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Stacey Waaka the face of new B+LNZ campaign

Stacey Waaka the face of new B+LNZ campaign
Rugby world champion and Beef + Lamb campaign ambassador Stacey Waaka.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand has launched a new campaign, “Good things start with New Zealand beef and lamb”, to raise the industry’s profile and promote the benefits of eating our meat.
It comes at a time when there are conflicting narratives around the health benefits and sustainability of red meat for consumers, but Methven dietician Cushla Holdaway says it’s about weighing up what the science is telling us and following the evidence.
“A lot of studies don’t distinguish between red meat and processed meat.
“And that’s quite challenging because there’s obviously a difference between how they are processed and what’s in them,” Holdaway says.
Studies have shown that while most New Zealanders are still keen eaters of red meat, those turning to a plant-based diet do so partly for sustainability and environmental concerns but primarily because they see it as a healthier choice.
Holdaway said the trick is to stick to the recommended intake of 500 grams per week, and steer clear of processed meats.
“Red meat is a valuable part of our diet.
“It’s one of the richest dietary sources of iron, zinc, B12 and protein,” Holdaway said.
The campaign has world champion rugby player Stacey Waaka as an ambassador, and will focus on reassuring consumers of the nutritional value and sustainability of the product.
Kit Arkwright, chief executive of Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc believes having an athlete as an ambassador is a recognition of the nutrition beef and lamb provide as part of a wider, well-balanced
“We are delighted to have Stacey on board as our new ambassador.
“Seeing her score her try in that remarkable final, it was clear how much passion and enjoyment she has for representing her country.
“I don’t think there is a better analogy for how our farmers, butchers and chefs feel about showcasing what makes New Zealand beef and lamb the best in the world,” Arkwright said.
The campaign is not only about promoting the health benefits of eating beef and lamb, he said, but also a celebration of the product itself.
“There’s a really close link between life’s memorable moments and great food,” Arkwright said.
“Some of our favourite treasured memories, such as Christmas day, a wedding and barbecues at the beach, probably featured our product at some point that day, and maybe was even a catalyst for bringing people together.”

  • By Claire Inkson