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All draws and results to be emailed to by 3pm Monday for the Tuesday’s draws and results page, sent as a word or in the body of the email, clearly head as a draw or a result. (Draws for Monday-Wednesday can be submitted before Wednesday 3pm for Thursday’s paper)






Subcentre Lowry Cup

February 23

Post section draw for the Lowry Cup at the Hampstead Green

Round one 9am start B Mayson, J Drayton, G Eder, J Nowell, R Gutberlet, G Bishop. Byes to report at 10 20am M Bassett, B Donaldson, A Hill, R McGarry, R Kane. R Fensom

Match Convenor 3029281.


Hampstead All Sport Club

February 24

Bowling section

Sandy Keith

Start 9:00am – Location Hampstead bowling green

Skips: R. McGarry, B. Marsh, R. Bennett, B. Mayson, M. Skilling, G. Bishop, M. Behrns, M. Grice, T. Inwood, M. Anderson, G. Eder, S. Keith, B. White

We are still looking for teams contact Malcom Berhns on 0274344751



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

February 23

The draw for the Harvey Norman 2 day Tournament will be published during the week and on the Ashburton Golf Club website.


February 23 and 24

Harvey Norman Classic

This is the draw for Saturday, Sundays draw will be posted in the clubhouse

Times may vary a little so please report to starter at least 30 minutes before start time.


February 23

1St Tee

8.00am S Lemon, P Wright, B Turton, P Turton: 8.07, S Carlson, R Carlson, M Walker, P Walker: 8.15, H Ward, C Robertson, B Whittaker, R Day: 8.22, B Kirdy, B Kirdy, TBA, TBA: 8.30, L Wackrow, M Wackrow, B Collins, J Peacock: 8.37, A Tindall, G Douglas, M Fine, M Douglas: 8.45, A MacGregor, K MacRae, S Bradford, R Gallagher: 8.52 T Shepherd, G Lee, J Ackerley, D Busch: 9.00, J Overend, B Smith, D Hewitt, J Hewitt: 9.07, M Watson, T Newton, A Anderson, D McDonnell: 9.15, S Stratford, B Henderson, T Tuakeu, M Timote: 9.22 K Schmanski, N Knight, L Small, J Stoddart: 9.30, W Hopwood, C Anderson, T Hurley, J Nicholas:

11.45 P Bradford, B Walsh, T Kingsbury, J Hurst: 11.52, M Holmes, R Jamieson, C Alexander, B Nuttall: 12.00, P May, K Clucas, G Sparrow, N Sutton: 12.07, B Wilson, C Flannery, G Johnston, A Jolly: 12.15, B Day, G Austin, S Anderson, B Peddie: 12.22, S Restieaux, C Helem, I Rive, R Lambert: 12.30, B MacGregor, H Niles, B Clarke, M Issaccs: 12.37, P Greer, S Kircher, G Greer, R Greer: 12.45, N Preston, L Dons, A Preston, H Preston: 12.52, B Quinn, T Hurst, S Luscombe, L McGee: 1.00, R McKernan, A Coffin, A Barrie, R Simms: 1.07 T Booker, M Wedderal, C Collins, D Black.

10th Tee

8.00am P Morrison, P Morrison, B Davidson, M Davidson: 8.07, D Morrison, N Wilson, S Beavan, G Crawford: 8.15, R Duncan, J Small, B Dempsey, B Mackey: 8.22, J MacFarlane, T Blacklow, J Bird, M Tait: 8.30, C Bain, J Cochrane, G Hubbard, B Jones: 8.37, E Porter, C Trott, M Carter, K Fox: 8.45, B Fechney, J Fechney, A Laidlaw, K Vailiau: 8.52, L Cabout, J Power, W Parr, E Parr: 9.00, S Patrick, K Kelly, S Graham, A Vessey: 9.07, P Paraia, R Taro, R Stoddart, D Stoddart: 9.15, P Lane, K Venmore, W Hii, P Radford: 9.22 B Crequer, P Lee, E Silver, K Lowe: 9.30, F Williamson, J Williamson, N Wilson, M Ness.

11.45, V Moore, D Hinton, S Quinn, S Smith: 11.52, C Knight, C Ross, T Cates, J Beardsley: 12.00, P Bell, J Senior, N Webb, J Webb: 12.07, M Gorman, P Elliot, D Thoms, J Beckingham: 12.15, T Sa, C Yates, B Chinn, W Bruce: 12.22, N Conelley, C Ginida, S Davidson, P Davidson: 12.30, P Stoddart, B Jury, K Smith, A Smith: 12.37, P Hunt, G Jansen, A Hopwood, B Hawksby: 12.45, M Glasson, M Marsh, B Simkin, L Gunatunga: 12.52, T Bain, J Durham, W Smith, B Smith: 1.00, B Franklin, S Vivian, R Bell, G Gunn: 1.07 G Rhodes, A Teale, M Beach, D Allan: 1.15 P Woods, G Clinton, S Prince, R Hansen.



February 23

Weekend Ladies – no competition


February 23/24

Harvey Norman 2 day sponsored Tournament

Convenor – B Fechney 0211305366


February 26

Mid-Week Ladies

Sandhurst 4BBB Qual – Report 8.30am

Starters – D Hinton and M Watson


February 28

Nine Hole Men and Women

Ashburton 9 Hole Tournament

Secretary – M Morgan 0279645380, Club Captain S Lemon 0274054910



Tinwald Golf Club

February 26

Women’s Division

3rd Burrows Cup 3rd Maree Moore

No 1 9.00 K. McAuliffe S. Gutsell L. Bird

No10 9.00 C. Linney V. Prendergast J. Bruhns; 9.05 J. Undy M. Kennedy I. Divers

No 13 9.00 B. Harris B. Cochrane D. Bell

9 holes 2nd 2 J’s Cup Stroke & Putting

No 1 9.05 B. O’Neill J. Smith

9.10 J. Fitzgerald D. Wellman C. Shanks

Starters B. Harris J. Fitzgerald, Cards M. Kennedy C. Linney, Kitchen M. Smith, Draw steward J. Bruhns




Hampstead Slow Pitch

February 22

Semi- Finals will Play Five Innings.

Section. 1 Semi-Final: 6.30pm: Devon Tavern D1: Marines & Angels vs Demolition

Section. 2 Semi-Final: 6.30pm: Laser Electrical D2:  Hawkies Hawks vs Laser Attack

Section. 1 Semi-Final: 6.30pm: First National Real Estate D3: S & Giggles vs As Good As It Gets

Section. 2 Semi-Final: 6.30pm: Dell Phillips Landscaping D4: Social As As vs Pitch Slappers Super Sluggers Bye




Mid Canterbury Junior Tennis

February 23

Round 5

All games to start at 9am sharp

Junior A Grade –

Methven Silver v Dorie Jnr A at ATTC; Southern Sharps v Allenton Hawks at ATTC; Allenton Eagles v Hampstead Jnr A at Hampstead; Methven Gold v Methven Bronze at ATTC.

Junior B Grade

Pool 1 – Southern Steel v Methven White at ATTC; Methven Black v Southern Slammers at ATTC.

Pool 2 – Allenton Falcons v Allenton Keas at Allenton; Tinwald Jnr B v Dorie Jnr B at ATTC; BYE – Dorie Hampstead.

Junior C – Duty Team Allenton Tuis

Hampstead Jnr C v Southern Stars at Hampstead; Methven Yellow v Methven Blue at Methven Domain; Allenton Tuis v Tinwald Jnr C at ATTC; Methven Red v Allenton Kiwis at ATTC.

Please phone any defaults through to Mid Canterbury Junior Tennis 308 3020 as soon as possible.







Ashburton Bridge Club

February 11

2 rds, duplicate

N/S 1st Pauline Scott & Fiona Williamson , 2nd Marjorie Hoar & Ruth Logan , 3rd Elizabeth Hutten & Maryke Blignault

E/W 1st Sheila Lyons & Debbie Seddon-Sewell , 2nd  Colin Clemens & Wendy Parr, 3rd Heather Sim & Jackie Chisnall

February 12

2 rds, duplicate

N/S 1st Trish & Peter Downward, 2nd Kay Robb & Rosemary McLaughlin, 3rd Paul & Pauline Fergus

E/W 1st Sue Rosevear & John Fechney , 2nd Kate White & Mary Buckland , 3rd Carolyn King & Edna Segers

February 13

2 rds, diff ptnr

1st Val Palmer & Rosemary McLaughlin, 2nd = Peter & Trish Downward and David Sewell & John McDonald, 3rd Kay Robb & Judith Edmond

February 14

Mary Mulligan Trophy

N/S  1st Lois Rose & Audrey Rooney, 2nd David Sewell & John McDonald , 3rd  Peter Downward & Mike Holmes

E/W  1st Val Palmer & Pat Jordan , 2nd  Carolyn King & Jan McClelland, 3rd David Wilkinson & John Irwin




Silver Badge Final Played at Ashbury club

February 16

Winner -6 to 2, S Cleveland Geraldine 3 wins.

Winner 3-5, D Bown West End 5 wins.

Winner 6-8, L Fox Waimate on a count back from M Kingan Awamoa/Gardens both on 4 wins.

Winner 9-16, R Webb Waireka on a count back from S Harris Ashbury both on 5 wins.




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

February 13

Wednesday Night McGee & Social Wheelers Cup & Trophies Series

1st Tim Craig CT. 33.25. HT.4.40m. RT. 28m 45s. 2nd. Oliver Davidson CT. 33.25. HT. 10.40m. RT. 22m 45s. F/T. 3rd. Brad Hudson CT. 33.25.HT. 10.40m. RT. 22m 45s. 2f/t. 4th. Tony Ward. CT. 33.26. HT. 10.40m. RT.22m 46s. 3f/t. 5th. Emma Hudson CT.33.36. HT. 4.40m RT. 28m 56s. 6th. Brent Hudson CT.33.37. HT. 4.40m. RT. 28m 57s. 7th. Nick Grijns CT. 33.38. HT.6.20m. RT. 27m 18s. 8th. Nigel Chatterton CT.33.44. HT.6.20m. RT. 27m 24s. 9th. Paul Macfie CT.33.48. HT. 8.30m. RT.25m 18s. 4f/t. 10th. Gerard Morrison CT.33.49. HT. 8.30m. RT. 25m 19s. 11th. Bruce McClelland CT.34.17. HT. 6.20m. RT. 27m 57s. 12th. Debbie Skinner CT. 34.47. HT. Go. RT. 34m 47s. 13th. Rachel Reid CT.35.14. HT.4.40m. RT.30m 34s. 14th. Paul Summerfield CT.36.17. HT. 8.30m.RT. 27m 47s. 15th. Andy Skinner CT.36.44. HT. 4.40m RT.32m 04s.



  • GOLF

Ashburton County Vets Golf

February 15

Stroke and Putting round played at Ashburton

Stoke June Bruhns 72, Ellenor Sullivan 72 on c/b, Daphne McDonnell 73 on c/b. Putting Sally lane 27, Mary-Lou Watson 28.

Nearest the pins #4 Sue Graham, #8 Joan Undy, #12 Helen Hawksby, #14 June Bruhns.

9 holes Stroke Helen Hawksby. Putting Janice Dunlop.



Ashburton Golf Club

February 15

Midlands Seed Social Teams

Top Team: Occasionally Available 95 – Brian Nuttall, Charlie Alexander, Neil Macdonald, Royce Jamieson; Men: Read Rebels 92, Cunning Studs 90, Busck Blockheads 88; Women: Blondinis 89, Whack & Watch 87; Mixed:  Tee Partee 91, Gabites 88.5; Top Lady: Megan Ness 33; Top Man: Alistar Read 36

Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – Jordan Bird, Gabites Ltd – Joshua Cochrane, Mac & Maggies – Charlie Alexander, Gabites Lucky Player – Don McLeod, Twos: Harley Shearer, James Hunn, Charlie Alexander


February 16

Pro Shop “Trainwreck Stableford was

Winner: Josh Cochrane with 45pts (90-27=63nett).

Other winning scores: Don McQuarters 44; Terry O’Reilly and Maxine Carter 42; Brent Clarke 41; Hamish Niles, Charlie Alexander, Chris Robertson and Blair Franklin 40; Greig Sparrow, John Dudley, Brayden Wood, Jason Overend and Craig Bain 39.

Twos: John Power, Bryan Donaldson, Christine Ross, Jeff Williamson, Blair Franklin and Paul May.

Nearest The Pins: #4 Greig Sparrow, #8 Hamish Niles, #14 Blair Franklin, #12 Allenton Meat Centre: Paul May.

Longest Drives: Women Catherine Knight; Men Craig Bain.


Nine Hole

Winners:  Dick Hansen & Peter Woods 38 on c/b from Gavin Johnston & Gordon Clinton 38, third Tonee Hurley & Laurence Hanrahan.


February 16 and 19

Round 1, Bonnington Cup

Maxine Carter 68


Round 1 Longbeach Cup

Jenny Stoddart 67, Mary-Lou Watson 70, Wendy Parr 72


Nearest the Pins: No 4 Gabites Joyce VanderHeide, No 8 House of Travel Vicki Moore, No 12 Lynn’s small Salon Wendy Parr, No 14 Todds of Ashburton Vicki Moore, No 4 Somerset Grocer 2nd shot Brenda Whittacker, No 18 2nd Shot to Green Janice Dunlop


Nine Hole

February 14


Kath Read & John Matsinger 31, Val Ferrier & Laurence Hanrahan 31.5, Jude Stoddart & Peter Woods 33.5 (ny lot from Sue Lamb and Bruce Sim)



Mayfield Golf Club

February 13

Twilight 9 Hole Stableford Competition

Ian Beach 24 Stableford points, Frazer Hutchison 21, Allan Dixon 20, Ben Woodhouse 20, Gordon Duthie 18, Ian Tait 18.

Nearest the Pin: Ian Tait

Two’s: Ian Beach


February 14

9 Holes

Opening Day: Wendy Sim Trophy – Best Nett

1st Jacinta Schmack 53-22-31, 2nd John Greenslade 52-18-34

Greg Sim Building & Excavating 2nd Shot No 2: Jacinta Schmack

Mayfield Transport No 5: Jacinta Schmack


February 16

1st Stablefood Ist kerr Winners Trophy

Wayne Vessey 41 stb, Mark Greenslade, John Sim 37; Brian Fielder, Ali McLeod 36

Nearest Pins: No 2 Aon Insurance: not struck, No 11 Jon McAuliffe Bayleys: Wayne Blair, No 5 Marilyn Cross Property Brokers: John Sim, No 14 ANZ Bank: John Low

9&18 second shot: Bill Allan

Twos: Wayne Blair Steve King John Low Bill Allan John Sim

Rosehope Rommey Player of the Day: Wayne Vessey 85/17/68



Mayfield Golf Club

February 19

Ladies Division

1st Stableford Round; Helen Rapsey 36, Christine Ross 34, Ruth Keely 34, Margaret Read 32. Marilyn Cross 2nd Shot 2 & 11; 0-29 Christine Ross, 30 + Juliet McLeod. Sim’s Bakery Nearest Pin 5 & 14; Not struck



Methven Golf Club

February 13

Ladies Division – Harrison Trays Foursome

Winners: Lynn Worsfold and Wendy Wareing 69.5, Sara Gallagher and Ruth Smith 72.5, Denise Dixey and Heather Santy 73

Nearest the Pins: 4 Arabica Ruth Smith, 6 Methven Pharmacy Denise Dixey13 Methven Foursquare Heather Santy, 17 Methven Travel Heather Santy

Two’s: Sara Gallagher and Ruth Smith


February 16

Men’s Division

1st Round Roger Harris Memorial Trophy

Senior: Piers Rolton 77-9-68b39 pts. Intermediate: James Anderson 79-14-65 42pts. Junior A: Peter Harper 84-19-65 42pts. Junior B: John Robinson 91-25-66 41pts.

Other Good Scores: 40 Dave Puckett. 39 Geoff Rhodes, Simon Wareing, Phil Johnson.

Two’s: Jim Lattimore, Barry Wackwitz, John Robinson, Dave Puckett, James Anderson, Craig Middleton, Graham Gunn.

Dubliner Best Nett: James Anderson 65 by lot. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Peter Harper 65. Methven Travel Best Gross: Alister Maxwell.

Closest to the Pin-Aqua Japanese Restaurant   No 4: Graham Gunn.  Hunters Wine No 6: Piers Rolton. Ski Time No 13: Dave Puckett. Green Parrot No 17: Peter Harper. Cinema Paradiso 2nd shot No 14: Mick Hodgson.

Next Week February 23, 2nd Round Roger Harris Memorial Trophy.



Rakaia Golf Club

February 13

Ladies Division

Stableford Round

Sally Smith 31, Teresa Booker 31, Val Sisson 29, Bronwyn Oakley 29

9 Hole

Stableford Round

Val Bell by lot

Railway Hotel 2nd Shot No 3 Jo Johnson, Rakaia Seed Cleaning 2nd Shot No 6 Sally Smith, Val Bell Nearest the Pin No 8 Sally Smith, Chertsey Spraying 2nd shot No 15 Bronwyn Oakley, S. Quinn 2nd Shot No 17 Val Sisson



Tinwald Golf Club

February 14



Leading scores in Thursday’s twilight stableford round: -6; Alton Fletcher 22, Steve McCloy, Steve Anderson 21. 7-10; Mitch VanderKrogt 24, Brent Green 23, Ben Busch 22, Adam Lowe, Ben King 21 b/l. 11 plus; Murray Beach 26, Les Hunter 23, Alex Bec, Jonny Gray 22. Women: 0-14; Kirsty McAuliffe 21. 15 plus; Karen Young 20. Nearest the pin: # 2 Gordy Kenton. # 12 Kevin Bishop. Two’s; Brent Kirdy, Gordy Kenton, Brent Green, Kevin Bishop.

Radio Hokonui hacker of the night was Dave Allan with 9 points.


February 16


Leading scores in the stroke round played on Saturday. -12; Poko Paraia 67 c/b Randall Feutz 67. 13-18; Raua Tare 64, Cameron Miller 67, Kevin Bishop 68, Adam Wilson 69 b/l.19 plus; Nick Wilson 62, Lindsay Jackson 63, Pete Nolan 65, Alec Millar 68. Women; Christine Kinita 72, Barb MacGregor 74 b/l.  Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Dean Higgins. Gluyas Ford # 6; Jeff Naish. House of Travel # 12; Neil Connelly. Ace Auto Electrical # 16; Leen Bell. G & R Seeds 2nd shot # 11; Ryan Ford. Two’s; Lindsay Jackson, Neil Connelly, Ray Wards, Randall Feutz, Sally Lane, Kevin Bishop, Clarry Whiting.Net Eagle; # 10 not struck.


February 19


Silver: Christine Kinita 89-17-72, Bronze 1: Barb MacGregor 96-22-74 c/b, Mara Kennedy 101-27-74, Bronze 2: Lyn Bird 111-40-71

Nearest the Pin: Murray Young Property Broker (2nd Shot) #2 Barb Cochrane, Sims Bakery #6 Sally Lane, Mac & Maggie #12 Jan Fitzgerald, Outdoor Adventure (2nd Shot) #16 Di Bell.

Euromarque Longest Putt #9: Helen Nicholas, Euromarque Longest Putt #18: June Bruhns

Twos: Marilyn Bennett

9 Hole Competition


Jan Fitzgerald 36, Carol Shanks 37



Vets Golf

February 18

2nd Round Heartland Bank played at Tinwald

1st John McArthur 42, 2nd Brent McGregor 41, 3rd equal Pete Kiddey and Ray Suttie 40, 4th Ian Beach, Charlie Alexander and Jim Lattimore 39, 5th Bill Mason, Graeme McIvoy, Greg Sparrow, Trevor Kerr and Graeme Munro 38

Next Game Methven March 4




Hampstead Slow Pitch

February 15

S & Giggles 13 – 11 Marines & Angels, Demolition 16 – 9 As Good As It Gets, Laser Attack 19 – 8 Pitch Slappers, Hawkies Hawks 10 – 10 Social As As




Mid Canterbury Tennis

February 16

A Grade

Hampstead lost to Southern 6 matches to 0

  1. Brosnahan & M. Kerr lost to J. Feutz & G. Evans 3-6, 5-7, H. Dargue & J. Pye lost to M. Lucas & T. Parsons 7-6, (7-2), 6-7 (5-7), 0-1 (9-11), C. Brosnahan lost to J. Feutz 3-6, 5-7, M. Kerr lost to G. Evans 1-6, 3-6, H. Dargue lost to J. Parsons 7-6 (11-9), 4-6, 0-1 (9-11), J. Pye lost to M. Lucas 4-6, 0-1 (retired injured).


Tinwald beat Fairton 5 matches to 1

  1. McCracken & P. Leonard beat R. Cromie & T. Leonard 6-1, 4-6, 1-0 (10-4), D. Leonard & T. Groves beat P. Crozier & J. Leslie 3-6, 6-2, 1-0 (10-5), C. McCracken beat R. Cromie 6-4, 7-5, P. Leonard beat T. Leonard 6-2, 3-6, 1-0 (10-6), D. Leonard lost to P. Crozier 3-6, 2-6, T Groves beat J. Leslie 6-2, 6-0.


Allenton beat Methven 5 matches to 1

  1. Bubb & B. Looij lost to L. Gilbert & P. Kirwan 5-7, 4-6, M. Bubb & O. McKeown lost to E. Dargue & J. Jones 3-6, 3-6, S. Bubb beat E. Dargue 6-0, 2-6, 1-0 (11-9), B. Looij lost to L. Gilbert 2-6, 3-6, M. Bubb lost to P. Kirwan 1-6, 5-7, O. McKeown lost to J. Jones 3-6, 4-6.


A Reserve

Southern/Wakanui beat Methven Diamonds 4 matches to 2

  1. Watt & O. Bubb beat J. Ermio & N. Alombro 6-4, 6-1, G. Austin & M. Veix lost to J. Sheridan & V. Talbot 2-6, 6-7 (5-7), R. Watt beat N. Alombro 6-2, 7-5, L. Adam lost to J. Ermio 1-6, 1-6, G. Austin beat V. Talbot 6-2, 6-2, M. Veix beat J. Sheridan 6-2, 4-6, 1-0 (10-8).


Hampstead beat Allenton Wekas 4 matches to 2

Riley Breen & A. Spicer lost to M. Hopkins & A. Spooner 5-7, 6-4, 0-1 (7-10), R. Wall & Robert Breen beat J. Barry & I. Cabalse 6-4 6-4, J. Parsons beat M. Hopkins 6-1 6-0, Riley Breen beat J. Barry 7-5, 6-2, R. Wall beat I. Cabalse 6-1, 7-5, A. Spicer lost to A. Spooner 0-6, 4-6.


Junior A

Allenton Hawkes lost to Allenton Eagles 5 matches to 1

  1. Holland & R. Gray beat J. Gilbert & D. Gilbert 6-1, A. McGrath & R. Blundell lost to A. Cromie & A. Parsons 3-6, S. Holland lost to J. Gilbert 2-9, R. Gray lost to D. Gilbert 5-9, A. McGrath lost to A. Parsons 7-9, R. Blundell lost to A. Cromie 2-9.


Hampstead beat Methven 5 matches to 1

  1. Breen & L. Feutz beat J. King & L. Farrell 6-1, H. Feutz & A. Spooner beat A. Ermio & C. Wareing 7-5, R. Breen beat J. King 9-0, H. Feutz beat A. Ermio 9-7, A. Spooner beat C. Wareing 9-2, L. Feutz lost to L. Farrell 3-9.


Dorie lost to Southern Sharps 37 games to 33

  1. Kingsbury & S. Pye lost to C. O’Connell & I. Brook 3-6, O. Jackways & L. Williams beat I. Adam & A. Whittaker 6-1, S. Kingsbury beat C. O’Connell 9-4, O. Jackways beat I. Adam 9-8 (7-5), S. Pye lost to I. Brooke 2-9, L. Williams lost to A. Whittaker 4-9.


Junior B

Dorie lost to Allenton Keas 6 matches to 0

  1. Bruce & M. Keller lost to J. Kilworth & L. Taylor 3-6, L. Sloper & R. Kingsbury lost to H. Sparks & C. Gorton 2-6, J. Bruce lost to J. Kilworth 4-6, M. Keller lost to L. Taylor 3-6, L. Sloper lost to H. Sparks 0-6, R. Kingsbury lost to C. Gorton 4-6.


Southern Steel beat Southern Slammers 5 matches to 1

  1. Ellis & T. Ellis beat L. Jones & S. Wilson 6-1, J. Johnson & L. O’Connell lost to E. Wilson & R. Kidd 1-6, J. Ellis beat S. Wilson 6-4, T. Ellis beat L. Jones 6-1, J. Johnson beat E. Wilson 6-5, L. O’Connell beat R. Kidd 6-2.


Allenton Falcons lost to Dorie 6 matches to 0

  1. Robins & O. Prince lost to H. Bradford & D. McBain 1-6, J. Reed & T. Amos lost to C. Heneghan & D. Dolan 5-6, N. Robins lost to H. Bradford 1-6, O. Prince lost to D. McBain 3-6, T. Amos lost to C. Heneghan 3-6, J. Reed lost to D. Dolan 3-6.


Methven White lost to Methven Black 6 matches to 0

  1. Oates & C. Robinson lost to T King & H. Redfern 4-6, P. Humm & E. Armour lost to C. McSweeney & H. Judd 5-6, G. Oates lost to T. King 4-6, C. Robinson lost to H. Redfern 2-6, P. Humm lost to C. McSweeney 1-6, E. Armour lost to H. Judd 1-6.


Junior C

Hampstead lost to Allenton Kiwis 28 games to 24

  1. McCrea & I. Felton lost to C. Molina & M. Scarlett 3-6, L. Watson & I. Wall beat A. Mitchell & L. Kilworth 6-3, B. McCrea lost to C. Molina 3-6, I. Felton lost to M. Scarlett 0-6, L. Watson beat A. Mitchell 6-2, I. Wall beat L. Kilworth 6-5.


Methven Blue lost to Allenton Tuis 26 games to 25

  1. McGrath & R. Humm lost to C. van Rooyen & M. Gormly 1-6, I. Geira & K. Furndorfler beat A. Ciora & H. Gormly 6-1, F. McGrath lost to C. van Rooyen 2-6, R. Humm beat M. Gormly 6-5, I. Geira lost to H. Gormly 5-6, K. Furndorfler beat A. Ciora 6-1.


Southern Stars beat Methven Yellow 5 matches to 1

  1. Shearer & G. Bell beat O. Glass & K. Oates 6-2, G. Greenslade & I. Carr beat A. Glass & J. Oates 6-3, H. Shearer lost to O. Glass 5-6, G. Bell beat K. Oates 6-5, G. Greenslade beat A. Glass 6-2, I. Carr beat J. Oates 6-1.


Tinwald beat Methven Red 4 matches to 2

K. Taylor & B. Hyde lost to N. Cavanagh & A. King 3-6, M. Trounson & L. Hyde beat P. Redfern & J. Ensor 6-2, K. Taylor beat N. Cavanagh 6-0, B. Hyde lost to A. King 3-6, M. Trounson beat P. Redfern 6-3, L. Hyde beat J. Ensor 6-2.




AOTSA, Smallbore at 50 meters

February 16

Murray Cook, 558, Carl Nordqvist 583, John Fleming 570.


February 17 

Ashburton District Rifle Club, Fullbore, club day at 300 yards


Allan White 35.5, 35.5, 70.10, John Fleming 34.1, 35.6, 69.7, Brian Hawksby 34.2, 35.1, 69.3, Carl Nordqvist 30.2, 35.4, 65.6, John Miller 32.2, 32.0, 64.2, Coby Snowden 30.1.


Murray Cook 39.2, 42.1, 81.5, Mark Alexander 39.3, Brian Graystone 37.2, Coby Snowden 37.1.


Mike Chui 41.3, 41.2, 82.5.



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