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  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

August 18

The final qualifying round for the Club Championships will be played, a stroke round from the Blue Tees.  This is also the eleventh round of the RMF Cup.

Starting times: Morning 8.00am; Afternoon report to the Pro Shop at 11.30am for a 12.00pm start   Nine Hole golfers report at 12.30pm for a 1.00pm start.


Tinwald Golf Club

August 21

Women’s Division

LGU 3rd Lloyd Trophy

No 1 10.00 K. McAuliffe T. Clarke J. Bruhns 10.05 B. Harris C. Shanks M. Smith

No 10 10.00 M. Bennett J. Undy M. Kennedy 10.05 L. Bird V. Prendergast V. Cartney

No 13 10.00 P. Smith C. Linney D. Bell 10.05 M. Moore M. Oakley I. Divers

9 Holes 6th Judy Johns Stableford

No 1 10.15 B. O’Neill M. Pawsey P. McAndrew 10.20 P. Ellis B. Irvine J. Smith

No 7 10.15 D. Morgan C. Carr M. Colville 10.20 N. Costin D. Mitchell S. Young

Starters M. Bennett P. Ellis, Cards J. Bruhns P. Smith, Kitchen M. Smith, Draw Steward J. Bruhns




Mid Canterbury Rugby

Draw August 18 2018

Pre-Season Heartland

Agstaff Mid Canterbury Rugby v Canterbury Metro, Ashburton Showgrounds, 2:30 pm

Referee: Chris Paul,

Assistant Referees: Christopher O’Malley, Gary Clement.


Methven B v Gorge Team, Methven1, 2:00pm.

Referee: Jock O’Connor.







Ashburton Bridge Club

August 6

Irwin Trophy

N/S 1st Mervyn Jones & Mary Bruce, 2nd Marjorie Hoar & Catherine Robins 3rd Maryke Blignault & Joyce Johnson

E/W 1st Pat Wise & Hilda Blee, 2nd Noel & Gladys Baker, 3rd Shirley Young & Marion Oakley

August 7

A Ladder

N/S 1st Linda Baker & Mike Holmes, 2nd Kay Robb & Rosemary McLaughlin, 3rd Martin & Jan de Jong

E/W 1st Rewa Kyle & Maree Moore, 2nd Peter Downward & Paul Fergus, 3rd Val Palmer & Beth McIlraith

August 8

3 rds, diff ptr each rd

1st Kay Robb & Rosemary McLaughlin, 2nd Pat Jordan & Sue Rosevear, 3rd John Fechney & David Sewell

August 9

3 rds, diff ptr each rd

N/S 1st Kay Robb & Rosemary McLaughlin, 2nd Martin de Jong & Jim Rooney, 3rd Mary Buckland & Trish Downward

E/W 1st Anne Reid & Pat Jordan, 2nd Lois Rose & Edna Segers, 3rd Alan Sim & John Irwin




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

August 11

37 Riders, 16km

1st. Ethan Titheridge CT.34.14. HT.9.40m. RT. 24m 34s. 2nd. Neil Wylie CT.34.15. HT.9.00m. RT. 25m 15s. 3rd. Kevin Opele CT.34.16. HT.9.40m. RT. 24m 36s. 4th. Kristine Marriott CT.34.17. HT.9.40m. RT.24m 37s. 5th. Brea Broderick CT.34.17. HT.8.20m. RT.26m 57s. 6th. Don Sutton CT.34.18. HT.9.00m. RT. 25m 18s. 7th. Rob Hooper CT.34.19. HT.9.00m. RT. 25m 19s. 8th. Matt Marshall CT.34.20. HT. 9.40m. RT. 24m 40s. 9th. Brent Kircher CT.34.21. HT.7.30m. RT.26m 51s. 10th. Janette Hooper CT. 34.43. HT. 3.00m. RT.31m 43s. 11th. Drew Titheridge CT.34.44. HT. 8.20m. RT. 26m 24s. 12th. Nigel Chatterton CT.35.01. HT.7.30m. RT.27m 31s. 13th. Nick Grijns CT.35.02. HT.7.30m. RT.27m 32s. 14th. Ronnie Campbell CT.35.02. HT.9.00m. RT.26m 02s. 15th. Don Morrison CT.35.02. HT. 8.20m. RT. 26m 42s. 16th. Lucy Kirwan CT.35.03. HT. 7.30m. RT.27m 33s. 17th. Shane Gerken CT.35.03. HT.9.00m. RT. 26m 03s. 18th. Pam Harcourt CT. 35.03. HT. 8.20m. RT.26m 43s. 19th. Ross Proctor CT.35.04. HT.5.50m. RT. 29m 14s. 20th. Brent Hudson CT. 35.04. HT. 5.50m. RT. 29m 14s. 21st. Debbie Skinner CT. 35.04. HT.3.00m. RT.32m 04s. 22nd. Andy Skinner CT. 35.05. HT. 7.30m. RT. 27m 35s. 23rd. Dave Shurrock CT. 35.05. HT. 7.30m. RT. 27m 35s. 24th. Roger Wilson CT. 35.06. HT.8.20m. RT.26m 46s. 25th. Alan Johns CT.35.06. HT. Go. RT. 35m 06s. 26th. Colman Burke CT.35.07. HT.10.10m. RT. 24m 57s. 27th. Richard Kirwan CT. 35.07. HT. 10.10m. RT. 24m 57s. 28th. Liz Wylie CT.35.23. HT.3.00m. RT.32m 23s. 29th. Brad Hudson Ct. 35.30. HT. 12.10m. RT. 23m 20s. F/T. 30th. Steven Hands CT. 35.31. HT. 12.10m. RT. 23m 21s. 2f/t. 31st. Wayne Clement CT.35.31. HT. 12.10m. RT.23m 21s. 3f/t. 32nd. Michael Gallagher CT.35.32. HT. 12.10m. RT. 23m 22s. 4f/t. 33rd. Tony Ward CT.35.32. HT.12.10m

RT.23m 22s. 5f/t. 34th. Paul Macfie CT. 35.47. HT. 10.10m. RT.25m 37s. 35th. Paul Chapman CT.36.07. HT.9.00m. RT.27m 07s. 36th. Doug Coley CT.37.17. HT. 9.00m. RT. 28m 17s. 37th. Kerry Clough CT. 37.42. HT. 5.50m. RT.31m 52s.



  • GOLF

Ashburton County Women’s Ladies Golf

August 3

Bisque Par

1st Val Fleming 12 up: Diana Wellman 8up: Brenda Whittaker 7 up: Jane Helmore & Marilyn Walker both 6 up.

Two’s Jane Helmore

N.P. on No 6 0-27 Jane Helmore:  on Non12 28 plus Shirley Young

9 Hole players winner Jan Fitgerald with 4 up



Ashburton Golf Club

August 4

Radius Care Player of the day Ray Lambert 83-20=63 nett and 45pts.  Other winning scores: Adrian Hopwood and Terry O’Reilly 42; Bruce Day and Grant Smith 41; George Brown, Tufuga Sa and Tom Blacklow 39; Brent Clarke, Phil Kerr, Robbie Bell, Don McQuarters and Perry Hunt 38.

After two rounds of the Brandon Cup the leading score is 82pts scored by both Wilson Hii and Adrian Hopwood.

Twos: Matt Tait, Robbie Bell, Ray Lambert, Tufuga Sa, Tony Bennett and Grant Smith.

Nearest The Pins: South Island Seeds: Robbie Bell; Rothbury Insurance: Tim Newton; Allenton Meat Centre: Robbie Bell; Braided Rivers: Tony Bennett; Charming Thai Longest Putt: Jason Overend; The Stables Family Restaurant Lucky Draw: Royce Jamieson.

Birdie Jackpot: #12, Nett Eagles: #5


Nine Hole Results

Winner: Fiona Williamson with 21pts.  Other winning scores: Bruce Leighton 17; Wendy Hopwood, Andrew Teale and Sam Prince all with 16pts.


August 11 and 14

Women’s Section

Rnd 2 Sunmeade (Silver): Sally Lemon 74

Rnd 2 HE Cook (Bronze): Dee Simmons 69 on c/b, Robin Bennett 69, Barb Williams 69

Nearest the Pins:

No 4 Gabites: Trish Cates, No 8 House of Travel: Trish Cates, No 12 Lynn’s small Salon: Pam Feutz, No 14 Todds of Ashburton: Jeanette Montgomery, No 4 Somerset Grocer 2nd shot: Win Carter, No 18 2nd Shot to Green: Win Carter

Twos: None



Mayfield Ladies Golf

August 14

District Teams; Mt Somers 32 stablefords, Hinds 31.25, Mayfield 30.5, Westerfield 28.75.  Individual Stablefords; Sanae Hydes 38.  Best Nett; Marg Read 106-34-72, Sharon Duthie 103-30-73. Hastings McLeod Property Brokers Marilyn Cross 2nd Shot 2 & 11; 0-29 Christine Ross, 30+ Alison Vessey.  Sim’s Bakery Nearest Pin 5 & 14; No 5 Anne Maree Blair, No 11 Judy Webb.



Mayfield Golf Club

August 8

Mid-Week Stableford Competition – reduced to 9 holes owing to rain

Arnold Rushton 19 Stableford points, Allan Dixon 19, Wayne Vessey 19, Wayne Blair 18, Charlie Rapsey 18.


August 9 

Best Nett

1st Jo Cook 53-21-32 c/b Lynley Mackenzie 53-21-32

Greg Sim Building & Excavating 2nd Shot No 2: Victoria Johnson, Mayfield Transport No 5: Victoria Johnson

2nd Round Club Championship Winner: Lynley Mackenzie


August 11

Stroke round winners: Charile Rapsey 67 Dave Morrow 68 Wayne Blair 72 John Low 72 Murry Keir 73 Kallara player of day: Charile Rapsey 85/18/67



Methven Golf Club 

August 8

Ladies Division


Silver: Gayle O’Duffy 87-16-71, Angela Mowbray 84-12-72

Bronze A: Sally Jones 101-25-76 C/B, Robyn Maw 100-24-76

Bronze B: Roz Grant 102-33-69, Nola Hydes 106-30-76

7th Tui’s: Roz Grant 40, Gayle O’Duffy 38

Best Net of the Day: Roz Grant 69

Nearest the Pins: #6 Silver Methven Pharmacy: Angela Mowbray, #17 Bronze A Aribica: Heather Santy, #4 Bronze B Cinema Paradiso: Wendy Wareing, #13 Open Methven Foursquare: Angela Mowbray, #14 2nd shot(Br B) Supervalue: Heather Middleton, #17 Sat Ladies Methven Travel: Sally Jones

Two’s and Nett Eagles: Gail Limbrick. Roz Grantx3. Gayle O’Duffy. Angela Mowbray


August 11

Men’s Division

Stableford Round

Senior:  Michael Kemp 76-8-68 39pts. Intermediate: Frank Sandys 85-14-71 36pts. Junior A: Ross Breach 83-18-65 42pts. Junior B: Gavin Santy 87-25-62 45pts.

Other Good Scores: 39 James Rooney, Ian Lucas. 38 Jim Lattimore, Paddy Helmore. 37 Dayle Lucas, Les Linton. 36 Dave Puckett, Eric Meaclem. 35 Bernard Walsh, Peter Harper, Jeremy Johnson, Alister Maxwell.

Dubliner Best Nett: Gavin Santy 62. Methven Foursquare Second Best Nett: Ross Breach 65. Methven Travel Best Gross: Dayle Lucas 75.

Closest to the Pin-Aqua Japanese Restaurant No 4: Eric Meaclem.  Hunters Wine No 6: Dayle Lucas. Ski Time No 13: Ian Lucas. Green Parrot No 17: Michael Kemp. Cinema Paradiso 2nd shot No 14: Dayle Lucas.

Next Week 18th August: 1st Round Club Champs match play, Blue tees. Tee Off Times: Senior 12.15, Junior A 12.20, Intermediate 12.27 then Junior B.



Methven Golf Club

August 10

9 hole Golf – Canadian Foursome
Alistar Goodwin & Karen Blacklow 56-23-33, Mike Markille & Jodie Monk 52-17-35, Barbara Duffy & Judy May 61-23-38, Trish Pedofsky & Shirley Fitzgerald 69-26-38. PGG Wrightson – Best Players: Alister & Karen. Methven Travel – 2nd Shot: Trish & Shirley



Rakaia Golf Club

August 8

Ladies Division

Connelly Cup – Extra Medal

Marion Wederell 96 – 24 – 72, Jill Burrowes 98 – 26 – 72

9 Hole Players

Stroke – Extra Medal

Val Bell 51 – 17 – 34

Railway Hotel 2nd Shot No 3: Sally Smith, Rakaia Seed Cleaning 2nd Shot No 6: Marion Wederell, Val Bell Nearest the Pin No 8: Judy Moore, Chertsey Spraying 2nd Shot No 15: Sally Smith, S. Quinn 2nd Shot No 17: Freda Bierema


August 11

Men’s Division

Championships Final Qualifying Round

Jeremy Duckmanton 74 – 5 – 69, Chris Helem 81 – 12 – 69, Jeff Blackburn 98 – 28 – 70, Aaron Gallagher 90 – 20 – 70, Paul Burrows 93 – 22 – 71

Nearest the Pins No 8 & 17 Ryan Cockburn, No 6 – Not Struck, No 15 – Paul Burrows

No 3 – 2nd Shot Paul Burrows, 3rd Shot Not Struck

Two’s Paul Burrows



Tinwald Golf Club

August 11


Leading scores in the 3rd round of the Doug Gray Trophy stableford played on Saturday; Senior; -18; Kevin Bishop 40, Steve Cowie 37, Brian Rouse 37, Mark Banks 36, Gordon Rennie 36 b/l. Junior; 19 plus: Dave Allan 45, Alec Millar 40, Ryan Jamieson 37, Lyndon Moore 35, Des Green 34 b/l. Women: (Stroke). Belinda Kirdy net 75. Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Pete Summerfield Gluyas Ford # 6; Adam Lowe. Bedrock Bar and Stonegrill # 12; Dave Rush. Ace Auto Electrical # 16; Brent Smith. G & R Seeds 2nd shot # 11; Brent Smith. Two’s; Ross Preece, Kerry Whiting, Richard Hewson, Brent Smith. Net eagle; # 10 not struck.


August 14

Competition Stroke

1st Diana Wellman 71, 2nd Val Prendergast 73 c.b, 3rd Phylis Smith 73 c/b, 4th Mara Kennedy 73 c/b, 5th Maree Moore 74 c/b

Nearest Pin No 2 Murray Young Property Broker: Phylis Smith, No 6 Sims Bakery: Kirsty McAuliffe, No 12 Mac & Maggie: Colleen Linney, No 16 Outdoor Adventure: Judith Smith

9 Holes Stroke: Donalda Mitchell

Putting: Judith Smith




Mid Canterbury Rugby

August 11 2018

Pre-Season Heartland Team

Agstaff Mid Canterbury 17 South Canterbury 28

Pre-Season Development Team

Agstaff Mid Canterbury A 24 South Canterbury A 38

Under 13 Final

Summerfield Cup

Methven Black 50 Celtic Lysaght Glass 26

Under 11.5 Final


Methven Black 38 Ashburton Online Celtic 40

12th August 2018

Bruce Beckley Memorial Cup Senior B

Rakaia 31 Collegiate 29




Ashburton Target Shooting Association

August 6

Final round of County Shield series at Mayfield Rifle Club

County Shield, won by Mayfield with five wins, from Ashburton three, Mt Somers two and Seafield one.

Citizens Shield, Mayfield five wins, Ashburton three, Mt Somers two and Seafield one.

Tucker Rifle, won by Ashburton, and Seafield Bullet, won by Mayfield.

Individual in grades,

Master grade, Greg Menzies 487.23, A grade, Carl Nordqvist 490.19, Martin Fleming 485.21, Robbie Hewitt 479.16. B grade, Rodney McDowell 486.21, Andrew Donaldson 484.20, Allan Mitchell 474.15. C grade, Ross Duncan 466.13, Neville Martin 463.10, Wayne Tubb 449.3. D grade, Ben Nordqvist 470.10, Mark Smith 449.7, Garth Wright 444.5.

Over 50 trophy, Carl Nordqvist 490.21, Greg Menzies 487.23, Martin Fleming 485.21. Over 60 Trophy, Rodney McDowell 486.21, Robbie Hewitt 479.16, John Fleming 477.16.

Ladies, Klara Harrison 267.4. Juniors, Ben Nordqvist 470.10, Klara Harrison, Eddie Millichamp. Family pairs plus handicap, Carl and Ben Nordqvist 1000.33, Martin and John Fleming 984.39.

Top score on the final night, Ross Duncan 99.7.

Club individual scores in final,

Ashburton Rifle Club,

Allan Mitchell 92.2, Garth Wright 87.0, Greg Menzies 96.3, Murray Cook 95.3, Paul Fletcher 93.1, James Storey 91.2, Rodney McDowell 96.3, Grant Glassey 72.0.

Mt Somers Rifle Club,

Wayne Tubb 94.2, Stephen Millichamp 94.0, Brent Frame 96.2, Dave Millichamp 96.4, Mark Smith 92.3, Andy Oram 95.4.

Mayfield Rifle Club,

Nicholas McDowell 70.0, Ben Nordqvist 93.2, John Fleming 94.2, Martin Fleming 98.5, Carl Nordqvist 98.6, Andrew Donaldson 95.2.

Seafield Rifle Club,

Neville Martin 92.2, Ross Duncan 99.7, Robbie Hewitt 97.3, Peter Wilson 83.2.

Final of Springfield Shield competition, at same time and venue, won by Greg Menzies 196.8, prior 782.40 = 978.48, John Fleming 197.10, 776.40, = 973.50, Brent Frame 191.5, 781.33,  = 972.38, Martin Fleming 196.9, 775.36, =  971.45, Carl Nordqvist 196.6, 768.33  = 964.39, Andy Oram 191.8, 771.36,  = 962.44, Dave Millichamp 194.10, 758.25,  = 952.35, Stephen Millichamp 186.4, 766.23,  = 952.27, Murray Cook 196.12, 742.15, = 938.27.


Ashburton Rifle Club

Murray Cook 94.1, 95.4, Garth Wright 89.0, Allan Mitchell 95.2, Grant glassey 92.0, Greg Menzies 98.5, 100.8, Bruce Dellow 86.0, 92.0, James Storey 91.1, Abbey Calder 85.0, Lachlan Storey 78.0, Chrissy Lee 77.0, Paul Fletcher 92.2, Rodney McDowell 96.3.


Mt Somers Rifle Club

August 13

Josh Jones 66, Jeremy Jones 82, Jess Heaven 95.4, 96.2, Emily Heaven 70, Lachlan Rooney 91.3, 89.2, Brea Greer 73.1, Caleb Greer 81.1, Tim Greer 91.1, Mark Smith 90.1, 89.1, Dave Millichamp 97.5, 96.3, Brent Frame 97.6, Wayne Tubb 92.1, Kevin Fews 92.4, 90.3, Julian Fews 86.

Mayfield Rifle Club

Robert Spencer Jnr 93.2, 90, Daniel Gould 83, Ben Nordqvist 96.2, 95.2,  Nicholas McDowell 82.1, John Fleming 98.4, 98.4, Andrew Donaldson 95.4, Carl Nordqvist 97.4, Martin Fleming 98.5.
Mayfield Scouts: Trista Farnell 75, Caitlan Paddon 70.1, Ella Mielnik 59, Kade Farnell 58.



Target Shooting Mid Canterbury

August 13/14

Coronation: Lanelle McArthur 200.13, Shania Harrison-Lee 199.10, 98.4, 98.6, Nina McKenzie 193.10, 195.9, Leo Wildy 279.1, Steve McArthur 192.6, Coby Snowden 183.5, Sandy Bennett 195.9, 98.5, Bryan Hunter 191.5, Emma Smith 193.3, 96.2, Earnie Hermann (visitor from Invercargill) 186.3, T.J. Stewart 194.10, Colin Taylor 194.7, 97.5, Sam Smith 183.4, Michaela Smith 186.7, 183.3, Heather Ross 89.1,89.2,  Bill Rankin 194.8, Keith Bonnington 94.2, Ben Thomas 87.1,

Phoenix: from rest: Madi Tourle 77.0, Shikayla Hutchinson 91.0, Kate McIntosh 74.2, Tane Moore 90.2, Tyler Tuki 90.0,93.2,96.3, Liam Taylor 79.1, From Sling; Jacob Kilworth 84.1, 94.4, Jacob Swan 90.1, Amelia Swan 84.1, Max Lambert-Lane 71.1, Charlotte McKenzie 85.1, 91.1, Hiromi Horsley 92.2, Mitchell Taylor 89.2, Katie Ellis 92.1, 91.1,  Aimee Harris 92.0, 87.1, Sam Hall 87.0, Jack McIntosh 80.1, Ben Thomas 88.0, 91.1,Richard Pearce 97.6, Tim Ryan 93.5, Fiona McFall 91.1, Emma Smith 194.8, Sandy Bennett 188.6, Colin Taylor 193.8, Bill Rankin 183.2, Michaela Smith 98.5, Andrew McKenzie 188.6, Keith Bonnington 192.9.



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