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Ashburton Bowling Club

March 22

Aussie Mixed Pairs – 12.30pm start

Sponsors: Ray White Real Estate

Aussie Mixed Pairs -12.30pm start

Whites or Club colours to be worn

The following Skips have entered teams

M Anderson, P Collins, G Clarke,

  1. Clarke, G Eder, R Gutberlet,

B Harrison, W Blackwell, R Herriott,

B Holdom, M Middleton, C Leech,

  1. Mills, B Mayson, R Keeling,

M Quinn, A Mackenzie, H Kemp

M Reid, Jo Ryk, G. Sparks, W Suttie,

G Taylor, P Whinham, B White, B Williams.

For information contact:  G Eder 307 7498


Hampstead All Sport Club

March 24

Bowling Section

Friday Triples – Proudly sponsored by Devon tavern

Start 12:30 pm, Location Hampstead bowling green


G. Taylor, B. Holdom, W. Watts, D. Duff, M. Quinn, R. Anstiss, L. Muir, M. Anderson, Ray Mitchell, J. Argyle, M. Smallridge, B. Harrison, C. Leech, M. Grice, A MacKenzie, B. Williams


Sub Centre Champion of Champion Pairs

March 26

At Allenton

Senior Men 9 am start (report 8.30)

MSA, Allenton, Hampstead, Ashburton, Bye: Hinds, Rakaia (report 10.45)

Senior Women 9am start (report 8.30)

Ashburton, Rakaia, Bye: Methven, Allenton, Hampstead (report 10.45)

Junior Men 9am start (report 8.30)

Allenton, Rakaia, Hinds, Methven, Bye: MSA, Ashburton (report 10.45)

Junior Women Report 10.45

Allenton, Rakaia, Bye: Methven (report 1.30 pm)

Mens Colts Report 1.30 pm

MSA, Allenton


Sub Centre Junior Singles

March 18

At Allenton Green 9am start

Brenton Donaldson, Rob Fensom, John Eddington, Jim Lattimore, Gary Brown, Cecil Tubb, Linton Muir, Wayne Lloyd, Lynda Currie, Lyn Hamilton, Lyn Fensom

Players to bring own lunch, Club colours to be worn



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

March 25

Weekend Ladies

Aorangi home links comp

Report 8.30 am

Convenor Sheryl Reid 0274383739.

March 28

Mid-Week Ladies

Aorangi home links comp

Report 8.30 am for Disc Draw

Starters L Small 0276319080, P Bell 0276065194.


March 30

Nine Hole Men and Women

T B A [Ladies 18 hole tournament.]

Convenor Joy Nicholas 3086464, Club Captain Leigh Wackrow 3083790.


March 25

A Par round will be held.

Starting times: Morning 8am, Afternoon report to the Pro shop at 12.00 for a 12.30pm start.


Tinwald Golf Club

March 25

3500 Tournament

Sundays draw will be at the clubhouse. Players are asked to report at least 15 minutes prior to their start time.

No 1 Tee

8.00, C Bell, P Bell, P Trembath, B Busch 8.07, J Hewitt, R O’Neill, G Rennie, A Anderson

8.14, K Bonnington, C Miller, D Cockburn, T Johnson 8.21, S Cowie, A J Kerr, M Young, S Stratford 8.28, J Schofield, J Moore, R Stills, Partner

No 7 Tee

8.00, M Kamate, C Middleton, V Hylands, J Hylands 8.07, R Hewson, M Banks, T Kittikote, C Somak 8.14, W Lin, T Mahoney, C Robertson, P Houston   8.21, B MacGregor, P Roulston, S Wilson, B Walsh 8.28, J Mactier, M Argyle, G McCormick, P Tuheke

No 13 Tee

8.00, B Hobson, A Lowe, T Reynolds, R Watson 8.07, T Emery, K Bishop, E Collins, J Stoddart

8.14, M Carter, K Fox, V Prendergast, S Gutsell 8.21, B Harris, B Cochrane, M Watson, L Small,

No 1 Tee

12.00, D Gill, S King, G Kenton, D Green 12.07, B Rouse, A Millar, N Connelly, R McGee

12.14, S McCloy, K Venmore, M Sandrey, A Hill 12.21, P Lane, C Davies, L Moore, R Bruce

12.28, E Davis, A Fletcher, G Smith, T Kingsbury   12.35, B Collins, P Marshall, T Sheppard, G Lee 12.42, J Smitheram, K Whiting, K Read, W Blair 12.49, B Clarke, H Niles, M Walker, P Thompson 12.56, N Heney, S Anderson, G Hubbard, S Ross

No 7 Tee

12.00, D Lye, S Moore, M Thomas, A Marshall 12.07, L McGee, J Smith, R Fahey, A Veint

12.14, C Whiting, E Tulip, W Davis, J Benfell 12.21, R Wards, N Rayner, B Rutter, M Hickman

12.28, P Bradford, P Greer, W Kerr, D Elliot 12.35, P Hooper, N Mills, P Boon, M Williams

12.42, D Allan, M Beach, K Gray, W Mellish 12.49, R Feutz, J Feutz, R Bell, P Wilson

No 13 Tee

12.00, B Flannery, C Brown, S Newman, J Peacock 12.07, C Kinita, P Bell, W Bruce, H Lovett

12.14, J Harrex, L Bell, J Beardsley, W Stevenson 12.21, M Bennett, T Cates, T Clarke, H Argyle 12.28, J VanderHeide, M Smith, M Moore, D Wellman 12.35, B Chinn, B Green, L Bird, J Undy 12.42, S Lane, D Bell, M Kerr, S Elliot 12.49, S Kircher, L Jackson, N Wilson, I McDonald 12.56, A Hopwood, K Clucas, R Kirdy, B Kirdy


March 28

Women’s Division

3rd Burrows Cup Maree Moore Trophy

No 1

9.00 D Lowe B. Harris C. Shanks

9.05 M. Bennett J. Undy I. Divers B. Jackson

No 7

9.00 J. Peacock L. Mcclea B. Cochrane

9.05    S. Lane J. Bruhns S. Vucetich

No 10

9.00 D. Bell V. Prendergast M. Smith

9.05 M. Kennedy M. Moore K. Young

9.10 J. van der Heide J. Breadsley S. Gutsell

No 13

9.00 J. Smith P. Bell D. Wellman

9.05 T. Clarke S. Newman C. Linney

9 Holes 2 J’s Cup Stroke and Putting

Off No 1 9.20

Starters S. Gutsell S. Vucetich, Cards D. Bell J. Peacock, Tea Duty M. Smith, Draw Steward J. Bruhns




Ellesmere/Mid Canterbury/North Canterbury Combined Rugby

March 24

Senior Division 1 – Luisetti Seeds Combined Competition

Section One

Darfield v Saracens, Darfield, 7:30pm, H Cook, J Rogers, M Talbot


March 25

Prebbleton v Waihora, Prebbleton, 2:45pm, A Brosnahan, R Goodman, K Jones

Glenmark/Cheviot v Hampstead, Omihi 1, 2:45pm, A Stead, R Eder, P Bigwood

Ohoka v Celtic, Mand 3, 2:45pm S Laird, J le Gros, R Lane

Burn/Duns/Irwell v Hornby, Dunsandel 1, 2:45pm, M Gameson, J Lamers, D Sullivan


Section Two

March 25

Methven v Oxford, Methven, 2:45pm K Opele, P Hill, J O’Connor

Kaiapoi v Rolleston, Kaiapoi Oval, 2:45pm, G Welch, D Taylor, TBA

Rakaia v West Melton, Rakaia, 2:45pm C O’Malley, W Burrett, C Kelland

Lincoln v Southbridge, Lincoln, 2:45pm, S O’Reilly, J Currie, C Banks

Bye Southern







Ashburton Bowling Club

March 20

Ladies Triples sponsored by Ashburton Trust

1st J Hamilton, J Eddy and S Newton (Halswell ) 3 wins 23 ends  50 points, 2nd M Middleton, P Mac and W Blackwell 3 wins  23 ends  47 points, 3rd W Suttie, H Goodall and L Spargo 3 wins 23 ends 44 points, 4th L Brown, D Calvert and M Ellis  3 wins 17 ends  43 points, 5th M Lloyd, L Currie and L Hamilton 2 wins 1 draw 18 ends 34 points, 6th J Harman, P Johnston and R Reid  2 wins 1 draw 17 ends 39 points

Spider Green 1 M Foster Green 2 B Skilling.


March 16

Finals Men’s Junior Singles

Brenton Donaldson defeated Colin Arnst 21-13


March 17

Friday Triples Sponsored by Ashburton Toyota

1st Colin Dennis, Alastair MacKenzie and John Smart 3 wins 17 ends 40 points, 2nd Murray Smallridge, Peter Whinham and Gordon Sparks 3 wins 16 ends 34 points, 3rd Bruce White, Rowan Tonks and Noeline Woods 3 wins 14 ends 31 points, 4th Mike Quinn, John Drayton and Wendy Watson 3 wins 14 ends 28 points, 5th Diane Gutberlet, Ollie Collins and Gaynor Crack 2 wins 1 draw 15 ends 35 points


Hampstead Bowling

March 19

Sandy Keith – Proudly sponsored by Sue Cooper, Ray White Ltd

1st Place D. Gutberlet, C. Arnst, O. Collins, G. Crack 4   Wins, 27 Ends, 52 points; 2nd Place L. Luke, P. Whinham, M. Quinn, G.  Sparks 3 Wins, 1 Draw 23 Ends, 44 Points; 3rd Place G. Bishop, B. White, R. Tonks, S. Holdom 3 Wins, 28 Ends, 52 Points




Ashburton Bridge Club

March 6

B and C Ladder

N/S 1st Bruce Leighton & David Wilkinson, 2nd Maryke Blignault & Mary Francis, 3rd George Brown & David Fisher

E/W 1st Graham Gilbert & Ann Gilbert, 2nd Mary Bruce & Bev Blair, 3rd Ruth Logan & Sheila Lyons

March 7

A ladder

N/S 1st John Fechney & Sue Rosevear, 2nd Bill Kolkman & Jim Rooney, 3rd Mary Buckland & Trish Downward

E/W 1st Trish Small & Maurice Small, 2nd Arthur Maude & Perry Jowers, 3rd Alan Wright & Evelyne Taylor

March 8

Valetta Trophy

N/S 1st Rosemary McLaughlin & Judith Edmond, 2nd Melva Stowell & Val Ferrier, 3rd Mary Buckland & Trish Small

E/W 1st Rewa Kyle & Trish Downward, 2nd Ann Gilbert & Shirley Harris, 3rd Val Palmer & David Wilkinson

March 9

Mary Mulligan Trophy

N/S 1st Mary Buckland & John Knight, 2nd Pat Jordan & John Fechney, 3rd Trish Small & Rewa Kyle

E/W 1st Linda Baker & Arthur Maude, 2nd Audrey Rooney & Lois Rose, 3rd Kay Robb & Pauline Fergus




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

March 15

Wednesday Night McGee & Social Wheelers Cup & Trophies Series

1st Peter Restieaux 34m 39s. 2nd. John Ferguson 27m 46s. 3rd. Dave Shurrock 27m 47s. 4th. Brian Fauth 27m 47s. 5th. Paul Hands 28m 48s. 6th. Emma Hudson 28m 48s. 7th. Ross Templeton 24m 42s 3f/t. 8th. Oliver Davidson 24m 42s. 4f/t. 9th. Doug Coley 24m 43s. 10th. Don Morrison 26m 39s. 11th. Roger Wilson 26m 41s. 12th. Bruce Albon 26m 44s. 13th. Michelle Davidson 26m 45s. 14th. Bruce McClelland 26m 54s. 15th. Kevin Opele 25m 00s. 16th. Michael Gallagher 24m 28s. F/T. 17. Brad Hudson 24m 28s. 2f/t. 18th. Brent Hudson 30m 35s. Mystery Teams, 1st. Ross Templeton, Doug Coley Bruce Albon, Dave Shurrock, Emma Hudson, Peter Restieaux 38 pts. 2nd. Michael Gallagher, Oliver Davidson, Roger Wilson, Michelle Davidson, John Ferguson, Paul Hands, 55pts. 3rd. Brad Hudson, Kevin Opele, Bruce McClelland, Don Morrison, Brian Fauth, Brent Hudson. 78pts. McGee Cupand Trophies Points, Novice. Oliver Davidson 174. Ethan Titheridge 96. Abe O’Donnell 89. Bailey O’Donnell 29. Girls. Kate Brown 80. Isabella Roulston 76. Caitlin Titheridge 20. U19. Ryan Jackson 20. Jamie Smitheram 18. Seniors. Nathan Tew 280. Brad Hudson 241. Michael Templeton 193. Matt Marshall 140. Kevin Opele 102. Jelle Hendrickson 81. Brendan Whalley 76. Steven Hands 24. Wayne Clement 20. Nigel Douglas 16. Alex Hooper 10.  Ladies. Pam Harcourt 148. Emma Hudson 132. Michelle Davidson 90. Viki Jones 72. Amy Ferguson 58. Lucy Kirwan 50. Kerri Kuru 16. Shona Proctor 16. Veterians. Tony Ward 265. Michael Gallagher 169. Paul Hands 143. Brent Hudson 110. Paul Macfie 105. Roger Wilson 91. Mark Smitheram 86. Doug Coley 83. Peter Restieaux 80. Dave Knight 79. Paul Summerfield 77. Brian Fauth 76. Ross Templeton 75. Don Summerfield 72. John Ferguson 60. Richard Kirwan 57. Rob Hooper 55. Ronnie Campbell 49. Myles O’Donnell 38. Dave Shurrock 34. John Harcourt 32. Bruce McClelland 32. Paddy Strange 30. Kevin Hurley 19. John Uden 19. Nigel Leary 12. Brian Ellis 10. Bruce Albon 6. Roger Stephens & Hamish McFadden 3. Overall Winner 280 Pts. Social Wheelers Trophies. Ladies. Emma Hudson 58. Amy Ferguson 33. Pam Harcourt 32. Viki Jones 29. Kate Brown 26. Michelle Davidson 23. Kerri Kuru 16. Isabella Roulston 12. Lucy Kirwan 9. Kristine Marriott 8. Caitlin Titheridge 3. Shgona Proctor 3. Under 40s. Nathan Tew 182. Brad Hudson 138. Michael Templeton 127. Matt Marshall 104. Oliver Davidson 80. Abe O’Donnell 67. Jelle Hendrickson 61. Ethan Titheridge 39. Kevin Opele 31. Brendan Whalley 30. Wayne Clements 29. Bailey O’Donnell 29. Nigel Douglas 10. Steven Hands 9. Alex Hooper 3. Ryan Jackson 3. Over 40s. Tony Ward. 221. Michael Gallagher 123. Brian Fauth 89. Paul Macfie 74. Roger Wilson 74. Peter Restieaux 68. Doug Coley 59. Mark Smitheram 57. Don Summerfield 54. Dave Knight 53. Ross Templeton 53. Rob Hooper 42. Myles O’Donnell 41. John Ferguson 39. Richard Kirwan 38. Ronnie Campbell 27. John Harcourt 25. Drew Titheridge 19. Marty Cuttle 17. Paddy Strange 13. John Uden 12. Kevin Hurley 12.  Nigel Leary 8. Brian Ellis 6. Roger Stephens 3. Hamish McFadden 3. Over 60s. Paul Hands 93. Brent Hudson 69. Don Morrison 67. Paul Summerfield 52. Dave Shurrock 28. Bruce McClelland 22. U15s. Oliver Davidson 80.



  • GOLF

Aorangi Golf Club

March 19

Women’s Weekend Pennants

South Zone (At Waimate): Waimate 9 Pleasant Point 2  3,  Gleniti 2  8 North Otago 4, Maungati 8 St Andrews 4

North Zone: No Play


Ashburton County Veterans Golf Association

Heartland Bank Championship. Ashburton Golf Course.

Round 4.

1st 43 Stableford Points Colin Morgan, 2nd 42 Brian Winchester, 3rd 41 Carl Sakofsky, 4th= 40 John Cornelius, Dave Puckett, Kevin Sissons, Pat Molloy and Arnold Rushton, 9th= 39 Tony Inwood, Philip Kerr, Bruce Dickey and Trevor Watson.

Twos: Ken Borland, Pat Molloy.


Heartland Championship played over 4 rounds. Best 3 aggregate scores.

Winners: Pat Molloy and Brian Winchester with an aggregate score of 127 Stableford Points, 3rd 121 Arnold Rushton, 4th= 116 Dave Tilson and Peter Kiddey, 6th 115 Brian McIsaac, 7th= 114 Bill Mason, Tony McAndrew and Ian Beach, 10th= 113 Tony Inwood, Graeme Moore, Barry Goodridge and Bruce Morrison, 14th 112 Merv Green, 15th= 111 Barry Bluett, John Cornelius, Colin Divers and Gavin Santy, 19th 110 Brian Sivier, 20th 109 Tony Sheppard, 21st= 108 were: Trev Kerr and Neil Collins.


Ashburton Golf Club

March 18 and 21

Ladies Division

LGU: Silver Pauline Bell 70, Bronze 1 Kay Fox 72, Bronze 2 Lynn Small 80, Bronze 3 Brenda Whittaker 76.

Nearest the Pins: No 4 Second shot  Somerset Grocer – not struck, No 4 Gabities Ltd – Jenny Stoddart, No 8 Ashburton House of Travel – Leigh Wackrow, No 12 Lynn’s small Salon – not struck,  No 14 Todds of Ashburton – Brenda Whittaker.  2nd Shot No 18 – Brenda Whittaker.

Twos: Leigh Wackrow No 8, Brenda Whittaker No 14.


March 16

Nine Hole Section:

Rnd 1 Heather Smith Trophy – stableford

Women: Chris Anderson 19, Bev Blair 18. Men: L aurence Hanrahan 19


March 17

Midlands Seed Friday Night – Final Night

Top Team: Trying 93 – Kelvin Woods, Nathan Meadows, Brad Haskett, David Gleeson, Men: Pakeke Pros 90.5, Dude Where’s My Par 90, Screaming Eagles 87, Women: Business Birdies 85.5, Trotts Lot 85.5, Mixed: TGIF 89, Wait N C 88.5, Vintage Wine 86.5, Top lady: Sharon Carlson, Wendy Bruce, Top man:

Nearest the Pins:

Templeton Motors – Greig Sparrow, Paul May Motors – Terry Molloy, Mac & Maggies – Nathan Meadows, BP Ashburton – Geoff Cantrell, Gabites Lucky Player – Andrew Rosevear, BP Lucky Player – Jason Morrison

Twos: Allan Thompson, Eric Parr, Sharon Carlson, Greig Sparrow

Final Teams Results:

Top Teams:

1st Darlo & the Cats, 2nd Concrete Blockheads, 3rd Dude Where’s My Par


1st More or Less, 2nd Mixed Bunch


1st Slice n Dice, 2nd Rate Players, 3rd Hit n Miss


1st Coastal Sharks, 2nd Pakeke Pros, 3rd The Big Test Icicles, 4th I P Nightly


March 18

Ambrose Competition

Winners: Ian Rive, Bruce Ferriman, Ken Clucas and Chris Robertson with a nett score of 57.8.  Second team was: Brent MacGregor, Brent Clarke, Hamish Niles and Gavin Douglas nett 57.9.  Third was Bev Chinn, Lynn Small, Tufuga Sa and John Power 58.6.

Nearest The Pins: Braided Rivers: Sharon Bradford; Rothbury Insurance: Wendy Parr, Netherby Meats: Charlie Alexander, South Island Seeds: Wendy Parr, Charming Thai (longest putt) Lynn Small.


March 19

White Cup Quarter Finals

Winners: Fiona & Jeff Williamson and Wendy & Eric Parr with two matches yet to be played.  In the Plate quarter final match Hilary Ward & Chris Robertson won their match and Sheryl Reid and Paul Greer won their semi-final match, there is one quarter final match to be played.  Best score of the day went to Sheryl Reid & Paul Greer with a nett 68.5.


Mayfield Golf Club

March 21

Ladies Division

National Teams Competition Best Four Nett Scores; Sue Graham 116-38-78, Christine Ross 98-18-80, Alison Vessey 111-29-82, Helen Rapsey 112-30-82.

Hastings McLeod Property Brokers Marilyn Cross 2nd Shot 2&11; 0-29 Alison Vessy, 30+ Helen Rapsey

Sim’s Bakery Nearest Pin 5 & 14; Alison Vessey.

Player of the Day; Alison Vessey.


March 18

1st Round Ruapuna Rosebowl

Ruapuna Winners: I. Beach, K. Read, P. Gardner, A. Peck, S. King, J. McNeilly, H. Davies, B. Allan, D. Ingold

Stableford Winner: A. Lake 35

Nearest Pins: No 2 Aon Insurance: A. Peck, No 11 Jon McAullife Bayleys: A. Peck, No 5 Marilyn Cross Property Brokers: K. Read, No 14 ANZ Bank: W. Vessey

9&18 2nd Shot ATS: J. Sim

Tow’s: None

Nett Eagle No 6: Not Struck

No Kallara Texels Player of Day


9 hole Tournament

March 17

Held at Tinwald

Women A Grade: Gross Hiromi Ikehata 44, Nett Marie Carrodus 34 c/b, runner-up Nett Betty O’Neill 34

Women B Grade: Gross Janice McLauchlan 58, Nett Pat Clark 36, runner-up Nett Irene McDonald 38

Men: Gross Michael Riley 51, Nett Wally Hayman 34

Putting over the field Lillian O’Hanlon 13, Joe Fualkner 15 b/l

Nearest Pin: No 2 Marie Carrodus, No 6 Jan Fitzgerald, No 12 Pat Clark, No 16 Liz Power

Two’s: Jan Fitzgerald


March 15

Mid –Week Stableford Competition

Ian Beach 38 stableford points, Gordon Duthie 36, Harley Davies 36, Arnold Rushton 36

Nearest the Pin: Bill Allan.

Two’s Gordon Duthie, & Kerry Read


March 16

9 hole division

Stroke and Stableford

Ladies 1st L MacKenzie 56:21:35, 19 stbf, 2nd J Cook 58:22:36, 18 stbf, Men 1st J Greenslade 54:16:38, 16 stbf

Nearest the Pins: Greg Sim Building and Excavating 2nd Shot No. 2 – not struck, Mayfield Transport Ltd No. 5 – J Greenslade


Methven Golf Club 

March 15

Ladies Division

All Irons and Margaret Lilley Putting

All Irons.

Lyn Schott 94-21-73, Jenny Senior 90-14-76, Tania Wilson 100-22-78


Margaret Lilley Putting

Tania Wilson 28, Jenny Senior 29, Sandra Marr 32


Cinema Paradiso-Best Nett

Lyn Schott 73


Nearest the Pin

Silver 4 Methven Travel: Jenny Senior, Bronze A 6 Methven Pharmacy: Jan Lane, Bronze B 17 Aribica: Marg Kelk, Open 13 Supervalue: Tania Wilson, 2nd shot S/BA14 Aqua Japanese Restaurant: Sharryn Bree, Saturday Ladies17 Methven Foursquare: Sally Jones

Two’s and Nett Eagles: Tania Wilson

March 22

Nancy McCormick 36 Hole Foursome 9.30 Tee Off

18 Hole Stableford Round 10.30 Tee Off


March 18

Men’s Division

Stroke Round.

Winner: Michael Kemp 76-7-69

Other Good Scores: 70 Max Ferris, Ross Breach. 72 Phil Johnson, Graham Gunn. 73 Dayle Lucas, Phil Elliott.

Two’s:  Max Ferris.

Closest to the Pin-Aqua Japanese Restaurant   No 4: Stuart Wilson; Hunters Wine No 6: Max Ferris; Ski Time No 13: Keith Middleton; Green Parrot No 17: Phil Elliott; Cinema Paradiso 2nd shot No 14: Alister Maxwell.

Next Week: March 25, Duff Qualifing. Stroke Round.


Tinwald Golf Club

March 21


Silver: Elizabeth Collins 87-17-70 c/b, Wendy Stevenson 84-14-70, Bronze 1: Mara Kennedy 98-24-74, Belinda Kirdy 105-26-79, Bronze 2: Lyn Bird 112-38-74, Val Prendergast 108-31-77

Nearest the pin; Murray Young Property Broker #2 Phylis Smith, Sims Bakery #6 Phylis Smith, Mac & Maggie # Madeleine Smith, Outdoor Adventure #16 Karen Young.

2’s: Madeleine Smith

9 Hole Competition


Donalda Mitchell 54-19-35


March 18


Leading scores in the medal round played on Saturday. Men: Senior -12; Simon Ross 66, Steve Anderson 67, Adam Marshall 70. Intermediate: 13-18; Trevor Taylor 67, Dave Allan 69, Dave Gill 70, Brian Rouse 71 b/l. Junior: 19 plus; Ton Kittikote 71, Keith Bonnington 73, Clarry Whiting 73. Women; Elizabeth Collins 7o c/b Maree Moore 70 c/b. Nearest the pin; Tinwald Liquorland #2; Wendy Stevenson. Gluyas Ford # 6; Alec Millar. Bedrock Bar and Stonegrill # 12; Brent KIrdy. Ace Auto Electrical # 16; Ryan Ford. G&R Seeds 2nd shot # 11; Adam Marshall.

Two’s; Alec Millar

Net eagle; # 12 not struck


March 16



Leading scores in the par round played on Thursday: Men: -6; Ryan Ford 6 up, Greg Hubbard 3 up, Pete Trembath 3 up, Cameron Miller 2 up b/l. 7-10; Chris Hart 5 up, Richard Hewson 3 up, Darryl Phillips 3 up, Keith Bonnington 2 up. 11 plus; Stan Stringer 2 up, Darren Green 1 up. Women: 0-14; Pam McAndrew 1 up, Maxine Whiting 1 down. 15 plus; Ina Divers sq. Bayleys nearest the pin: # 6 Mark Banks. # 16 Kevin Bishop .Two’s; Gordon Rennie, Trevor Emery, Richard Hewson, Brent Green, Alton Fletcher, Cameron Miller.




Ashburton Pigeon Club Race Results

Flock Race – Raced from Oamaru to Ashburton

1st B&G Kirwan – MPM – 1440.007, 2nd M Davidson – MPM – 1439.153, 3rd L Davidson – MPM – 1438.687


Pairs Cup – Raced from Oamaru to Ashburton

1st M Davidson – Team Velocity – 1437.870, 2nd L Davidson – Team Velocity – 1436.473, 3rd B&G Kirwan – Team Velocity – 1434.465


Flock Race – Raced from Oamaru to Ashburton

1st M Davidson – MPM – 671.438, 2nd T Durmmond – MPM – 662.265, 3rd N Martin Distance – MPM – 656.265




Mid Canterbury Tennis

March 15

Division 1

Hit and Miss 15 v Smithies 18, Tradies 16 v Hackers 17, Tridents 18 v High Raters 15, ADC Aces 12 v Famous Grouse 21, TBC 15 v We Are Stihl Suzuki 18, Miss Hits 14 v Get a Grip 19, Tax-manian Devils 13 v Council Crew 20.

Division 2

Twilight Ferns 17 v Hit 4 Brains 13, String Quartet 18 v CATS 15, Racqueteers 16 v Lucky Strings 17, The Unknowns 20 v Hepburns 16.


March 16

Sunset Doubles


Go Girls 4½ v Wanna Bees 1½, Casual Sets 4½ v Dorie Damsels 1½, The Ladies 4 v Backhand Babes 2.

Division 2

Heineken Openers 4 v Serve in Volley 2, Fairton Turkeys 1 v Carrfields 1 5, AFC 4 v Cates Grain & Seed 2

Division 2

Coasters 4 v Ball Wackers 2, Carrfields 2 0 v Double Faults 6, New Boys 4 v Ruapuna 2

Division 3

Golden Flyers 4 v Winchmore 2, Faultless 1½ v Cream of the Crop 4½, Backspin 4½ v B Team 1½

Division 4

I’d Hit That 6 v Burton Battlers 0, Read Revellers 3 v Rough Enough 3, Highly Strung 4 v The No Hopers 2




Target shooting

Mt Somers Rifle Club

Jess Heaven 66, Niko Holgate 71, Arlo Bruce 62, Liam Heaven 68.1, Hunter Lill 82, 90.3, Warwick Lill 92.1, Markus Jufer 94.2, Stephen Millichamp 94.4, 95.4, Eddie Millichamp 88, 90.2, Wayne Tubb 96.5, Sid Stewart 92.3, 93.2, 95.2, Andy Oram 93.4, 96.6, Dave Millichamp 89, Ian Huggins 76, Kevin Fews 87, 82.


Mayfield Rifle Club

Robert Spencer Jnr, 72.1, Nicholas McDowell 77, Daniel Gould 90, Braidy Workman 73, Hamish Dalzell 95.2, Carl Nordqvist 97.1, John Fleming


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