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Photo Linda Clarke

Michelle Copland, rhythmic gymnastics – We will be forced to relocate if the fees increase. It is a perfect stadium for rhythmic gymnastics and we enjoy using it.

I have had a fantastic response to the classes I have put on and over the last year have gone from 1 hour training a week to 7. I have approximately 22 girls and would like to be able to get more kids involved once I can secure some more coaches.

I have two squads training at the moment – a recreation squad (1 hour per week) and a competition squad.

The competition squad has a minimum of 4-7 hours training per week the girls have to complete.

I found it more difficult to convince some of the families to make this extra financial commitment to the extra hours necessary for competitive rhythmic gymnastics.


Dave Young, volleyball – I do not support the proposed increased fees and charges for users of the EA Networks Centre.

I understand that prices must rise from time to time as costs do rise as well. To increase costs in the region of 40 to 50 per cent in one hit I feel will drive many individuals but more significantly large player participation groups eg netball away from the stadium. Because they and other sports have to pay affiliation fees to a national body their subs are already at a level where some families struggle to cope and we all want our kids playing sport.

In this day and age many people multi-sport and use this stadium for their sports so they will receive a double or maybe triple hit in their fees.

I urge you to rethink over these plans.


Kaye Kennedy, netball – I do not support the increase of 40 per cent to users of the stadium. Mid Canterbury Netball is a major user of the stadium and it would mean netball would have to shift back outdoors because of the costs.

Netball has seen an increase in player numbers since the competitions have been moved indoors.

I believe this trend would reverse if games were shifted back outside. It would be so sad to see the children have to go back to playing on Saturday mornings out in the cold, and we would also see a drop in spectators.

If costs increase at all they should be shared evenly between stadium users and gym users. Why should community based sports bear most of the burden?

The council has to be very careful it does not make the facility so expensive that people will not come through the doors – any increase in user fees would soon be absorbed by reducing numbers.


Other comments:

… I would like to strongly oppose the increase in prices at the EA Centre. Already there has been a price increase and very soon people will be unable to afford to play sports in this facility so either the entire sport will move somewhere else or many, many people ,mostly children, will be unable to afford the sub to play.


… I am against the fee increase for EA network. If it goes up anymore I can’t afford for my daughter to play netball. Club sub is already expensive as it is because of the court hire.

. . . The courts have already got too expensive for some people, and raising it is going to kill off sport there for a lot of people. It already went up by more than 10 per cent last year.


… My wife and I pay rates, and we try to play a lot of sport. We nearly spend $800 on fees to use the courts a year, and think any more would be excessive


… It is an awesome facility but I’m worried about our less fortunate families who struggle to provide in current standings. I think there will be too many families and players who get turned away from sport due to the ridiculous costs.


… As a young family we attend indoor football and pay subs to do so. This is the only sport we can afford after and allows us to stay involved with the community. The facilities at the centre are wonderful and at the moment affordable. It’s important for our mental health to exercise and interact with everyone. It would mean a lot to keep the price the same.