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Kiwi Traveller : Coast to Coast


Kiwi Traveller : Cup Day




Kiwi Traveller Does Mid Canterbury Episode Four: Roping the Rodeo



Kiwi Traveller: Sea fest



Kiwi Traveller Does Mid Canterbury Episode Three: Mt Hutt



Kiwi Traveller Does Mid Canterbury Episode Three: In production


Kiwi Traveller Does Mid Canterbury: Episode Two The Salmon City


Kiwi Traveller Does Mid Canterbury Episode Two: In production











Kiwi Traveller Does Mid Canterbury: Episode One Plains-to-the-Hills Thrills


Kiwi Traveller Does Mid Canterbury Episode One: In production











What is Kiwi Traveller?

What do a couple of film students do when they get bored?

They make their own travel show.

Scotty Bamford and Daniel Pannett were bored and wanting something to do on the weekend.

What transpired was an off-the-cuff travel show which will now air on Guardianonline.

“We had just graduated from tech and were keen to make stuff,” Bamford said.

“The idea really spawned after Dan created a travel show as one of his projects.

“[Kiwi Traveller] is a shortened crazier hybrid, with a madman at the helm.

“We have watched some pretty terrible travel shows in our time, they were too politically correct and boring. So we thought why not give it a crack.

“New Zealand is awesome so let’s make an awesome show and do a few crazy things, but mainly make people laugh.”

After shooting the travel show in Akaroa for their course, Bamford and Pannett were inspired.

“We had such a great time shooting it so we thought ‘why not make more of them, but let’s make it funny’,” Pannett said.

Hailing from Hurunui Bamford is the frontman and Methven local Pannett is behind the camera.

Originally they got people to send through ideas for what kind of things they would like to see via Facebook, but Bamford admitted that idea lost traction when the “ideas got out of hand and everyone wanted to see me naked”.

They initially made an episode in Kaikoura and then brought in a “third wheel” in Ben Irwin of Methven for the second episode in Hanmer, before teaming up with

Kiwi Traveller: Does Mid Canterbury launches episode one Plains-To-The-Hills Thrills today, with a view to cover all the district has to offer.

“In the series we’ll head to Rakaia, have a day up Mt Hutt, hit up Ashburton and all the other hot spots as well as hit up a few of the major events,” Bamford said.

“I would say a two-part adventure activity episode with some extreme stuff and could even do a scenery special.

“There are a lot of possibilities.”

It’s a relaxed and jovial look at what the district has to offer that the Kiwi Traveller team hopes has something for everybody.

“It is a semi-backpacker-ish guide to places’ activities.”

“We want average Joe to see it.

“They may not have thousands of dollars to spend and may not know of other options to do in small towns.”

– By Jonathan Leask