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Moving day tips

Moving day tips
Tips and tricks for moving day 

- Plan your move well in advance and give friends and contractors plenty of notice.

- Draw up a list of all the things you will need to do in preparation for on the day and once at your new property.

- Put someone in charge of buying takeaways or food from the grocery store to keep everyone fed and hydrated. Moving Day can involve long hours from 5am to late at night.

- Well-labelled boxes make it much easier to find the things you need when you arrive at your new home. Pack very important items, such as phone chargers and important documentation, separately and take these in your car when you move.

- Get in touch with your insurer – you might need a separate transit policy for the move.

- Don't forget to tag animals and register any movements with Nait. Accurate records of animal movements is important in the event of a disease outbreak such as bovine tuberculosis or mycoplasma bovis.

  • Sharon Davis