Guardian On Tour – Day 3


We’ve hit Methven and we are sitting in the Blue Pub.

The last stop for the day was this Kathryn Mangin, who was working as a rousie for her uncle, before she heads off to America mid-year on a PHD scholarship.

The next stop for us is home and a hot shower.





Found at the turn off to Methven, French cyclist Yannick Ulrichi.

He made our riding efforts look pathetic.

His challenge is Christchurch to Queenstown and back via the West Coast.

We have also been yarning with Lois and Peter Moore, and now we are on the way the Methven, into a head wind!







We’ve hit a wall!

We’ve  just pulled in after an 8km slog to Alford Forest and we are lying in the shade of an old tree and we may never shift again.

A while ago we stopped and talked to Wayne and Jim Muckle.

We had to chase them across a 20 acre paddock to catch up with them.

They were cutting and bailing lucerne – we now have a high degree of knowledge about shrink wrapping bails.

We just stopped and had a yarn with Kirsten Hubbard, who helps run the Mackenzie muster.

We are now heading toward Pudding Hill, and hopefully there are no more hills.




Anyone who was anyone was at the Stavely store for lunch; queues for coffee, queues for food.

Bex was planning for an influx – a group of travellers’ from Christchurch.

We caught up with Kristine and Derek Howden, who were having celebrating with son Kirk, his 35th birthday.

We are going to down a cold drink, eat a sandwidge and peddle toward Methven.




Refreshed by a coffee at the Mt Somers store, we are back on the road bound for Staveley.

We made a call in at Mt Somers primary School and found the students doing some amazing things with technology.

We rode through the camping grounds and met Olivia Evans as she was cleaning out the cabins.

On the road again, some fantastic downhill riding, we came across Bill Baldwin and Neill Stevens doing maintenance work on the RDR- and they believe they have the perfect job.





Early morning Mayfield, the stores are open and doing brisk business.

We found James Jarden and his dogs stocking up on drench for a big day in the sheep yards.Biking to Mt Somers there was quite a nip in the air and chilly around the thighs.

On Anama Settlement Road we were flagged down by Ian Ludemann and spent 15 minutes yarning.

Merv Meade stopped off to join in, and so did postie Rod Green.

Checked out the Mt Somers camping ground, where we watched fluffy Oscar being groomed, and found a great Rangiora couple – Rodger and Margaret Barson, in their caravan.

Off for coffee at the Mt Somers Store, then to visit the school.



Day three,  hump day.This morning we are definitely feeling the long uphill slog from Hinds to Mayfield with a dozen detours along the way yesterday.

Again the weather promises to be kind and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a windless day as we beat our way from Mayfield to Methven.

That’s the plan, but if too many tempting offers come our way to stop and share a coffee then we may not make end point.

While our bodies might be a little weary both of us are wondering at the wisdom of two quick pints in the Mayfield’s Panther’s Rock.

What is it about heat and thirst that makes you reach for the nearest cold drink, water, wine or in this case beer.

We’re looking forward to taking the scenic highway today, but before we hit that road we’re leaving Mayfield towards Klondyke and will then cut back to the highway through a side road. The plan is to hit Mt Somers well before lunch.