Lotto winner yet to come forward

There was just one question on the lips of Methven yesterday. Who?

The community waited another pain-staking day to find the ticket holder of the $142,857 division one Lotto ticket still in hiding yesterday, as the rumour mill went up another gear.

Many are holding out hope that it goes to a deserving local, while there is an increasing suspicion the winner may not know they have won or are from out of town.

From staffroom chatter at Methven Primary School, it emerged it was a syndicate of winners from Methven who were still waiting to claim the prize.

“I talked to almost every single parent that came in today, asking if it was them who had won, there’s a lot of excitement around it,” principal Chris Murphy said.

Rachael Eddington from Methven Four Square said the ticket was the second to go unclaimed, with a division two ticket from a month ago also outstanding.

She had no inkling of who may have won it, but even if she did, she would not be allowed to tell.

“Today’s been really good at the shop, there’s a lot of happy people around and people coming in saying they can’t believe we have won the big one,” Ms Eddington said.

A Methven Motor Services worker said the Lotto ticket was the talk of the town.

“We don’t know who it is, maybe the person is keeping it under wraps or it could have been passers by, but we live in a small community and word will get round,” she said.

– Myles Hume