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  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

June 23

The first round of the President’s Trophy will be played, for those not in the match play a stroke round will be held.

Number 1 Tee

12.00 Adrian Hopwood v Gordon Crawford; Charlie Alexander v Greig Sparrow

12.06 Murray Moorehead v Ray Lambert; Barry Jury vs Blair Franklin

12.12 Pat Turton v Ian Rive; Sean Strange v Chris Lovelock

12.18 Paul Morrison v Dylan Stoddart; Brian Fauth v Noel Sutton.

Reserves (in selection order), Brayden Wood, Peter Morrison, Jamie Stone and Terry Molloy.

Starting times: Morning 8.30am; Afternoon report to the Pro Shop at 11.30am for a 12.00pm start   Nine Hole golfers report at 12.30pm for a 1.00pm start.


June 23

Ladies Division

Rnd 1 Tucker Salver, report 8.30

Convenors S. Bradford 0211590983, B. Fechney 0211305366


June 26

Rnd 1 Tucker Salver, report 9.30

Starter P. Bell 0276065194, C. Trott 0272030939


June 28

Rnd 4 Heather Smith Trophy-stableford, report 9.30

Convenor W. Smith 3089201, E. Langford 3081559

Club Captain Sally Lemon 0274054910



Methven Golf Club

June 16

Men’s Division

2nd Round Mt Harding trophy

Senior:  Alister Maxwell 79-8-71 36pts. Intermediate: Max Ferris 83-17-66 41pts. Junior A: Mike Gray 89-20-69 38pts. Junior B: 97-27-70 38pts.

Other Good Scores: 38 Daniel Burgess, Frank Sandys. 37 Athol McAlpine. 36 Pete Wood, Paddy Helmore, Jim Lattimore.

Two’s : Michael Kemp x2, Eric Meaclem, Craig Middleton, Pete Wood, John Robinson, Alister Maxwell, Mike Grey, Tony Worsfold.

Dubliner Best Nett: Max Ferris 66.  Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Mike Gray by lot. Methven Travel Best Gross: Alister Maxwell 79.

Closest to the Pin-Aqua Japanese Restaurant   No 4: Tony Worsfold.  Hunters Wine No 6: Alister Maxwell.  Ski Time No 13: Craig Middleton. Green Parrot No 17: Eric Meaclem. Cinema Paradiso 2nd shot No 14: Phil Johnson.

Next Week 23rd June: 3rd Round Callaghan trophy, 3rd Round Mt Harding Trophy.



Tinwald Golf Club

June 26

Women’s Division

Medal 2nd Foundation Stableford

No 1 10.00 J. Undy M. Kennedy B. Cochrane 10.05 V. Prendergast S. Gutsell J.Bruhns

No 10 10.00 D. Wellman M. Moore 10.05 M. Oakley B. Jackson I. Divers

No 13 10.00 M. Bennett D. Bell C. Linney

9 Holes Match Play stroke

No 10 10.15 M. Colville D. Mitchell 10.20 J. Smith B. O’Neill J. Fitzgerald

Starters M. Bennett B. O’Neill, Cards M. Kennedy D. Wellman, Kitchen V. Prendergast, Draw steward J. Bruhns




Mid Canterbury Hockey Association

June 22

Small Sticks – Duty Club: Collegians

3.45pm – 4.27pm Kiwi Sticks [Yr 5] Allenton v Tinwald Smith & Sons [T1] [Rebecca Kidd & Lachlan Adam]

Wakanui v Tinwald Emmily Harmer [T2] [Georgia Muir & Grace Austin]  4.30pm – 5.12pm Tinwald Mayfield v Methven [T1] [Tim Connelly-Whyte & Rebecca Kidd] 4.30pm – 5.12pm Kiwi Sticks [Yr 6] Tinwald Read Farming v Bye [T2]  5.15pm – 5.57pm  Allenton v Hampstead [T1] [Grace Austin & Emma Begg]  Rakaia v Tinwald The Tool Shed [T2] [Lucy Ellis & Tim Connelly-Whyte]  6.00pm  – 6.42pm  Wakanui v Tinwald Mayfield Transport [T1] [Maddie Wilson & Emma Begg]  Methven White v Collegians [T2] [Georgia Muir & Lachlan Adam]


6.50pm – 7.55pm 1st Grade Women Methven White v Hampstead [Collegiate & Tinwald Combined] 8.00pm – 9.05pm Collegiate v Tinwald Combined [Methven White & Hampstead]


At Nunweek Park 3

Connetics SSL Boys Div 1 St Andrew’s College 3rd XI v Ashburton College 1st XI [Umpires supplied]


Saturday 23 June Small Sticks – Duty Club: Collegians 

9.30am – 10.05am Mini Sticks [Yr 3] Allenton v Collegians Green [T1] Collegians D & E v Rakaia [T2]  Tinwald Mayfield v Tinwald Engineering Solutions [T3]  Hampstead v Wakanui [T4] 10.10am – 10.45am Mini Sticks [Yr 4] Allenton v Methven Black [T1]  Tinwald Bonnington Painting v Tinwald Skip-2-It FX [T2] Methven White v Wakanui [T4] Rakaia [Bye]

11.00am – 12.00noon Fun Sticks [Yrs 1 & 2] Draw unknown at time of publication


At Tim AE

2.40pm Senior Women Craigshead v Hampstead [Timaru Umpires]


At Tim WD

4.20pm Cambridge v Hampstead/Collegians [Timaru Umpires]


At Tim

4.20pm Senior Men Wakanui v Cambridge [Timaru Umpires]


Sunday 24 June    

4.00pm 1st Grade Men Wakanui Black v Wakanui Blue [Rex Turnbull & Stephen Mealings] 5.15pm Allenton v Tinwald Black [Wakanui Black & Wakanui Blue] 6.30pm  Hampstead v Tinwald [Allenton & Tinwald Black]  Tinwald Lowcliffe [Bye]

2nd Grade Girls Draw unknown at time of publication


June 25

At Tim AE

6.15pm 2nd Grade Boys McKenzie v Allenton/Methven Timaru Umpires

At Ashburton

6.15 pm Wakanui v Roncalli 2nd XI Timaru Umpires


June 26 

3.45pm Kwik Sticks [Yrs 7 & 8] Wakanui 8s v Wakanui 7s [Erin Connelly-Whyte & Jed Cameron] 4.45pm  Tinwald/Mayfield v Methven White [Maddison Trusler-Clark & Michael Baker] 5.45pm  Allenton Vipers v Allenton Hornets [Karen Dalgety & Michael Baker] 6.45pm Methven Black v Collegians [Hampstead 1st Grade Men & Tinwald 1st Grade Men] Tinwald Black [Bye]


June 27

At Ashburton





Ashburton Bridge Club

June 11

B & C Ladder

N/S 1st Graham & Ann Gilbert, 2nd Catherine Robins & Sheryl Reid, 3rd Pauline Scott & Helen Briggs

E/W 1st Mary Bruce & Bev Blair, 2nd Georgina Black & Maryke Blignault, 3rd David Robins & Michael Brierton

June 12

3 rds, diff ptr each rd

N/S 1st Stephen Wise & Mike Holmes, 2nd Linda Baker & Maree Moore, 3rd Melva Stowell & Trish Small

E/W 1st Trish Downward & Mary Buckland, 2nd Audrey Rooney & Leigh Wackrow, 3rd = John Fechney & Maurice Small, David Wilkinson & John Irwin

June 13

Individual Ladder

N/S 1st Melva Stowell & Val Ferrier, 2nd Rona Brownlie & Trish Downward, 3rd Sue Rosevear & John Fechney

E/W 1st Rewa Kyle & Pauline Fergus, 2nd Val Palmer & Shirley Harris, 3rd Mary Buckland & Edna Segers

June 14

2 rds, diff ptr

N/S 1st Linda Baker & Mike Holmes, 2nd Pat Jordan & Rosemary McLaughlin, 3rd David Greenslade & Pauline Fergus

E/W 1st John McDonald & Maurice Reid, 2nd Sue Rosevear & Anne Reid, 3rd David Wilkinson & Val Palmer




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

June 16

27 riders 16km out and home

1st Home Brad Blundle CT.28.53. HT. 3.43. RT 25m 10s. 2nd. Don Sutton CT. 28.54. HT. 2.45m. RT. 26m 09s. 3rd. Kristine Marriott CT. 28.55. HT. 3.43m. RT. 25m 12s. 4th. Nigel Chatterton CT. 28.55. HT. 50s. RT. 28m 05s.  5th. Pam Harcourt CT.28.56. HT. 50s. RT. 28m 06s. 6th. Lucy Kirwan CT. 28.57. HT. 50s. RT. 28m 07s. 7th. Andy Skinner CT.28.57. HT.50s. RT. 28m 07s. 8th. Kerry Clough CT. 28.58. HT. Go. RT. 28m 58s. 9th. Emma Hudson CT. 29.00. Ht. Go. RT. 29m 00s. 10th Brent Kircher CT. 29.01. HT. Go. RT. 29m 01s. 11th. Brent Hudson CT.29.01. HT. Go. RT. 29m 01s. 12th. Dave Shurrock CT. 29.01. HT. Go. CT. 29m 01s. 13th. Ross Proctor CT. 29.02. HT. Go. RT. 29m 02s. 14th. Debbie Skinner CT. 29.02. HT. Go. RT. 29m 02s. 15th. Liz Wylie CT. 29.04. HT. Go. RT. 29m 04s. 16th. Ronnie Campbell CT.29.08. HT. 2.45m. RT. 26m 23s. 17th. Shane Gerken CT. 29.10. Ht. 2.45m. RT. 26m 25s. 18th. Shona Proctor CT. 29.10. HT. 2.45m. RT. 26m 25s. 19th.Sara Hewson CT. 29.11. HT.2.45m. RT. 26m 26s. 20th Janette Hooper CT. 29.11. HT. Go. RT. 29m 11s. 21st. Lyn Scammell CT. 29.12. HT.Go. RT. 29m 12s. 22nd. Brad Hudson CT. 29.43. HT. 5.30m. RT. 24m 13s .F/T. 23rd. Don Morrison CT. 29.43. HT. 2.45m. RT. 26m 38s. 24th. Ross Templeton CT. 29.44. HT. 5.30m. RT. 24m 14s. 2f/t. 25th. Richard Kirwan CT. 29.45. HT. 5.30m. RT. 24m 15s. 3f/t. 26th. Paul Macfie CT. 29.45. HT. 5.30m. RT. 24m 15s. 4f/t. 27th. Roger Wilson CT. 29.46. HT. 3.43m. RT. 26m 03s.



  • GOLF

Ashburton County Ladies Vets

1st Marilyn Bennett with 39 Stbl. next Christine Ross with 37 on C/B from Heather Robertson: June Bruhns 35: Joyce VanderHeide 34 and Jane Low 33 on C/B from others

Two’s: Heather Robertson, Colleen Linney, Joan Undy, Sally Lemon

N.P on No 8 Heather Robertson

2nd Shot on 12 Jan McArthur

9 Hole Players winner was Barbara Irvine with 16 Stbl on C/b


Ashburton County Veterans Golf Association

Bisque Par. Rakaia Golf Club

1st by lot with a score of 6 up was Norm McFarlane.

Also with 6 up were: Dave Tilson, Des Green and Phil McKay.

Players with a score of 5 up were: Ray Bennett, Malcolm Fechney, Robert Pawsey and Arnold Rushton.

Twos: Dave Tilson and Phil McKay.



Ashburton Golf Club

June 16

The Radius Care Player of the day: Peter Walker with a score of 75-8=67 net.  Other winning scores: Adrian Hopwood, Robbie Bell, Brian Fauth, Perry Hunt and Sean Strange all 68 net; Barry Jury, Murray Moorehead, Pat Turton and Paul Morrison 69; Chris Robertson, Paul MacFie and Wilson Hii 70, Charlie Alexander, Greig Sparrow and Tony Bennett 71.

Twos: Tony Bennett, Beavan Rickerby, Gene Hunt, Ken Clucas, Brent Clarke, Paul MacFie, Josh Ackerley, Paul Morrison, Barry Jury, Beavan Wilson and Robbie Bell.

Nearest The Pins: South Island Seeds: Chris Lovelock; Rothbury Insurance: Beavan Rickerby; Allenton Meat Centre: Sheryl Reid; Braided Rivers: Paul Warren; Charming Thai Longest Putt: Sheryl Reid; The Stables Family Restaurant Lucky Draw: Tony Bennett.

Birdie Jackpot: #4, Nett Eagles: #13


Nine Hole Results

The winners of the stableford competition were: Kevin Hurley, Tonee Hurley and Sam Prince all with 18 pts; Peter Woods 17pts.


Mayfield Golf Club

June 19

Ladies Division

LGU; 0-20; Jan Clucas, 95-16-79. 21-30; Judy Webb 99-22-77, Lal Mulligan 100-23-77. 30+ Juliet McLeod, 112-34-78. 3rd Handicap Round; Judy Webb 77, Lal Mulligan 77. 5th Stableford Round; Helen Rapsey 32 points. Hastings McLeod Property Brokers Marilyn Cross 2nd Shot 2&11; 0-29 Helen Rapsey, Katrina Mensen.  Sim’s Bakery Nearest Pin No 5; Not Struck, No 14; Jan Clucas.



Methven Golf Club

June 15

Methven 9 Hole Golf

Stroke Hidden Holes

Hiromi Ikehata 46-9-37 –Gross 36, Jodie Monk 52-16-36 –Gross 42, Kevin Thompson 54-15-39 –Gross 43

PGG Wrightson Best Player – Hiromi Ikehata, Methven Travel 2nd Shot – Angela Simonett


Tinwald Golf Club

June 19


Maree Moore 84, Joan Undy 86.

Nearest the Pin: Murray Young Property Broker #2 Joan Undy, Sims Bakery #6 Not Struck,

Mac & Maggie #12 Not Struck, Outdoor Adventure #16 Not Struck.

9 Hole Competition


Jan Fitzgerald 10 c/b




Devon Tavern Ashburton Young Bird Classic

Last week we had our big race of the year, our young bird classic from Upper Hutt. At 9am 100 birds were liberated in the 2 bird team race.


1st K Foote – handled by M Davidson 1165.928, 2nd D Mansfield – handled by M Davidson 1138.422, 3rd L Keenan – handled by B&G Kirwan 1136.918, 4th L Wilson – handled by M Davidson 1135.403, 5th K Spain – handled by B&G Kirwan 1123.808


Individual birds

1st F Morrow – handled by T Drummond 1229.563, 2nd K Spain – handled by B&G Kirwan 1227.132, 3rd L Wheal – handled by B&G Kirwan 1227.010, 4th T Drummond 1166.852, 5th L Davidson 1166.265




Ashburton District Rifle Club

June 10

Scores at 600 yards

TR, Alan White 48.6, 50.4, 98.10, John Fleming 46.4, 50.2, 96.6, John Snowden 49.4.

FTR, Murray Cook 56.2, 57.4, 113.6, Mark Alexander 54.3, 56.1, 110.4, Brian Graystone 56.2, 54.0, 110.2, Pete Black 51.0, 55.1, 106.1.

FO, Mike Chui 56.1, 57.2, 113.3, Martin Burnham 55.1, 57.0, 112.1, Stuart Amos 56.2.

Scores 17 June, at 300 and 700 yards, TR,

Allan White 50.6, 49.5, 99.11, John Miller 50.4, 45.2, 95.6, John Fleming 49.6, 46.0, 95.6, John Snowden 50.8, 44.1, 94.9, Brian Hawksby 45.4. FTR, Mark Alexander 56.0, 52.0, 108.0, Brian Graystone 54.2, 50.1, 104.3, and FO, Mike Chui 58.5, 57.2, 115.7.


Smallbore target shooting,18 June

Ashburton Rifle Club

Paul Fletcher 86, 94.3, Chrissy Lee 57, James Storey 79.1, 92.1, Klara Harrison 86, Bruce Dellow 92.2, 89.1, Greg Menzies 99.8, 97.6, Grant Glassey 75, Allan Mitchell 92, 97.4, Garth Wright 89, 86.1, Murray Cook 96.3, 97.6.

Mt Somers Rifle Club

Nic Ewart 79.1, Josh Jones 82.1, Jeremy Jones 80, Hayden Dove 82.1, 78, Stefan Protheroe 70, Jordan Protheroe 62, Archie Rooney 83, 88.1, Lachlan Rooney 67.1, 70, Jess Heaven 86.1, 91.2 and at Mayfield, Brendan Ridgen 93.1, Wayne Tubb 87, 83, Stephen Millichamp 91.1, Julian Evans 88.1, Mark Smith 83.1, Harry Redmond 77, 76, Eddie Millichamp 92.1, Andrew Oram 98.4, 94.3, Brent Frame 93.2.

Mayfield Rifle Club

Robert Spencer Jnr 85.1, Sarah Gould 70.1, 64, Nicholas McDowell 78, Ben Nordqvist 95.3, Daniel Gould 85.1, Hamish Dalzell 94.2, Andrew Donaldson 99.9, John Fleming 98.5, Martin Fleming 93.1, 99.8, Carl Nordqvist 96.3.


Target Shooting Mid Canterbury

Coronation open Championships: Master Grade, Robert Dalzell Rangiora 298.20, Regan Cowe, Blenheim 296.19, Peter McCallum, Otago 295.16. A Grade Sam Young West Taieri 294.16, Sam Vincent Rangiora 294.15, Nina McKenzie Coronation 294.15. B Grade Shania Harrison-Lee Coronation 294.17, Emma Smith Coronation 294.14, Michaela Smith Coronation 291.18. C Grade Jesse Henrikson Cashmere 291.12, Barry Green Wakefield 288.10, Holly Hollis Wakefield 287.9. D Grade Oliver Machill Rangiora 286.10, Samuel Smith Coronation 284.7, Charlotte McKenzie Phoenix 261.3. Top tem shoot off: Nina McKenzie Coronation 197.11, Regan Cowe Blenheim 197.10, Conan Griffin Dunsandel 196.12.  Top ten B,C,D. Emma Smith Coronation 196.10, Michaela Smith Coronation 195.8, Chrissy Miller Pleasant Valley 195.6

Coronation Club night: Interclub visit by Southbridge club, Emma Smith 96.4, 96.2, Nick Stewart 99.7,98.6, Michaela Smith 98.7, 99.4, Samuel Smith 93.2,95.2, Sandy Bennett 94.2, 99.7, Nina McKenzie 98.1, 98.6, Leo Wildy 95.4, Heather Ross 87.0, 91.1, Keith Bonnington 97.4, 94.6, Shania Harrison-Lee 97.5, 98.3, Mark Stewart 97.5, 93.1, Bryan Hunter 97.1, Bill Rankin 92.3, T.J.Stewart 98.4, Coby Snowden 91.2, Shirley Herridge 88.1,  Southbridge: David Kewish 92.1, 89.3,Taylah Kewish 87.0, 91.3, Nigel Greenwood 88.1, 96.4, Luke Bain 83.0, 90.0, Linda Pettigrew 95.3, 94.5, Geoff Allan 94.2, 95.3.

Phoenix Club: From the rest: Wayne McIntosh 90.1, Josiah Harris 85.1,85.2, Gene Moore 91.2, Shikayla Hutchinson 88.1, Tyler Tuki 83.1,87.1, Liam Taylor 80.0, Kate McKee 61.1, Tane Moore 85.0,84.1,  Matthew Binnie 77.1, Olivia Pearce 86.0, Amelia Swan 79.0, Jack McIntosh 76.0, Finn 65.0, Olivia Pearce 88.1, Jane 61.0,  From Slings: Jacob Kilworth 95.2 (PB), Jack Jones 71.0, Rachel Lyon 72.0, Sam Hall 62.0, Jacob Swan 82.1, Connor Lyttle 77.1, Mitchell Taylor 75.0, Brontson Cudmore 85.1, Hiromi Horsley 85.0, Lexus Ryan 89.1, Tim Ryan 94.2, Aimee McKee 84.0, Michael McKee 90.3, Amelia Swan 85.3, Graeme 87.2, Fiona McFall 95.2, Katie Harris 88.2, Ben Thomas 93.1, Emma Smith 97.4, 98.7, Sandy Bennett 99.7, Bill Rankin 94.2, 83.0, Michaela Smith 100.6, 95.4, Andrew McKenzie 88.0, Keith Bonnington 97.2, 92.4.


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