Fairton’s fun day (+ pics)

Children look for bargains at Fairton School’s family fun day on Saturday.
Photos Robyn Hood


Hundreds of families headed to Fairton School on Saturday for a fun day out that included candyfloss and clydesdale rides.

The school’s family fun day was about providing some old-fashioned fun outdoors while raising money for a playground upgrade.

The event was organised by the school’s Parent Teacher Association and spokesperson Kim Wall said they were delighted with the turnout.

Wall said the big horses from local Daybo Clydesdale stud were a hit, alongside the bouncy castle, vintage car rides and outdoor games like quoits.

A nerf gun shooting gallery, with a wild west theme, was also plenty of fun.

Along with the games there were 18 stalls, selling lollies, crafts and other knick-knacks.

Teacher Andrea Small and her students also ran a candyfloss stall to help raise money for their school camp.

All the students had helped set up and run things on the day.

Wall said families connected to the 36 students who attended the small rural school were joined by plenty of others from the wider Ashburton community and they wolfed down sausages and fair food.

The school was still tallying up the proceeds of the day and the PTA will meet soon to discuss how it will spend the money improving playground facilities.

She said Talley’s, which is a big supporter of the school, had recently paid for new rugby goal posts, which had been getting a lot of use.

The fun day profits would be spent on outdoor equipment that would keep the students active and learning as they played.