Letter to the Editor, January 13

Four-lane highway

Andrew Falloon knows that launching a petition to save National’s pre-election carrot of having a four-lane highway between Rolleston and Ashburton is a shoo-in to get people
to agree with him.

Who wouldn’t love to be able to travel from Christchurch to Ashburton on a nice new motorway?

But when the logistics of this is considered surely he must know it’s a bit of a joke.

The completed Stage 1 motorway from Addington to Hornby, and the uncompleted Stage 2, have a total cost of $335 million and cover a distance of 15 kilometres.

Rolleston to Ashburton is over four times that and includes the Rakaia bridge, the longest
bridge in New Zealand.

This will probably happen at some stage, but I doubt it will be feasible for a good few years yet.

Some traffic lights at Tinwald would be much more realistic.

Simon Blissett