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Schools tighten up on phones

  Mid Canterbury Year 1-13 students are among the many Kiwis spending increasing hours on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but principals say this year, none of it will be happening in their classrooms. As students flood back through the school gates, many will face new or existing internet use policies. For students at Ashburton (more)

Schools to collaborate

Nine schools from around the district are putting their differences aside this Thursday and teaming up to make Mid Canterbury a better place to learn. The Opuke Community of Learning (COL) are holding their first ever massed teacher-only day at Mount Hutt College. Opuke COL leader and Methven School principal Chris Murphy said the day was a (more)

Students’ safety ‘a priority’

There were no interruptions for Ashburton schools yesterday despite some New Zealand schools forced to evacuate after bomb threats. At 12.20pm yesterday New Zealand police said, in a press release, they had received several calls “with a concerning nature”. However, no Ashburton Schools received any of the threats and continued with (more)

Blake blows ’em away

Close to 700 students descended on Hinds School on Tuesday to compete in the annual Hinds School Athletics Day. Hinds was joined by five other schools which included Mayfield School, Ashburton Christian School, Wakanui School, Longbeach School and Mt Somers Springburn School. The students took part in sprints, discus, long jump, high (more)

Schools unsure of Budget impact

The impact of a billion-dollar budget investment into education on Mid Canterbury schools is largely unclear, local principals say. Last week the Government announced it would be putting an additional $1.44 billion into education as part of this year’s Budget. This will include additional funding for early childhood education, students (more)

Stuck on anti-bullying message

Bullying is not ok, in the cyber world or the real one, say Mt Hutt College students – and they’ve launched a pink sticker campaign to make their point. The pink stickers are designed to be fixed to the back of cellphones, tablets and laptops to help raise awareness of cyber bullying. The Methven secondary school has printed 1000 (more)

Calling BOT candidates

Mid Canterbury school managers are hoping there will be plenty of keen people in their communities willing to stand in coming board of trustee elections. The common election date, which will be chosen by most schools around the country, is June 3, and as such, the majority of schools will be calling for nominations by the end of this (more)

Wanted: More male teachers

Mid Canterbury principals would like to see more male teachers in their classrooms in an effort to buck a national trend. Education’s imbalance of female to male teachers is evident around the country and Mid Canterbury is no exception, with less than 10 per cent of teachers being male. On Monday Tinwald School welcomed their first (more)

Education requirements need to change

Schools are being torn between teaching literacy and numeracy skills suitable for universities and those suited for the workplace, Ashburton College principal Grant McMillan said. A report carried out by Maths Technology for the Tertiary Education Commission on NCEA literacy and numeracy standards has stated that reaching the Level 1 NCEA (more)

Triple whammy for school

A national education crisis is causing problems for Mid Canterbury’s only intermediate school. Ashburton Intermediate School has been unable to find a successful candidate to take up the principal’s position since Gavin Cooper left in September last year. Mid Canterbury Principals’ Association president Chris Murphy said the school was (more)

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