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Getting fit for calving season

Getting fit for calving season
Anna King.

We all know how important exercise, good nutrition, and maintaining our wellbeing is to living a fulfilling life. When life gets hectic and stressful, maintaining healthy habits becomes even more important but also conversely harder to achieve.

For farming families one of these busy times is calving when it’s all hands-on deck and it becomes a priority. It is easy to let those good habits slip and put our wellbeing in the backseat but with a little planning and focus we can turn our wellbeing into an asset during these busy times for us and our families.

Try to prepare and get yourself into a great place before the busy times hit, some ideas for planning ahead include:

· Try and get a few extra exercise sessions in heading up to the busy period – you will feel more energised and less guilty when your exercise routine slips.

· Think about areas where you have struggled or had issues in the past, maybe you can do some task specific exercises to lessen the impact this season.

· Make some of your family favourite meals ahead of time and freeze them so you always know you have a good nutritious meal ready when you need a night off cooking.

· Before the busy period starts discuss your and their wellbeing needs with your family and staff and try to schedule in opportunities for these needs to be addressed. Always easier to do this before than during.

Once calving starts the key is not being hard on yourself for letting those good habits slip, there is a good reason and you can always refresh those habits afterwards. You will automatically be getting a physical workout, so you need to focus on recovery, nutrition, and rest.

· Recovery is both physical and mentally through stretching your body and taking time out to recharge. For some of you, combining these in a class with a group of friends might let you achieve both. Talk to your instructor about getting the workout you need.

· If you can’t get to your class, consider joining a virtual class online so you can do a few exercises in your own home.

· Good nutrition will provide important fuel for both mind and body so don’t skip meals. Remember good nutrition doesn’t need to be hard, find something quick and simple. Remember those prepared meals.

· Sleep is vital so try to maintain a fixed sleep routine so your body knows when it will get a chance to recharge.

· Don’t forget your partner and family, get your partner to join a class with you or plan a family outing like a walk or a bike ride.

One of the reasons I am passionate about Pilates is because it has proven to be a fantastic way for me to deal with stressful times will providing a dynamic, low impact and energising exercise routine.

At AnnaFit I provide Pilates classes and instruction both in person and online for individuals and groups in Methven and Ashburton, you can find out more about AnnaFit at:

by Anna King