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Car crashes into historic Domain wall

Car crashes into historic Domain wall
A driver crashed into the historic Ashburton Domain brick wall and fled the scene on Saturday morning. PHOTO JONATHAN LEASK/ASHBURTON GUARDIAN

A driver fled the scene after ploughing through a historic brick wall at the Ashburton Domain.

Police are still trying to track down the driver after being notified of the State Highway One crash at 4am on Saturday.

“No one was located with the vehicle at the time. Police are making follow-up enquiries,” a police spokesperson said.

The wall is understood to be around 90 years old, Ashburton District Council infrastructure and open spaces group manager Neil McCann, said.

The historic brick wall along West Street has been undergoing some restoration but luckily the section that was destroyed was yet to be worked on, he said.

“We want to get it reinstated as soon as possible.”

They will need to get the repair work quoted, which will be an insurance claim, he said.

Council staff were on site on Monday morning to clear up the rubble and recover all the bricks to be used for the rebuild.

“We plan to reuse them all. A couple are a bit broken but they may be able to be patched up depending on where in the wall they are located.

“We can’t get those identical bricks anymore so it’s a matter of patching up with what we can."

By Jonathan Leask