Nick Lindo

The soft shoe shuffle

So PM Bill English has pounced. As Murray and Hekia fade into the pantheon of ministers past, Farmer Bill has (more)

Sophie-Claire Violettefetuer

Leaving part of yourself at home

Who am I, when leaving home to gain a new future also means losing your past? Last week, I was invited to make a (more)

Sue Newman

Striking for a good cause

The heady days of unions ruling the world of employment have long gone. In the past powerful, thousand-member (more)

Phill Hooper

No more happy days

It was sad to hear the news of the death of Erin Moran from Happy Days. Sounds like she didn’t have a very (more)

Donna Favel

Expressing your opinions

Mayor's column April 27 I have always been a strong advocate for community engagement with our council. Even (more)


Community crime meeting

Letter to the Editor, April 27 I sat among a group of very frustrated and irate people at the community forum held (more)

Megan Gnad

Outstanding local youth

The youth of Ashburton has not been portrayed in the best light lately. With hundreds turning out to a public (more)

Susan Sandys

Anzac Day turnout a joy to see

It was fantastic to see such a high turnout at Anzac Day services throughout Mid Canterbury yesterday. As many (more)

Matt Markham

Crusaders’ coach off to an impressive start

They say that a change is as good as a holiday. But in the case of the Crusaders, it could be as good as a Super (more)

Andrew Hoggard

Immigration a tough question

Perhaps it goes against the grain of the average Kiwi to have some sympathy for politicians, but there’s no doubt (more)

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