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Temuka and Geraldine A&P Show

Temuka and Geraldine A&P Show

The Temuka and Geraldine A&P Show is on this weekend!

Here is all you need to know for a great day out.

·      Show name:   Temuka and Geraldine A&P Show/ Kinsman Contracting Winchester Show

·      Show location:  State Highway 1 Winchester

·      Show date: Saturday 2nd March 2024

·      Parking: on the grounds

· President: Stephanie McCullough

· Senior Vice president: Peter McCullough

·      Opening Times:  8am

· Ticket sales : $15 per adult school children free

· Key Highlights: Good old fashioned show with horses showing their stuff in the rings, FX Motorbike displays throughout the day, Free lego tent,  childrens entertainment and Sha-low playing all day, Jewelcraft jewellery giveaway

· Best place to follow for information: Facebook Temuka and Geraldine A&P show or email the secretary on [email protected]