NZTA tweak Tinwald plans

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is proposing changes to the State Highway 1 corridor through Tinwald, with a focus on the Lagmhor Road and Agnes Street intersection.

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) have taken on board community concerns in Tinwald and claim to have made improvements to planned roading upgrades in the area.

Significant concerns were raised by locals when plans for the Tinwald corridor were unveiled at a drop in session earlier this year, particularly around the safety of school children in the area.

Agency staff came in for a tough grilling from some members of the community during the session in March.

Other doubts centered around the restricted access into Melcombe Street from State Highway 1.

The proposed changes include the addition of traffic signals at the intersection of State Highway 1, Lagmhor Road and Agnes Street, two-way cycle route markings on Melcombe Street, and a right turning bay from the highway on to Graham Street.

The project is part of a reported $34 million being pumped into upgrades to rural spots in Canterbury which also includes upgrades at Walnut Avenue and West Melton.

A total of three key changes have made to the plans.

These include the removal of proposed raised safety platform at the signalised intersection, refining the intersection and signal design and better provision for pedestrians and cyclists to get to school and along Melcombe Street, under the rail viaduct, and through to the Ashburton Bridge.

NZTA said, in a newsletter, that the feedback was assessed, and further analysis was undertaken as a result.

“The upgrades will make it safer and easier for people to cross the highway between west and east residential areas and to turn right across the main flow of traffic, especially during peak times,” an agency spokesperson said.

“It will also be easier for people to get from west Tinwald to local shops and businesses, instead of travelling to Ashburton in the car.”

– Adam Burns