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New boardwalk for Christmas

New boardwalk for Christmas
Volunteers from the Mt Somers Walkways Society have been hard at work since October building a new boardwalk on the Bus Stop route to Woolshed Creek Hut on the Mt Somers Walkway. Lindsay Peck, Colin Bellamy, Clive Watson, Robert Schikker, Joris Lam, Charles Ross, Donald Shearer, and Alan Ayers climbed for 90-minutes to finish off the boardwalk on Thursday.

Hikers on Mt Somers got to enjoy a new boardwalk for Christmas - and a lack of wet and muddy boots.

On Thursday, seven volunteers from the Mt Somers Walkways Society met at the Woolshed Creek carpark to climb over 600m up Rhyolite Ridge.

But they weren't out tramping. This was the second walk-in mission to complete a 150m stretch of boardwalk high up track between the popular Woolshed Creek Hut and the South Face Track.

The eighth volunteer had set off earlier that morning, laden with 17kgs in his pack. While the 9am crew set off uphill carrying posts, power tools, hammers, saws and more.

Society president Robert Schikker said work on the boardwalk was possible thanks to a council grant, an anonymous donation, and many volunteer hours from members of the Mt Somers Walkways Society.

Past president and boardwalk project manager Charles Ross said one of the society members donated $10,000 which paid for the materials flown in by helicopter.

The work included stabilising the old boardwalk, adding a new platform, placing new boards and screwing them down, and adding wire mesh to make boardwalk less slippery in wet conditions.

Ross said the track went through some boggy areas that became knee-deep mud with regular use - and the boardwalks helped preserve the track and made it less muddy for trampers.

By Sharon Davis