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July 4

  • Ashburton Creative Fibre

The opportunity to meet again after the lockdown saw a large gathering of our members at The Plains Museum recently.
The programme asked that the entries for the planned Exhibition be received so Shireen and Nicole from the Art Gallery could see what was available and to select their choice of articles for display (tentatively booked for August/September). There was a very large selection of articles entered, covering all areas of our members interests- spinning, dyeing, weaving, felting and crochet to name a few.
Pam the Co-chairperson welcomed everyone and asked the members if the idea of that our 50th Jubilee Birthday follow our AGM in October be practical in our condensed programme for this year. It will be fully discussed at our next meeting on July 20 at 10am. Timing to be AGM at 1.30pm and birthday 2pm. On October 19 at the Plains Museum.
An invitation to any Past Members who would like to attend to contact Pam Whiteford phone 307-2801 or mobile 027 370 3253 – for catering and any transport purposes.
Margaret W. handed out the A&P show schedules which gives the changes made from previous years schedules.
Lockdown provided a perfect opportunity for everyone to lower their ‘Stash’ and Patricia counted and displayed the results for show and tell. Pam showed what she had completed for this year’s challenge of what can be made from a 3½kg corridale fleece while Beath displayed a knitted throw made from the fleece of a yearling pet lamb.


  • Ashburton Dahlia Cricle


The AGM and wind up for the season was held at Jackie and Frank Ryan’s home on Sunday, June 21.
So good to be back to continue with our season finally, missing April and May meetings. But great to have a catch up and enjoy a lovely afternoon meeting. Brian Glassey presided over the monthly and AGM meetings 14 members attending and six apologies received.
Brian read his annual report for the 2019/20 season with special thanks to Alison for her very capable administration of secretarial and finances for members. A very successful tuber stall at the farmers’ market in October, again helped raise funds for the club events. Mention of the National Show in February, held in Timaru where five members exhibited, the Annual Combined Show with Christchurch was a highlight with our neighbours and held in the Tinwald Memorial Hall in March.
It is with regret that a resignation was received from Rex and Pat Tarbotton. They have been valuable members of the group and wish them well in their new home at Rosebank Villas. A small gift was given in appreciation of their time with us. Graham Gunn was nominated as our patron again.
Graham then took the chair for election of officers. Graham thanked Brian for his enthusiasm for the club.
President – Brian Glassey, Vice-presidents – Jackie Ryan and Paul Strachan, Secretary-Treasurer – Alison Donald, Committee – Joyce Read, Raffles – Sheena Clark, Supper Convenor – Alison Donald, Publicity – Joyce Read.
Presentation of trophies followed and presented by Graham Gunn, Morgan Medal, most points in the Open Section, Joyce Read, ADC Trophy – most points in Intermediate Section, John Hoogweg, Cameron Medal- most points in Novice Section, Heather McEvoy, Gunn Trophy- (Dahlia of the Year), John Hoogweg, Cuthbertson Shield – Small Classes, Joyce Read, Ryan Trophy – Fimbriated Classes, Jackie Ryan, Rosewood Bowl – Giant and Large Decorative classes, Jackie Ryan, Houston Trophy – Tipped and Variegated, Joyce Read, Hampton Trophy – Vase of Dahlias, Jackie Ryan, Tarbotton Trophy – Pompone Classes, Alison Donald.
Brian thanked Jackie for making her home available for the afternoon and to Sheena, Alison and Jackie for supplying the lovely afternoon tea.
A committee meeting will be held at the end July for planning of the new season programme. Wishing everyone a safe winter for yourself and your families. Keep warm as we look forward to sunshine and warmer days ahead, when we start our monthly meetings and table shows in September.
Thank you to a great group of like-minded gardeners, new members always welcome.
Phone 308-3294 for information on how to join us in the club’s activities.


  • Ashburton Golf Club

The grey clouds did not dampen the golfers’ spirits last Saturday, a big field still turned up and luckily the rain held off. Two big finals were played in the President’s Trophy and Plate. In the main game Steve McCloy jumped out of the blocks with shots on 1 and 3 to get an early lead, but then Captain Terry got his driver dialled in, his irons and putter followed suit, and he finished up taking a very good win on the 16th. In the Plate, Paddy jumped out winning the first two holes but then Blair Franklin showed why he is a gun golfer and won 5 out of 6 to be 3 up at the turn. Then the big lad turned to his favourite weapon. He started chatting, and Blair fell into the trap of listening. Sorry stories of how he used to be a contender but had a poorly hip, and before Blair knew it he was shaking hands on the 17th thinking, what the hell just happened there. Afterwards in the club the big lad was heard saying that he reckons the President’s Plate is actually one of the hardest cups to win and should really be on the honours board.
Player of the day in the stroke round was Brendon Davidson, who shot a superb 73 off a 6 handicap, to pick up the spoils. The 14th hole almost gave up its second hole in one in a week, with Tom Blacklow’s approach sitting on the edge of the cup, staring down but too scared to jump in.
He then managed to stick a ball out of bounds on 15 just to top it off.
This Saturday we have the 3rd round of club champs qualifying. Stroke off the blue tees. With only four rounds this year and the second round being the big downpour, when not many played, this should be a well-attended day.
On Sunday we have Pennants at Tinwald and Rakaia. I think a couple of the teams are on the hunt for new players, so if anyone fancies a game, we can accommodate any handicap, just get in touch and we can get you in a team. Don’t be worried about ability. If you do, then you obviously don’t know the calibre of current players.
Good golfing.


  • Ashburton MSA Golf section

Well, there is a saying “Quality is more important than Quanity” and luckily
that was the case when only six members of the golf section travelled to the Weedons course last month to take on Kaiapoi who arrived with 15 players
to compete for the annual trophy.
With the course having a lot of trees and one par 5 measuring 541 metres good scoring was hard to come by.
Ashburton managed to retain the trophy with an average stableford of 32 compared to Kaiapoi’s 30.875 which might of been just as well since the trophy was still sitting in the trophy cabinet back in Ashburton.
Top scorers for the MSA were Judy Webb 37, Steve Stratford 37, with Roger Irvine and Steve Thomas both on 32.
Steve Stratford and Nigel Cartwright shared the two’s prize money and Roger Irvine picked up the chocolate for closet to the pin. Our next game is on July 12 at Tinwald.


  • Ashburton Pakeke Lions

President Lion Noel Lowe welcomed a large turnout of members and several visitors to the June Meeting of the Pakeke Lions Club.
Lion Graeme Neale read the apologies and clipboards with regard to Meals on Wheels were circulated.
Marion Martin said grace. President Noel read a tribute to late member Lion Ted Bird who passed away after serving 35 years with the Pakeke Club. He was a valued member and both he and his wife the late Pamela will be sadly missed. Lion Barry Bluet thanked members for their support after the recent passing of his wife Rose.
Gwenda Hansen read a humorous poem she had written on her life as a child and growing up in the country.
Two new members, John Ramsey and Malcolm McCormick, who were inducted during lockdown, received their official certificates and vadges. John and Malcom were welcomed into the club along with their wives Pam and Gail.
These two new members, along with new member Colin Crossen, were then asked a series of questions by their various sponsors who were very informative and it was most interesting hearing about their lives to date.
Lion Jim Martin reported that he had attended the Rededication Ceremony recently held in Mosgiel. This meeting had been held over due to the cancellation of the District Convention, at which two of our recently deceased members Lion Brian Marsden and Lion Doug Watson were recognised with distinction at a very moving ceremony.
A quiz with 12 questions on New Zealand culture and heritage was held and most members gained top marks.
Also during lockdown five members had grown beards and were asked to step up and be judged, and as they all looked splendid, judge Cynthia Tindall declared they were all winners!
Raffles were drawn and tail twister Lion Robert Spencer extracted a number of fines with a very enjoyable session. Singing of the National Anthem closed the meeting.
The next ladies’ craft get-together will be on Monday, July 13 at 10am in the kiosk at the Ashburton Raceway.


  • Ashburton Toastmasters Club

The Ashburton Toastmasters Club meeting on the 24th June started with its AGM where the following members were elected onto the Committee:
President: Phil Wheeler, Treasurer: Coby Snowden, VP Membership: Mariana Gorra, VP Public Relations: Adi Avnit, VP Education: Matthew Marshall, Sergeant-at-Arms: Chiyo Hunt.
The Club had a successful year with high level of achievement among its members.
The Club then proceeded with its usual fortnightly meeting by a presentation by Mike Johnson and Adi Avnit on Toastmaster’s Pathways programme, with a half-hour explanation on the purpose and benefits of the online learning guide. Chiyo devised a unique way to run the Table Topics session whereby volunteers drew 3 random words out of a bag with which they then had to tell a story. The result was a lot of laughs hearing what Robin came up with ‘Land, Mickey Mouse and Roof ‘, Coby with ‘Doctor, Lick and Plan’, Adi with ‘Knitting, Anniversary and Mr Bean’. Our guest Neysa managed to expertly weave her three words into an introduction to herself to the members.
Throughout the evening several members managed to incorporate the Grammarian’s Word of the Evening (Compassion) into their speeches and evaluations.
The next meeting will be held at the Doris Linton Lounge at the RSA on July 8th 7.30pm, all new members are welcome.


  • Ashburton Woodworkers

Bruce Ferriman welcomed the 20 members to the clubs AGM after a three month lay off and pleased that we are able to make use of the clubrooms facilities. Bruce mentioned some of the clubs achievements including the façade in keeping with the other surrounding buildings. The gifting of an Ellis lathe. The treasurer reported that the finances of the club appears healthy.
Election of officers: Patron: Clarrie Brake, President: Dave Strong, Vice President: Kevin Challis, Secretary: Chris Thompson, Treasurer: Roger Scammell, Committee: Merv Peck, Norm Kershaw, John Smart, Bruce Ferriman. Elected Life members; Dave Busby, Bryan Ching.
Show and Tell: There were a pleasing number of items on the display table, showing that members had been active, inventive coming up with unusual shapes over the “lockdown” It illustrated our diversity of skills and talent using old fence posts, flawed timber and even a bowl of pine bark that no one could recognise.
Merv Peck: segmented vase, Frank Luxton: carved flower disc, Kevin Challis: interesting array of lidded boxes, John Millichamp: several large bowls, Dave Strong: several bowls, a pinus radiate bark bowl, Roger Scammell: box with a fine finial, Norm Kershaw: three pointed bowl, Wim Melchers: large jap cedar bowl, lidded box, holed cube/ Members were impressed by the range of crafted items.


  • Age Concern Ashburton

At Age Concern we are delighted to have reinstated services and welcomed back our valued clients following the lifting of lockdown restrictions. It was lovely to see the smiling faces around the room as 206 Club participants were once again able to enjoy their activities and social interaction.
The exercise groups are also underway this week; courtesy drivers are available, as is Total Mobility assessment – all enquiries welcomed at the office 3086817.
During the lockdown weeks our staff members were working from home where one of their major commitments was to maintain contact ensuring the well being of clients and all older persons needing support. Our Secretary/Manager Dianna Leonard took over 150 calls covering a wide range of enquiries about support available to individuals and households, as well as ongoing communication with other organisations such as Civil Defence, Police, MSD, Presbyterian Support., Age Concern National Office, Age Concern Canterbury, Waitaha Health, Volunteering Mid & South Canterbury and Advance Ashburton. Zoom meetings were another vital link in the chain of communication.
Likewise, Director of Day Services Adair Pethig had a very full phoning schedule over the 13 weeks of non activity maintaining contact with 206 Club members and dealing with referrals. An estimated 480 communications took place over this time. A similar situation for the coordinator of our Steady As You Go falls prevention programme, who enlisted the support of peer leaders from the 8 classes throughout the district, to maintain contact with participants.
The Executive Committee wish to acknowledge the huge input from our staff over this difficult and often very stressful time. We thank them on behalf of all who benefited from their time, care and compassion.
We are at present gathering data from the many people who have lost home help services in recent weeks. If this has happened to you, you are welcome to contact us on 3086817.


  • Ashburton Strollers’ Club

There were four strolls held early in the year to Dashing Rocks at Timaru, Victoria Park in Christchurch, Birdlings Flat and Harts Creek.
From early April, all strolls were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but fortunately were able to restart in mid-May. The first walk was from Lake Heron to Mellish Stream on a beautiful sunny autumn day. An extra stroll to Lake Clearwater was slotted in at the end of May.
In early June there was a stroll to Rangiatea, with two walking options to meet up at the farm recreational hut for lunch. Later we were invited to view the agate and jewellery collection which was very impressive.
A stroll on the Rakaia Walkway took place on Wednesday, June 10, and on Sunday, June 21 there was an additional walk on the Waikari Hills Station to the Rangitata River opposite the Rangitata Diversion Race inlet.
The next stroll on Sunday, July 5 is to Godley Head from Taylors Mistake, and on Wednesday, July 8 there is a walk around Ashburton, taking in some of the lesser known areas. The first stroll in August is to Centennial Park and Otipua Creek in Timaru, and in the middle of the month there is a walk around some of the Christchurch highlights
There is a club night and annual general meeting on Tuesday, August 4, when Hildegard O’Brien will talk about her overseas travels.
Strolls are held on the first Sunday and second Wednesday of the month, usually departing from the courthouse at 8.30am, and new walkers are always welcome to join in.
For further information about the club and activities, please telephone Jenny on 308-6862.


  • Hinds Women’s Institute

Eleven members met for the first time since lock-down at St Luke’s Church Hall at Hinds, it being the month for the winter mini show.
President Mrs Annette Simister led in the singing of the Ode and recitation of the Aspirations following a warm welcome. A couple of apologies, but no-one being unwell is good news.
The business consisted of routine matters: Birthright were the recipient of 22 books from Hinds WI, the finance situation is looking good, money was sent for the bushfires in Australia and raffles run by Mid Canterbury Federation, helped by Hinds members at the time, were cut short by the level four lockdown.
It is still uncertain times for the National Executive in planning for major events.
Minutes from what seemed like way-back, were read, and two virtual meetings held in April and May were discussed when members rang each other holding a cup of tea in one hand.
Much better to meet in person again. Betty read a short profile on a member’s eventful years to go with an updated history of the WI organisation.
Judge Michelle Sheppard was welcomed and taken to where the competition entries were displayed. After providing her comments she was thanked and presented with a gift.
Birthday honours were accorded to Val, Jenny, Rosa and Betty, Betty also won the raffle.
The sales table did particularly well this time.
The hostesses for the afternoon were Elizabeth and Lorraine and members engaged in a catch-up.
The July meeting will see Hinds observing their 90th birthday with an afternoon tea at Betty Wilson’s home, starting at 1.30pm.
Results: Teale Cup for cooking. First equal, Betty Wilson, Valmai McKenzie. Douglas Vase for Flowers. First, Betty Thimble for Craft: First, Jo Wilson. Brass Vase for Vegetables. First, Annette Simister. Hanna Cup for Most Points. Betty 1st, Jenny 2nd, Rosa 3rd. Most entries: 9. Rona McConnell.