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‘Not double trouble’

As the mother of nearly one-year-old twins Jorja and Charlee McLachlan, Anna MacPherson hates the term “double (more)

Education targets remain hotly disputed

Lofty targets set by the Ministry of Education have added more fuel to the debate over national standards. Results (more)

Stadium coffers boosted

A whole community gathered to watch the auction of a house on Saturday that would provide the last of the funds (more)

Take care on child IDs

The Government should tread carefully over the use of identification numbers to be allocated to youngsters in early (more)

Hagglunds save day

Snow may fall and winds may blow, but nothing is going to stop a new team of two Hagglund all-terrain vehicles from (more)

Leaky building to be demolished

A leaky Ashburton Borough School building at the centre of a legal battle failed an inspection and never received a (more)

Japanese footballers made welcome

Japanese children got their first taste of a traditional Maori powhiri yesterday at the opening of the 16th Annual (more)

Family centre may ease GP shortage

Mid Canterbury’s thin GP stocks could be beefed up by a family health centre the Canterbury District Health Board (more)

ECE centres have year-long waiting lists

Year-long waiting lists at full Mid Canterbury early childhood centres have been reflected in new Ministry of (more)

Cyclists pushing for passing distance

The Cycling Advocates Network is calling for cyclist passing distance recommendations to become law, after the (more)