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All draws and results to be emailed to by 3pm Monday for the Tuesday’s draws and results page, sent as a word or in the body of the email, clearly head as a draw or a result. (Draws for Monday-Wednesday can be submitted before Wednesday 3pm for Thursday’s paper)






Ashburton Bowling Club

December 16

Skips names for “Milsom Cup” – 9.00am

“Sponsor” Liquorland & Patersons

M Anderson, N Atkinson, M Behrns,

G Bishop, G Eddington, G Eder,

C Fowles, A Hill, Hinds 1, Hinds 2,

T Inwood, A Mackenzie, R McGarry,

D Muir, M Smallridge, G Taylor,

R Tonks, B Harper.



Methven Bowling Club

December 15

Stuart Gordon Open Fours

Starting at 9am – The following skips have teams entered:

M Smallridge, B Mayson, M Anderson, J Moore, G Turnbull, G Pagey, T McLean, W Suttie, G Eddington, R Fensom, S Holdom, L Muir, R Bennett, T Inwood. Whites to be worn.

Enquiries to Wendy Blackwell 3028834.



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

December 15

An individual stableford will be played for the Christmas Salvers (Men’s and Women’s) and the Summer Stableford competition continues with the second qualifying round for the Property Brokers Shootout.  All summer stableford days are mixed days.

Starting Times: Morning 8am; Afternoon report at 12.00 for a 12.30pm start. Nine hole golfers report at 1.00 for a 1.30pm start.




Hampstead Slow Pitch Results & Draws

December 14

6.30pm: Devon Tavern D1: Marines & Angels v Laser Attack, 6.30pm: Laser Electrical D2: As Good As It Gets v Demolition; 6.00pm: First National Real Estate (Debbie Boon) D3: Super Sluggers v Social As; 7.10pm: First National Real Estate (Debbie Boon) D3: Super Sluggers v S & Giggles; 6.30pm: Dell Phillips Landscaping D4: Pitch Slappers v Hawkies Hawks




Mid Canterbury Junior Tennis Draw

December 15

Round 7

All games to start at 9am sharp

Junior A Grade – Duty Team Methven Gold

Methven Gold v Allenton Eagles at ATTC; Methven Bronze v Dorie Jnr A at ATTC; Methven Silver v Allenton Hawks at ATTC; Hampstead Jnr A v Southern Sharps at Hampstead.

Junior B Grade

Dorie Hampstead v Tinwald Jnr B at Dorie School; Southern Steel v Methven Black at ATTC; Allenton Falcons v Allenton Keas at Allenton; Dorie Jnr B v Methven White at ATTC; Southern Slammers – BYE.

Junior C

Methven Red v Allenton Tuis at ATTC; Allenton Kiwis v Hampstead Jnr C at Hampstead; Methven Blue v Methven Yellow at Methven Domain; Tinwald Jnr C – BYE.

Please phone any defaults through to Mid Canterbury Junior Tennis 308 3020 as soon as possible.






Ashburton Bridge Club

December 3


N/S 1st David Fisher & George Brown, 2nd Colin Clemens & Georgina Black, 3rd Shirley Young & Kate White

E/W 1st Fiona Williamson & Debbie Seddon- Sewell, 2nd Ann Gilbert & Catherine Robins, 3rd Bev Blair & Joyce Johnson

December 4


N/S 1st Pauline & Paul Fergus, 2nd Melva Stowell & Jan de Jong, 3rd Lois Rose & Trevor Coulter

E/W 1st Maree Moore & John Fechney, 2nd Trish & Maurice Small, 3rd Rewa Kyle & Bev Turton

December 5


N/S 1st  Perry Jowers & Jeanette Lovett, 2nd  Linda Baker & Maree Moore, 3rd = Melva Stowell & Bev Turton and Rosemary McLaughlin & Judith Edmond

E/W 1ST Pauline & Paul Fergus, 2nd Rewa Kyle & Trish Downward, 3rd  Kay Robb & Johnny Wright

December 6

Closing night

N/S 1st Mary Bruce & Jan McClelland, 2nd Maureen & Bill Kolkman, 3rd Val Ferrier & Trish Downward

E/W 1st Debbie Seddon- Sewell & David Sewell, 2nd Audrey & Jim Rooney, 3rd Anne & Maurice Reid




Croquet South Canterbury

December 8 and 9

Open event Singles Ashburton

Winner L McCorkindale Waireka, runner up G Simpson Aorangi

Windsor Richards 10-24.

Winner J Tallents Waireka, runner up M Young Ashbury



Waireka Croquet Club

Golf Croquet Interclub

Advanced Grade: Waireka v Waimatee

Singles: Christopher Spittal 7 v Tony King 6; Sue Lamb 4 v Trish Dolan 7; Shelagh Field 7 v Lesley Shortus 4; Phyllis Reith 3 v Lesia Fox 7; Christopher Spittel 7 v Trish Dolan 4; Sue Lamb 4 v Tony King 7; Shelagh Field 7 v Lesia Fox 6; Phyllis Reith 5 v Lesley Shortus 7;

Doubles: Christopher Spittal and Sue Lamb 7 v Tony King and Trish Dolan 2; Shelagh Field and Phyllis Reith 7 v Lesley Shortus and Lesia Fox 5;

Total games won: Waireka 6 v Waimate 4; Total hoops Waireka 51 v Waimate 48;


Intermediatee Grade: Waireka Red v Geraldine

Singles: Bev Blair 7 v Christina Miller 5; Janice Murta 7 v Bev Hill 4; Audrey Leath 7 v Margaret Coker 4; Phyllis Reith 7 v Ann Toomey 3; Bev Blair 7 v Bev Hill 3; Janice Murta 5 v Christina Miller 7; Audrey Leath 7 v Ann Toomey 2; Phyllis Reith 7 v Margaret Coker 5;

Doubles: Bev Blair and Janice Murta 7 v Christina Miller and Bev Hill 6; Audrey Leath and Phyllis Reith 7 v Margaret Coker and Ann Toomey 1;

Total games won: Waireka Red 9 v Geraldine 1; Total hoops Waireka Red 68 v Geraldine 40;


Waireka White v Ashbury

Singles: Shelagh Field 4 v Colin Beattie 7; Bruce Leath 7 v Carol Burt 4; Jackie Rollinson 4 v Graeme Wallace 7; Lyn Jones 6 v Shirley Harris 7; Shelagh Field 7 v Carol Burt 5; Bruce Leath 7 v Colin Beattie 4; Jackie Rollinson 3 v Shirley Harris 7; Lyn Jones 4 v Graeme Wallace 7;

Doubles: Bruce Leath and Shelagh Field 3 v Colin Beattie and Carol Burt 7; Jackie Rollinson and Lyn Jones 1 v Graeme Wallace and Shirley Harris 7;

Total games won: Waireka White 3 v Ashbury 7; Total hoops Waireka White 46 v Ashbury 62;


Primary Grade:  Waireka v Geraldine

Singles: Barbara McIntosh 7 v Chris O’Sullivan 4; Brian Goodwin 7 v Shirley Lindroos 1; Heather Kaye 7 v Ann Toomey 4; Joyce Davis 7 v Janet Slee 2; Barbara McIntosh 7 v Shirley Lindroos 3; Brian Goodwin 7 v Chris O’Sullivan 3; Heather Kaye 7 v Janet Slee 5; Joyce Davis 7 v Ann Toomey 5;

Doubles: Barbara McIntosh and Brian Goodwin 7 v Chris O’Sullivan and Shirley Lindroos 3; Heather Kaye and Joyce Davis 7 v Ann Toomey and Janet Slee 1;

Total games won; Waireka 10 v Geraldine 0; Total Hoops Waireka 90 v Geraldine 29




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

Wednesday Night McGee & Social Wheelers C up & Trophy Series Race

1st. Nigel Chatterton CT.28.34. HT. 1.30m. RT. 27m 04s. 2nd. Chris Reid CT. 28.35. HT. 1.30m. RT. 27m 05s. 3rd. Nick Grijns CT. 28.36. HT. 1.30m. RT. 27m 06s. 4th. Bruce McClelland CT.28.39. HT. Go. RT. 28m 39s. 5th. Andrew Shepherd CT. 28.40. HT. 1.30m. RT. 27m 10s. 6th. Brent Hudson CT.28.40. HT. Go. RT. 28m 40s. 7th. Kerry Clough CT. 28.41. HT. Go. RT. 28m 41s. 8th. Paul Macfie CT. 28.42. HT. 3.30m. RT. 25m 12s. 9th. Caitlin Titheridge CT.28.43. HT. 3.30m. RT. 25m 13s. 10th. Paul Summerfield CT.28.43. HT. 3.30m. RT. 25m 13s. 11th. Don Summerfield CT. 28.44. HT. 3.30m. RT. 25m 14s. 12th. Cameron Harcourt CT.28.45. HT. 3.30m. RT. 25m 15s. 13th. Mark Summerfield CT. 29.25. HT. 5.20m. RT. 24m 05s 4f/t. 14th. Matt Marshall CT. 29.26. HT. 5.20m. RT. 24m 06s. 15th. Gerard Morrison CT. 29.35. HT. 5.20m. RT. 24m 14s. 16th. Oliver Davidson CT.29.42. HT. 6.45. RT. 22m 57s F/T. 17th. Ethan Titheridge CT.29.44. HT. 6.45. RT. 22m 59s. 2f/t. 18th. Brad Hudson CT. 29.48. HT. 6.45. RT. 23m 03s. 3f/t. 19th. Kevin Opele DNF.




  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

December 6

Ruralco Teams Stableford Tournament

1st Rakaia’s 4 Natural Hazards 124 on countback, 2nd Girls on the Hill 124 (Gleniti), 3rd Fairlie Angels 123, 4th Frosty Flakes 122 on countback (Mayfield), 5th Tinwald Bells 122, 6th Party of Fore 120 (Tinwald), 7th Sleigh Bells 119 on countback (Mayfield), 8th Candy Canes 119 (Geraldine), 9th The Bright Stars 118 (Ashburton) on countback from Tinsel Tarts (Ashburton)

Nearest the Pins: No 4: Judy Fielder (Mayfield), No 8: Catherine Trott (Ashburton), No 12: Phylis Smith (Tinwald), No 14: Dawn Scott (Gleniti)

Two’s: Sue Whelan No. 8, Jacqui Welch, No. 14, Val Sisson No. 14, Leona Woodnorth No. 14

Best Dressed Team – Fairlie Fairies


December 7

Midlands Seed Social Teams

Top Team: Trying 95 – Dave Gleeson, Nathan Meadows, Brad Haskett, Kelvin Woods; Men: Hit n Hope 89.5, Henpecked 88, Busck Blockheads 87.5, Vintage Wine 87.5; Women: The Follies 87; Mixed: The Cruisers 88, Periwinkles 86; Top lady: Margaret Bean, Daphne Hinton, Mary Buckland 30.5; Top man: Murray Wackrow 34.5

Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – Hilary Ward, Mac & Maggies – Rhonda Gallagher, Paul May Motors – Stewart Bennett, Gabities – Jacqui Welch

Gabites Lucky Player – Gaby Jensen

Twos: Steve Stratford, Jan Clucas, Stewart Bennett, Bev Chin


December 8

The Radius Care Player of the day

David Fisher 80-15=65nett and 43 stableford points.

Other winning scores: Robert Pawsey, Gaby Jansen, Greig Sparrow and Lucas McGee 42pts; Ray Lambert, Terry Molloy, Gordon Crawford and Shane Beavan 41pts; Jeff Williamson, Marilyn Walker, Peter Walker, Bev Chinn and Kevin McStay 40pts; Kevin Smith and Bill Hetrick 39pts on c/b.

Twos: Charlie Alexander (2), Wilson Hii, Peter Walker, Hilary Ward and Paul May.

Nearest The Pins: South Island Seeds: Hilary Ward; Rothbury Insurance: Charlie Alexander; Allenton Meat Centre: Bev Chinn; Braided Rivers: Gordon Crawford; Charming Thai Longest Putt: Barry Jury; Tinwald Tavern Spot Prize: Sam Luscombe.

Birdie Jackpot Hole: #5, Nett Eagles Jackpot Hole: #4


Nine Hole

Overall winner

Muriel Morgan on 20 stableford points on c/b from Peter Woods 20pts.

Other winning scores: Sam Prince, Gordon Clinton and Dick Hansen 19pts.



Mayfield Golf Club

December 5

Twilight 9 Hole Stableford Competition

Bernie Doyle 23 Stableford points, Sharon Duthie 20, Charlie Rapsey 20, Tom Bell 19, Gordon Duthie 19, Arnold Rushton 18.

Nearest the Pin: Gordon Duthie

Two’s: Ben Woodhouse


December 8

African Stableford

Winners: Charlie Rapsey and Jeffrey Mcneilly 84, Ian Beach and Kerry Read 77, Andrew Lake and Allan Dixon 74, Brian Fielder and Wayne Vessey 73

Nearest Pins: No 2 Aon Insurance: Murray Keir, No 11 Jon McAuliffe Bayleys:  Gordon Duthie, No 5 Marilyn Cross Property Brokers: John Sim, No 14 ANZ Bank: Jeffrey Mcnelly

9&18 second shot: Charlie Rapsey

Twos: Steve King

Rosehope Rommey Player of the Day: Charlie Rapsey 80/15/65



Tinwald Golf Club

December 6



Grade winners: -6; Nigel Heney 31, Steve McCloy 32, Paul Boon 33. 7-10; Pete Ranson 30, Trevor Emery, Cawte Whiting 32, Wayne Mellish 33, Neil Rayner, Simon Goodeve 34. 11 plus; Matt Fahey 32, Lawrence McCormick 33, Roger Bruce 35 b/l. Women: 0-14; Maxine Whiting 35 c/b. 15 plus; Maree Moore. Non-handicap; Alex Rea 34. Bayley’s Nearest the pin: # 6 Nigel Heney. # 12 Andrew Barrie. Two’s; Mike Sandrey.

Radio Hokonui hacker of the night Paul Lane with net 46.


December 8


Leading scores in the summer trophies and championships. -14; Randall Feutz 63, Struan Scott, Brian Rouse 69. 15-21; Richard Thompson 64, Richard Hewson 65, Adam Wilson 66, Snow Pierce 67. 22 plus; Ray Wards 64, Roger Bruce, Doug Osborn 67. Women; -20; Sally Lane 72. 21 plus; Belinda Kirdy 70. Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Selwyn Munro. Gluyas Ford # 6; Jason Mactier. # 12; Randall Feutz. Ace Auto Electrical # 16; Trevor Taylor. Two’s; Jason Mactier, Selwyn Munro, Kieron Gray, Sally Lane, Brock Peddie. Net Eagle; # 17 Ray Wards.




Hampstead Slow Pitch

December 7

Marines & Angels 10 – 5 Demolition, Hawkies Hawks 16 – 11 Super Sluggers, Pitch Slappers 15 – 5 Super Sluggers, S & Giggles 14 – 1 Pitch Slappers, As Good As It Gets 14 – 10 Social As, Demolition 21 – 6 Laser Attack



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