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Gareth Morgan stops by

Could it be that The Opportunities Party (TOP) founder Gareth Morgan has mastered the politician’s art of not answering questions directly? On his way through Ashburton yesterday he stopped for breakfast around 10am and took time to talk to the Guardian. The Opportunities Party is sitting at around 1 per cent in mainstream media polls (more)

Million dollar give-away

The Opportunities Party has announced their intention to give away $1 million of their own money to four charities. The announcement came in a press release regarding taxpayer contributions to political party advertising. The Opportunities Party says National gets $1.3m, Labour $1m, Greens $500,000, and New Zealand First $400,000 of (more)

Morgan backs legal cannabis

Gareth Morgan's proposal to legalise cannabis and sell it in a regulated market has fallen flat with the government and the Labour Party. His Opportunities Party has just released the policy, which says legalising cannabis would free up $180 million in police resources and reduce the harm the drug causes. "I'm not endorsing the use of (more)

Fancy a political career?

Career politicians need not bother applying, but if you genuinely want to improve the lives of New Zealanders it is time to step up. That is the message from philanthropist Gareth Morgan’s new The Opportunities Party (TOP). It is to give consideration to high quality candidates for electorates throughout the country as the 2017 (more)