John Niblett

Head chef also tickles turtles’ tastebuds

Not only is John Niblett the head chef at the Terrace Downs restaurant, he is also a leader in turtle (more)

Parking Meter

Ashburton drivers paying their parking fines

Ashburton residents may not be good at filling up their parking meters, but the majority of them appear to be stumping (more)


Novopay errors rankle College principal

A dishonest and cheap move that has contributed to the 250 additional hours worked by school staff has angered (more)

031212-KG_008Christmas Decorations

Lighting up the town for Christmas

From small beginnings – EA Networks staff member Ian Dolden starts the long job of stringing Ashburton’s (more)

Ashburton Library

Library staff taking a hard look at the future

The sun might soon be setting on the day of the public library as we know it. Dwindling issue numbers and changing (more)


Orchestral lead-in to Christmas

Josiah Benno plays the violin during the Crescendo Christmas concert, performed by the Mid Canterbury Young (more)


Going green turns to gold for Borough kids

A growing bunch of Ashburton Borough ‘Greenies’ were presented with their second Green-Gold award last (more)

Social agencies might be big losers

Several Ashburton social agencies could find their funding chopped under the Local Government Amendment Bill. The (more)

Complexities of the job hunt

Getting a job is not always straightforward. Many of us in secure employment may roll our eyes at those who are (more)

Four decades on Hotel Ashburton’s graveyard shift

It might not have been part of her job description, but Gill Small has seen more than her share of naked (more)