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Marking the way

Marking the way

Trampers on the track that links Mt Somers' summit with the Pinnacles or Woolshed huts will now find it easier to follow the track in less than ideal weather.

Several new track markers have been placed on the new track thanks to the efforts of the Mt Somers Walkways Society and the local Methven tramping club.

Society president Robert Schikker said a team of three went up the track on Good Friday to hammer in an extra 22 metal warratahs with the typical orange marker top.

"There has been a problem on cloudy and stormy days. People can't see the next marker pole," he said.

The Department of Conservation had flown the warratahs in by helicopter a while ago to fill the gaps - but had not had the time to place them. The local tramping club volunteered to help with Gary Leonard, Barb Frost and David Wilson heading to the summit to put them in.

Schikker said the new track was becoming popular, with people completing a loop from the Sharplin Falls car park, up the summit route on Staveley Ridge, and down via the new track to Pinnacles Hut and out.

"It's a seven to nine hour walk. It's a big day and there's no water at all. At 1650 metres it can get cold.

"Walkers have to be well aware of the weather."

He said it was not the sort of trip to do in white out conditions.

By Sharon Davis