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Expect delays at Ealing next week

Expect delays at Ealing next week
Alternative route to SH1 for people driving cars and vans.

People who travellingbetween Ashburton and Timaru will face significant daytime delays on Tuesday.

NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi has advised that road reconstruction work at Ealing, just north of the Rangitata River, is being chip-sealed is at Ealing, between Hinds and Rangitata, from 9am to 5pm.

NZTA maintenance contract manager John Keenan said all the preparation at this site has occurred at night and more night work will resume after Easter.

“Multiple single lane work sites will be active near Ealing on Tuesday to chipseal sites that have been constructed under night works but need the daytime temperatures to seal.”

Delays of 40 minutes can be expected.

“We will be signposting an alternative inland route for light traffic – car and van drivers - wanting to avoid the delays, between Hinds and Rangitata.”

This local road alternative route is not suitable for heavy vehicles 50Max or over and NZTA advises all HPMVs remain on SH1.

The alternative route takes about 35 minutes and would add an extra 20 minutes onto the usual journey time of 15 minutes between Hinds and Rangitata.

If people prefer to keep moving, they can take the alternative route via Hinds Arundel Road and the Inland Scenic route 72.

As well as the delay at the Ealing, there may also be cumulative delays at other sites adding up to an hour overall to the trip between Hinds and Rangitata.

Keenan said NZTA has night works on multiple sites from Rakaia to Rangitata next week.

“We will be making the most of the active temporary traffic management for the Ealing site by including routine inspections and maintenance on the two Rangitata River Bridges, and by sealing a short section north of the Ealing site near Giddings intersection on the same day.

“Thanks for your patience while we push to get as much surfacing work completed before Easter so that journeys over the long weekend are easier.”