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Sport - Draws and Results

  • Draws and Results submission:

All draws and results to be emailed to by 3pm Monday for the Tuesday’s draws and results page, sent as a word or in the body of the email, clearly head as a draw or a result. (Draws for Monday-Wednesday can be submitted before Wednesday 3pm for Thursday’s paper)





  • GOLF

Ashburton County Ladies

November 24

Vets Golf

At Ashburton 9.00am for 9.30am start

9 Hole players welcome

Food available – small prize for raffle



Ashburton Golf Club

November 25

A Stroke round will be held for the Santa Maria Cup.

Starting times: Morning 8.00am. Afternoon report to the Pro shop at 12.00 for a 12.30pm start.  Nine hole golfers report at 1.00 for a 1.30pm start.




Mid Canterbury Junior Tennis

November 25

Round 5

All games to start at 9am sharp

Junior A Grade

Southern Sparks v Methven Bronze at ATTC; Allenton Wolves v Methven Silver at Mt Hutt College; Hampstead Eagles v Wakanui at Wakanui.

Junior B Grade – Duty Team Methven Black

Allenton Bears v Tinwald Federer at Tinwald; Methven White v Hampstead Pelicans at ATTC; Methven Black v Dorie B at ATTC; Southern Slammers – Bye.

Junior C

Methven Blue v Tinwald Williams at ATTC; Methven Red v Hampstead Owls at Methven Domain; Allenton Tigers v Southern Allenton Sharks at Allenton;  Dorie C – Bye.

Please phone any defaults through to Mid Canterbury Junior Tennis 308 3020 as soon as possible.






Allenton Bowling Club

November 17

Show Day Open 4’s (Nan Chatterton Trophy) sponsored by Tinwald Tavern

1st R. Tonks, M. Reid, F. McKnight & A. Reid 3 wins, 18 ends & 43 points, 2nd S. Holdom, M. Smallridge, B. Holdom & B. Ravenscroft 3 wins, 17 ends & 36 points, 3rd W. Watson, S. Doig, J. Kingsbury & R. Johnston – 3 wins, 16 ends & 35 points, 4th G. Eder, M. Eder, W. Lee & K. Muir 2 wins, 1 draw, 16 ends & 38 points



Hampstead Bowling Club

November 19

Histon Cup – Sponsored by Rainers Irrigation

1st Place D Gutberlet, P Collins, O Collins 4 Wins, 24 Ends, 54 Points; 2nd Place G Bishop, J Mitchell, B Ravencroft 3 Wins, 1 Draw 24 Ends, 42 Points; 3rd Place K Bennett, I Kaye, G Clarke 3 Wins, 20 Ends, 33 Points




Ashburton Bridge Club

November 13

2 rds duplicate

N/S 1st Joyce Johnson & George Brown, 2nd Pat Wise & Marjorie Hoar, 3rd Mary Bruce & Colin Clemens

E/W 1st Lynette Leadley & David Wilkinson, 2nd Gladys Baker & Pauline Scott, 3rd Wendy Parr & Maryke Blignaut

November 14

A Ladder

N/S 1st Mary Buckland & Trish Downward, 2nd Amanda Gray & Paul Fergus, 3rd Melva Stowell & Pauline Fergus

E/W 1st Audrey Rooney & Maureen Kolkman, 2nd Kay Robb & Rosemary McLaughlin, 3rd Jeanette Lovett & Val Palmer

November 15

2 rds Duplicate

N/S 1st Melva Stowell & Mary Buckland, 2nd Pat Jordan & Kay Robb, 3rd Rosemary McLaughlin & Rewa Kyle

E/W 1st Maree Moore & Pauline Fergus 2nd Johnny Wright & Arthur Maude, 3rd Rona Brownlie & Shirley Harris

November 16

President’s Trophy

N/S 1st Melva Stowell & Anne Reid, 2ndTrish Downward & Rosemary McLaughlin, 3rd David Sewell & Paul Fergus

E/W 1st Pat Jordan & Mike Holmes, 2nd Trish Small & Val Palmer, 3rd Peter Downward & Mary Buckland




Waireka Croquet Club

November 13

Golf Croquet Interclub

Advanced Grade – Waireka v Aorangi

Singles: Bill Allnutt 4 v Oscar Baird-Gosling 7; Chris Spittal 6 v Tom Weir 7; Sue Lamb 3 v Brian Maxwell 7; Caitlin Smith 7 v Joan Simpson 3; Chris Spittal 7 v Oscar Baird-Gosling 3; Bill Allnutt 7 v Tom Weit 4; Caitlin Smith 7 v Brisn Maxwell 2; Sue Lamb 6 v Joan Simpson 7; Doubles: Oscar Baird-Gosling and Tom Weir 7 v Bill Allnutt and Chris Spittal 5; Caitlin Smith and Sue Lamb 5 v Brian Maxwell and Joan Siompson 7; Total games won: Waireka 4 v Aorangi 6; Total points (hoops) Waireka 57 v Aorangi 54;

Intermediate Grade – Waireka Red v Geraldine

Singles: Audrey Leath 7 v Bill Anderson 4; Bev Blair 7 v Jenny Wilson 3; Eva Kircher 7 v Bev Hill 4; Phyllis Reith 7 v Chris O’Sullivan 4; Audrey Leath 6 v Jenny Wilson 7; Bev Blair 7 v Bill Anderson 3; Eva Kircher 4 v Chris O’Sullivan 7; Phyllis Reith 7 v Bev Hill 3;

Doubles: Audrey Leath and Bev Blair 7 v Bill Anderson and Jenny Wilson 4; Eva Kircher and Phyllis Reith 7 v Bev Hill and Chris O’Sullivan 2; Total games won Waireka Red 8 v Geraldine 2; Total points (hoops) Waireka Red 66 v Geraldine 41;

Waireka White v Waimate

Singles: Janice Murta 7 v Anne McMaster 4; Jackie Rollinson 7 v Dale Munro 6; Mary Bruce 7 v Kay Don 4; John Lobb 7 v Elaine Ryan 1; Jackie Rollinson 2 v Anne McMaster 7; Janice Murta 7 v Dale Munro 6; John Lobb 2 v Kay Don 7; Mary Bruce 1 v Elaine Ryan 7;

Doubles: Janice Murta and Jackie Rollinson 4 v Anne McMaster and Dale Munro 7; Mary Bruce and Donna Lobb 7 v Kay Don and Elaine Ryan 6; Total games won Waireka White 6 v Waimate 4; Total points (hoops) Waireka White 51 v Waimate 55;

Primary Grade – Waireka v Waimate

Singles: Shelagh Field 7 v Emmy Garland 3; Donna Lobb 7 v Gloria Jensen 1; Rob Webb 7 v Jan Dick 4; Pauline Scott 7 v Peter Wallace 6; Donna Lobb 7 v Gloria Jensen 6; Shelagh Field 7 v Emmy Garland 6; Pauline Scott 6 v Jan Dick 7; Rod Webb 7 v Peter Wallace 2;

Doubles: Shelagh Field and Donna Lobb 6 v Emmy Garland and Gloria Jensen 7; Rob Webb and Pauline Scott 7 v Jan Dick and Peter Wallace 4; Total games won Waireka 8 v Waimate 2; Total points (hoops) Waireka 68 v Wimate 45


Ruby Ferriman Competition Golf Croquet

Bev Blair and Anne Aldridge 4 v Eva Kircher and Audrey Howden 7; Bill Allnutt and Jacquline Ross 7 v John Lobb and Mary Bruce 4; Sue Lamb and Pauline Scott 7 v Bruce Leath and Donna Lobb 6; Bev Blair and Anne Aldridge 1 v Phyllis Reith and Rod Webb 7; Sue Lamb and Pauline Scott 7 v John Lobb and Mary Bruce 1; Eva Kircher and Audrey Howden 5 v Heather Kaye and Jeannette Early 7; Bill Allnutt and Jacquline Ross 7 v Bruce Leath and Donna Lobb 6;



Croquet South Canterbury

November 18 and 19

Golf Croquet

Championship Doubles played at Waimate

Winners on a count back were J Wilson & W Anderson Geraldine club, runners up E Johnston & D Verdonk Awamoa/Gardens club 9 wins




Mid Canterbury Social Wheelers

November 15

Wednesday Night McGee Cup & Mid-Canterbury Social Wheelers Series

1st. Katrina Palmer CT.30.24. HT. Go. RT. 30m 24s. 2nd. Hayden Jefferson CT. 30.32. HT.7.40m. RT. 22m 52s. F/T. 3rd. Tony Ward CT. 30.32. HT. 7.40m. RT. 22m 52s. 2f/t. 4th. Matthew Clough CT. 30.33. HT.6.30m. RT. 24m 03s.  5th. Kevin Opele CT. 30.34. HT. 5.00m. RT.25m 34s. 6th. Cameron Harcourt CT.30.34. HT. 3.30m. RT. 27m 03s. 7th. Michael Gallagher CT.30.35. HT. 7.40m. RT. 22m 55s. 3f/t. 8th. Paul Sinclair CT. 30.35. HT. 6.30m. RT. 24m 05s. 9th. Gerard Morrison CT.30.35. HT.6.30m. RT.24m 05s. 10th. Mark Summerfield CT.30.36. HT.3.30m. RT.27m 06s. 11th. Matt Marshall CT. 30.36. HT.6.30m. RT.24m 06s. 12th. Oliver Davidson CT.30.40. HT.7.40m. RT. 23m 00s. 4f/t. 13th. John Fergusion CT. 30.59. HT.2.00m. RT. 28m 59s. 14th. Martin Hyde CT.31.00. HT. 5.00m. RT. 26m 00s. 15th. Paul Summerfield CT. 31.17. HT. 3.30m. RT. 27m 47s. 16th. Brent Hudson CT.32.03. HT. 3.30m. RT. 28m 33s. 17th. Ross Templeton CT.32.19. HT. 6.30m. RT. 25m 49s. 18th. Roger Wilson CT. 32.26. HT. 6.30m. RT. 27m 26s.  19th. Kerry Clough CT. 32.31. HT. Go. RT. 32m 31s. 20th. Liz Wylie CT.32.31. HT. Go. 32m 31s. 21st. Mark Smitheram CT.32.46. HT. 3.30m. RT. 29m 16s.



  • GOLF

Ashburton Golf Club

November 11

A M Sutherland Memorial Trophy

Winners with a combined stableford score of 82: Pat Turton and Greig Sparrow, they were also the Radius Care Players of the Day.  Other winning scores: Peter and Paul Morrison 80; Robert Pawsey and Tong King 78; Hamish Niles and Andrew Tindall 74; Paul Greer and Chris Ralston 72; Dave and Nicki Gill 72.

Nearest The Pins: Braided Rivers: Paul May; Rothbury Insurance: Peter Morrison, Allenton Meat Centre: Terry O’Reilly, South Island Seeds: Peter Walker, Charming Thai (longest putt) Murray Moorehead.

Twos: Paul MacFie, Brendon Davidson, Peter Morrison, Greig Sparrow, Paul May and Dave Gill.

Birdy Jackpot #5, Nett Eagles: #5


Nine Hole

Stroke Round

Winner: Terry O’Reilly nett 30.  Other winning scores: Wendy Hopwood 32; Kevin Hurley, Laurence Hanrahan and Dick Hansen all 33.

Twos: Kevin Hurley and Terry O’Reilly.


November 17

Midlands Seed Friday night

Top Team: Periwinkles 96 – Tonee Hurley, Elenor Langford, Peter Woods, Kevin Hurley; Men: Burtons Burglers 88.5, Henpecked 88, Probians; Women: Watch n Wait 88, Mixed Bunch 87; Mixed: Country Classics 86, Yorkshire Puddings 85; Top lady: Tonee Hurley & Elenor Langford 32; Top man: Bruce Ferriman 33

Nearest the Pins: Templeton Motors – Brenton Donaldson, Paul May Motors – Jonathan Grant, Mac & Maggies – Alison Vessey, BP Ashburton – Vicki Moore, Gabites Lucky Player – Garth Madden; BP Lucky Player – Brent Smith

Twos: Sam Clarke, Jenny Stoddart, Cheryl Yates, Johathan Grant, Greig Sparrow



Mayfield Golf Club

November 15

Twilight 9 Hole Stableford Competition

Terry Kingsbury 21 Stableford points, Kristine Ross 20, Allan Dixon 20, Bill Allan 20, Anne-Maree Blair 19, Andrew Peck 18, Wayne Blair 18.

Nearest the Pin: Anne-Maree Blair; Two’s: Terry Kingsbury, Ian Beach & Wayne Blair.



Tinwald Golf Club

November 16



Leading scores in the stableford round: -6; Brent Kirdy 24, Nigel Heney 20. 7-10; Sam Shearer 24, Michael Thomas 22, Richie Watson 21, Pete Marshall 21, Kieron Gray 20 b/l. 11 plus; John Harris 24, Geoff Soal 23, Nick Wilson 22, Jamie Binnie 20. Women: -14; Leen Bell 23, Joyce VanderHeide 22, Belinda Kirdy 21. 15 Plus; Barb Harris 27, Ina Divers 24, Shirley Young 22. Non-Handicap; Ryan Bell net 36, Todd Halliday 36. Nearest the pin: # 6. Michael Thomas. # 16 Richie Watson. Two’s: Dave Allan, Pam McAndrew, Richie Watson, Michael Thomas, Eugene Davies, Belinda Kirdy,


November 18


Leading scores in the first round of the summer trophies and championships: – 14; Jeff Hewitt 68. 15-21; Richard Thompson 68, Wayne Mellish 70, Bill Anstey 70. 22 plus; Steve Kircher 61, Alec Millar 65, Clarrie Whiting 66, Wayne Ross 67 b/l. Women; Linda McClea 68, Joyce VanderHeide 69. Nearest the pin: Tinwald Liquorland # 2; Gordon Rennie. Gluyas Ford # 6; Kevin Bishop. Bedrock Bar and Stonegrill # 12; Kieron Gray. Ace Auto Electrical # 16; Ray Wards. Two’s; Neil Connelly.Net Eagle;

# 10, Lindsay Jackson, Wayne Ross, Alec Millar.




Ashburton MSA Petanque Club

November 18 and 19

South Island Senior Doubles held in Ashburton

Championship winners: Mavis Thomson, Timaru and Karen Stephen, Ashburton; Runners up: Aileen Simpson and Bev Kendall, Caversham; Third = Alice Maguigan and Art Vernon, Papanui, Caroline Kinloch and Noeline Newton, Papanui; Plate winners: Jan Guilford and Karen Bensdorp, Ashburton; Runners up: Gretchen Preston and Graeme Cooper, Taieri; Third = Kay George and Mervyn Wilson, Caversham, Sandra and Lindsay Hay, Alexandra.

Bowl winners: Marilyn and Colin Bunce, Alexandra, Runners up: Ellen Pithie and Mick Little, Ashburton, Third: Dorothy and Tom Stratton Taieri, Fourth: Rewa Kyle, Ashburton, Les Clearwater Christchurch, Fifth: Sallie and Roy, Harry-Young, Caversham, Sixth: Annette Williams, Richard Hambleton Taieri




Mid Canterbury Tennis

November 15

Twilight Tennis

Section 1

Untouchaballs 16 v Hackers 17, Flow Dairies 11 v Tridents 22, Famous Grouse 16 v Council Crew 17, TBC 14 v We Are Stihl Suzuki 19, Tax-manian Devils 14 v High Raters 19

Division 2

Hit 4 Brains 19 v CATS 14, Court Jesters 17 v String Quartet 16, Harcourts 18 v Bits and Pieces 15.


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