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Allenton Winter Bowls
The finals for all disciplines are over, bringing to an end a very tricky, Covid 19 and weather affected season, yet still successful and enjoyable to all who played in these tournaments.
Kiddey Cup Pairs:
On the day Winners; 1st.W. Watson and B. Holdom 2nd M. Quinn and R. Davies 3rd. C. McFarlane and D. Watson.
Aggregate winners; M. Quinn and R. Davies Bishop Plate; 2 Bowl Triples 1st B. Clarke, L. Kearns T. Clarke 2nd. N. Sharplin, B. Molloy, P. Gibson 3rd. W. Lloyd, M. Buchanan, G Harrison.
Aggregate winners R. Tonks, P Whinham, B. Osborne.
Hunt Trophy, Friday Triples
Played on a beautiful sunny Wednesday  afternoon, to get it finished and not to play three days consecutively.}
While the scores were being processed, we were surprised to be entertained by Bill Clarke playing a medley of Scottish tunes on the bagpipes.
This was greatly appreciated by all, especially Maureen Knox, with everyone clapping and toe tapping along.
Thanks Bill we would love to have that happen again.
We hope the whitebait are running well.
Winners on the day were; 1st N. Atkinson, M. Foggo, D McEvedy. 2nd S Holdom, R. Holdom, L Kearns. 3rd R Bennett, G Clarke, J. May.
Cup winners were: Rosemary Bennett, Graeme Clarke and Jill May.
2x4x2 Pairs, Played Saturdays, winners were; 1st. R. Tonks, J. O’Connor. 2nd J Ryk, H. Goodall 3rd. R Bennett, R Holdom. Aggregate R Tonks, W. Lloyd.
On Sunday August 30th Allenton hosted a fundraising Tournament for the Sub Centre and a Memorial to a very liked and respected bowler in Ian Kaye, a member of the Rakaia Club.
A beautiful cup was donated by Mrs. Heather Kaye and the family, which was presented to the winning Fours team of N. Aitkenson H. Goodall, D. Jones and Marg, Tonks. This was the highlight of  a very successful day. Our thanks to all the clubs for their generous support.
Opening day Saturday September 5, 1pm start. Whites to be worn. A Plate for Afternoon tea would be appreciated.
This is an opening/closing day, presentations to be made.
A great start to a new year, come and get ready for another fantastic year at our Club.

Ashburton Golf Club
A beautiful weekend saw hordes of happy hackers take to the Brandon course.
On Saturday Matt held a “Beat the Pro” day, and well, “candy from a baby” springs to mind.
Every man, woman and their dog scored better than the big fella.
We had a lot of theories spinning around as to why this happened.
Mine is, that Matt is such a great coach he has raised everyones game.
Top players were Brendon Davidson, Greig Sparrow, Dave Robertson and Blair Snowball. Well done chaps.
On Sunday we had the 50th anniversary playing of the Foodstuffs Trophy against our great friends from Tinwald, and after what seems like an age, the Trophy is back in our cabinet.
Lynden Moore and Lindsey Jackson tried hard for the visitors with 40 points each, but a strong home team lead by Leigh Wackrow, Mary Lou and Davo, again, scored an average of 32.75 to Tinwalds 32.1. Congratulations to captains Vicki and Terry.
This Saturday we kick off the Club Champs match play rounds with the round of 16.
The first round is usually an easy one to call with a big seeding spread, but each grade has some great games in store.
In the seniors, great mates Charlie and Greig will have a ding-dong battle.
Hamish against Terry will be a cracker and the in form Davo will fancy his chances of toppling Blair.
In the inters, two steady Eddies in Ian Rive and Brucey will not give holes away and Vincey will puff out his chest against young Spud.
In the Juniors we have the battle of the buggies between Gav and Leaky and I don’t think Alan White will lose any sleep over the thought of facing Perry.
Good look to everyone taking part, play well and enjoy the game.
On Sunday we have the final pennants day for this year with the boys at Tinwald and the girls at Mayfield.
No trophies on the line for the Brandon teams, but lets all try and finish on a high. See you around the course.
Good golfing.

Ashburton Inner Wheel
Brent Gray, principal at Ashburton Intermediate School was our guest speaker for our August meeting.
Brent spoke about growing up in Methven attending Methven Primary school and Methven High School as it was called in those days.
He gave us a snapshot of his home and school life with many laughs and highlights.
Brent was selected for the NZ Secondary School Choir and while at school was a member of the Methven Choral society as it was known then.
With a group of friends they applied for teacher’s college and has held many positions in that profession.
Some years later he was selected for a Group Study Exchange through Rotary District 9970 to Chicago nominated by Ashburton Plains Rotary Club.
Ashburton Inner Wheel are collecting items for Kits for Kindy to be sent to Vanuatu, when we will know which kindergarten we have supported.
Tuesday September 1st in the International Inner Wheel walk and talk day to be supported by our club, again we will be supporting Bookarama by supplying food for the Rotarians and the public.

Ashburton U3A
The first of three presentations in the Ashburton U3A’s ‘Health series’ was given this week by Jeanine Doherty, a Dr of Audiology who has owned her own clinic for 30 years.
Her topic,”Health Professionals and the ethical dilemma of delivering patient care v employer pressure to sell goods” was both eye-opening and challenging to some of our preconceived notions that health care is primarily concerned about the patient’s best interests and therefore deserving of our trust.
Audiology, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Optometry all came under fire for their cleverly disguised efforts to convince people that they have the patient’s best interests at heart by offering ‘free this and thats’ and fostering the idea that ‘dearer must be better’.
Jeanine also discussed the dilemma that many young professionals in these medical disciplines find themselves in when the Companies that own the Services that employ them are manipulating and pressurising them into sales roles which  compromise health ethics and give the lie to “Patient is Paramount”.
Dr Doherty urged people seeking help in each of these professions to; question the claims presented; put on your cynical hat when ‘freebies’ are mentioned; investigate ownership of the company; ask where products come from; don’t be pressured into quick decision making.
Check out ‘Behavioural Economics’ and you will discover the science behind exacting the dollar.

Ashburton Woodworkers
Image In Artwork
Dave Strong welcomed 19 members to the August meeting, where he mentioned the upcoming A&P Show, encouraging members to enter in the woodturning section and that they plan to have a lathe in action during the event and plan to raffle of an outdoor table and chairs.
Welcomed Life Member Brian Ching.
Show and Tell: Dave Strong: cherry lidded box. Paul Trott: cherry bowl.
John Millichamp: large NZ beech burr bowls. Geoff Brown: ash, totara, beech platter. John Smart: two identical macrocarpa vases, walnut bowl & vase. Merv Peck: two impressive segmented vases. Wim Melchers: beech burr bowl, laburnum bowl.
Bruce Ferriman then introduced Roger Paterson who began his working career as an apprentice cabinet maker, in those days working with solid wood, becoming a skilled craftsman. His use of native and exotic timbers to create all types of furniture. He learnt how to design and assist clients in creating the ideal piece of furniture, exactly as they requested.
Work on cabin cruisers gave him a nautical interest.
Then came an opportunity to build caskets which he continued for many years along with his funeral parlour.
Roger did mention the big difference working with proper wood compared to this artificial fibre we so much of these days. His preference is still with solid wood but cost dictates otherwise.
Roger recited several interesting yarns, incidents that have occurred in his professional businesses.
Thanks for your interesting presentation and may you continue creating sawdust.

Ashburton Writers Group
A well-attended meeting was held recently, in the new time of 7.30pm.
Julie read a quotation – “The first rule of kindness is to be kind to yourself”.
Arrangements are being made for a meeting for interested people, to be talks on self-publishing and how to sell your books, probably in October.
Ideas to be brought to the next meeting.
The Assignment for the meeting was to write a letter to my younger self.
Some of the topics were end of world, school teacher, not dress rehearsal, 40 year old, true peace, children care, inner strength, nightmares, the sixties and chicken pox.
The instant exercise by Rae was “Sitting at my desk”.
Subjects were keyboard tapping, tax return, song words, scrape and scratch, stress, work colleague, cat, inspiration and time to finish. The September assignment is “And that’s how the fight started”.
Visitors are welcome, contact Rae on 308-8927.