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And so we remember

Thousands of Mid Cantabrians reflected on the sacrifices made by their fellow New Zealanders in war at (more)

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Veterans recall tragedy of war

War veterans Ossie Symons and Howie Barnes are generations apart, (more)

Strong showing at nationals

Ashburton waterskiers have again shown they are some of the best (more)

Tourists flock to track

Tourists and school parties have been flocking to the Mt Somers (more)

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Taking on the best

The basketball boom at Ashburton College has continued and the junior A side are preparing to step on to new ground. The side are (more)

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Strong showing at nationals

Ashburton waterskiers have again shown they are some of the best in New Zealand with a stand-out run of performances at the national (more)

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Karate kids win big

Ashburton’s JION Karate Dojo has taken on a bit of a golden glow after a busy couple of weeks for some of its top young karate (more)

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M. bovis clarity sought

Sheep and beef farmers are seeking further clarity on the surge in in farm numbers believed to have mycoplasma bovis as a result of (more)

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Top bloodlines spark plenty of interest

  Dairy cow breeders from all over the country gathered in Ashburton yesterday for an elite auction featuring pedigree Holsteins and (more)

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CGT – the fairness illusion

One of the key arguments made by supporters of a capital gains tax is that it will make the tax system fairer. But will it? Each of us (more)

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Backlash over school zoning plan

Hinds and Mayfield school communities are finding themselves in a battle over their senior students with neighbouring Geraldine High (more)

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Time for new blood, new ideas

  Mount Hutt College principal John Schreurs is leaving behind nine years at the school after facing one of the most difficult (more)

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Mudfish minions take up challenge

Hinds School children are becoming mudfish experts as they learn about plants that are good for the environment. The students spent (more)

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Leaving the hate behind

It was an act of extraordinary leadership when the commander of the Turkish Ottoman Army wrote about the Anzacs who lost their lives on his (more)

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Pragmatism prevails over principle

Jacinda Ardern shrugs her stylish shoulders, grimaces attractively into the camera and makes a gesture of deep-seated helplessness, (more)

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Anzac Day 2019

Every April, across the country, we reflect and remember the sacrifices made by New Zealanders in overseas conflicts and peacekeeping (more)