed intervention.

He will be released into supported accommodation on June 11, just over a month before his statutory release date of July 23 this year.

Hurst was denied parole in August last year because he had not completed the required drug and alcohol programmes and had drug-related misconducts, having refused a drug test on one occasion and tested positive for amphetamines and cannabis on another.

When Hurst came before the parole board on Wednesday he told the panel his headspace had changed.

"Before I was in a didn't care attitude. I'm now ready to do the programmes and rehabilitation to stay off drugs - to get out and stay out (of jail)," he said.

The parole board said Hurst's release was conditional on completing a 10-week drug programme at Rolleston Prison and on Hurst successfully completing further rehabilitation through his supported accommodation.

Another parole condition for Hurst is not to associate with anyone from the Mongrel Mob.

By Sharon Davis