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Mid Canterbury winterfeed winners

Mid Canterbury winterfeed winners
Methven farmer Alistair Clemens won first prize in the cereal and rape feed category in the annual Ashburton District winterfeed competition. From left on the Clemens’ farm: Scott Clemens, Victor Schikker (judge), Alistair Clemens, Ben Morrow (judge) and Ben McIntosh (judge).

Local farmers from the top of the Rakaia Gorge down to Pendarves took part in the annual Ashburton district winterfeed competition.
The winners in each of the Ashburton, Mayfield and Methven sections went forward to the grand final organised by the Ashburton A&P Association last week.
At a gala function at Hotel Ashburton last week, Mayfield farmer Andrew Mackenzie won first prize in the fodderbeet category.
Andrew Barlass and Michael Copland took out second and third spots respectively.
First prize in the brassica feed section went to Mayfield’s Daniel Stack. Second and third places went to Mark Ensor and Ross Duncan.
Methven farmer Alistair Clemens won the cereal and rape feed category with Peter Lowe and Andrew Spencer in second and third spots.
The judge’s choice went to Methven’s Hamish Marr, with Bill Davey second and Andrew Mackenzie taking home the third prize.
Competition convener Ben Stock said the winterfeed competition was a good opportunity for farmers to see what other farms were doing – from sow rates to management practices.
“It gives farmers a good idea of what is working and not working,” he said.
The grand final is organised in rotation by the Ashburton, Methven and Mayfield sections.
Next year, Methven will run the competition.

  • By Sharon Davis