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Get Dotted: Communication styles

Get Dotted: Communication styles

The New Zealand made Dots Communication Framework (“dots”) is a proven tool that helps people not only get more out of themselves personally but also helps with tapping into the true potential of all of the people around them.

Just pause for a moment and consider the sheer number of humans that come into your orbit on a daily basis.  Including but not limited to :- Family members.  Partners.  Friends. Work Colleagues.  Advisors. Team mates.  School community members.  Tradies. Industry peers.   Doctors.  Dentists. Other health professionals.  Sales representatives.  Rural delivery people.  Baristas. Local business people.  It’s a lot!  And all of these perfectly imperfect humans have very unique sets of needs, values and goals.

Generally speaking whilst we’re all unique (thank goodness) it’s easy to identify four relatively simple yet different communication styles (dots).  This is not personality profiling.  Dots is far more practical, effective and empowering than that.  We are all a combination of the four different dots.

After a few short hours experiencing dots - you can easily identify someone else’s natural communication style (“dot”) and adapt your communication to best meet their needs.

This reduces unnecessary friction, stress and miscommunication that can lead to loss of productivity, silly cock ups and generally a life that’s less enjoyable!

In this short article, I’d love to quickly give you a taste of the four different dots in the hope that this will lessen some of the frustrating and completely avoidable happenings that crop up in your world from time to time.

Purple Dots

Purple Dots are people who tend to have constant thoughts and ideas that stream into their minds and then pop straight out of their mouths.

These people are fabulous at starting projects but tend to lose interest before they physically get them finished!

In any conversation you’ll hear them use the words “I know”.  “Do you know what I mean?”  “I know all about that”.

They naturally turn all incoming information (even information they’ve just received 3 seconds before) into “knowings”.

You need to give them the

“what” in any communication.

They need the overall big picture from the get go.

If you invite these people to a BBQ at your place kicking off at 6pm - these are the people who’ll get there sometime before 7pm.  Quick tip - don’t wait for these people before eating!

Yellow Dots

Yellow Dots are people who need a lot of detail because as you’re talking to them, they are naturally building complex pictures in their mind from the words that you are using. If possible, sketching information out onto a piece of paper, white board or even just sending them a link works well for them.

These people have very high standards and tend to be organised, on time and excellent at working to deadlines.  In any communication you’ll hear them using the words “I see”.  “Can you see what I’m saying?”.

In any communication these people are naturally listening for the “when”.

If invited to a BBQ at your place, these are the people who’ll get there 10 minutes early.

Yellow Dots tend to be very brand loyal.  They like things to be clean and organised.

Red Dots

Red Dots are people who talk in bullet points.  No nonsense, no fluff, these people tend to think that people think like them… or should!

Red Dots are efficient with their time and their energy and are big on justice and fairness.  You’ll hear them using the words “I think” or “understand”.

In any communication, Red Dots are listening for the “Where they fit?”.  As in - the relevance to them.  If you give that to them first, you’ll have a greater chance of them listening to you.

If invited to your BBQ, they’ll be there on time and are the people who are most likely to take over cooking if they perceive you to not know what you’re doing.  They are also the people who are most likely to follow their own steak around the BBQ plate to ensure that some child doesn’t get it!

Blue Dots

Blue Dots are people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty.  They love doing an honest day’s work and working as part of a team. These people are super intuitive and practical.  In the wool shed, sheep don’t physically struggle as much with a Blue Dot shearer.

At the end of the day, Blue Dots want to get a project finished and have everyone working well together.  In any communication, Blue Dots are naturally listening for the “Why” of the communication. If you don’t provide them with the why, it’ll be harder for them to take in whatever important details you need them to be aware of.

You’ll hear Blue Dots using the words “sense” or “feel”.  “I’m just trying to get a feel for that new approach”.  They can quickly identify anyone that’s not being completely honest.

Blue Dots pick stuff up really quickly when they’re given the opportunity to simply get stuck in and give it a crack.  They are “hands on” people.

If invited to your BBQ, it’s the Blue Dots who will check in with you to see if you need them to bring anything, help in anyway and also will reach out to other friends and family to see if they’re going and/or if they need a ride.

Dots in action

Purple Dots and Blue Dots naturally process information through their hearts.  Yellow Dots and Red Dots naturally process information through their heads.  It doesn’t mean that any of the Dots are more or less intelligent than the others - they just process information differently.

Our formal education system tends to suit those who are strong (their first or second dot in their combination is) in Yellow and/or Red.  Those strong in Purple and/or Blue tend to not really enjoy school.  It’s not hands on enough or practical.   Our system is evolving - thank goodness, but we do have a ways to go!

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter one iota what your personal combination is.  We need all of the colours in us to thrive and innovate.

What does matter though, (if you want to get more out of the people around you) is your ability to modify your communication style to best meet the needs of the people around you. Your partner.  Parents.  Children. Family members.  Friends.  Work Colleagues.  Etc

So much unnecessary stress and friction can be removed from our lives if we choose to communicate better. Are you ready to give it a crack?

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by Amy Scott

About Amy

Amy Scott is an internationally acclaimed speaker, mentor & facilitator who is passionate about helping people to get the best out of themselves and the people around them. She’s a recognised “people expert”, reformed lawyer and a former New Zealand Woman’s Ice Hockey representative. Amy grew up in the stunning Maniototo where she proudly used to throw a fleece or 3 in the wool sheds during her holidays.   Self-employed for the past 16 years, Amy enjoys working with a variety of industries, agencies, companies, businesses and organisations throughout New Zealand and Australia.