Well deserved

Kate McIntyre, before the makeover.
Kate McIntyre, before the makeover.

Mother’s Day Makeover by Megan Gnad

If Kate McIntyre had her way, she would have divided up her Mother’s Day prize pack and gifted it to as many Mid Canterbury mums as she could.

This is exactly the kind hearted, generous nature that ultimately saw her win the Guardian’s competition, nominated by her daughter, Stacey Stoddart.

To celebrate Mother’s Day and the endless hard work, love, support and dedication by local mums, we wanted to spoil someone extra special with a $1500 prize pack and makeover.

After carefully considering a multitude of entries, we were blown away with Stacey’s message, saying she nominated her mum because she does so much for others, even when times have been tough.

Humbled and overwhelmed by her selection, on the day of her fabulous makeover and “girls’ day out” Kate and Stacey could barely contain their excitement.

“It’s been an absolutely amazing experience (taking part in) things I just don’t spend time doing,” she said.

“It was great to spend time with Stacey and (grandson) Fletcher enjoyed the girl’s day out.”

Pictured with her daughter Stacey Stoddart and grandson, Fletcher (3 months).
Pictured with her daughter Stacey Stoddart and grandson, Fletcher (3 months).

During the experience, Kate was treated to a classy new hairstyle, pampered with terrific make-up and manicure and styled into some stunning clothing and shoes in autumn hues. She was also presented with some beautiful flowers, gifts and enjoyed a delicious lunch, which was all wrapped up with a gorgeous photoshoot at the end of the day.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, Kate had also been up to some surprises of her own, making a secret booking for Stacey to have her hair cut at the same time.

Sharing the experience, turned out to be the highlight of her day.

Stacey didn’t tell a soul when she nominated her mum in this year’s competition.

“She just does so much for other people, she’s always there when I need her, she’s only a text away and she does things for strangers,” she said.

The mum of two young boys of her own – Henderson, who is 2 in May, and Fletcher Stoddart, 3 months – she says her mother is a godsend who babysits every Friday so she can take a break, comes over to do washing and even takes it home sometimes.

“I don’t enter many competitions, because there are lots of people who are very deserving, but something said to me; ‘you have to apply for it; she deserves it’,” she said.

After a nervous wait, she was over-the-moon when she got the call to say her mum was the prize winner.

A quick call was required as a pre-warning.

“She rang me and I didn’t even know there was a competition,” exclaimed Kate.

“She said you might be getting a call…I can’t believe it.

“Things like this just don’t happen and it’s not something I ever get the chance to do.”

Kate is also mum to Joshua, 24, who is engaged to Casey and has a 6-year-old son, Noah, both of whom have been lovingly absorbed into the family.

A special mention also went to her husband, “because without him, I wouldn’t be a mum”.

“He’s a very hard worker and provided the opportunity for me to be the sort of mum I wanted to be.”

And she expressed thanks to her own mum and dad, Helen and Andrew, who she said; “are the most incredible, kind, caring, supportive, loving people I know and I wouldn’t be the person I am without them”.

When the children were small, Kate started her own window cleaning company so she had the freedom to go to important things at school.

“One of us was at home and I would work the days he was home,” she said.

“You can’t have a relationship with people unless you spend time with them.”

Now working in reception at Hotel Ashburton, Kate’s greatest passions in life are her family, friends, gardening and working with her two ex-race horses.

Therefore, she says she doesn’t find a lot of time to peruse the beauty aisles and would much rather spend her money on other options.

“One of the things I avoid the most are my hair and make-up,” she said.

“Even when Stacey got married, she was very organised and we didn’t have time to spend together.”

The extra special day also offered mother and daughter quality moments away from the busyness of family life.

Kate tries on some lovely clothes at Sparrows with Jolene helping.
Kate tries on some lovely clothes at Sparrows with Jolene helping.

The competition prize pack included a $150 pack from Samantha Rose Flowers (featuring a bouquet of flowers, In Detail book, a hibiscus and rose bath bomb bar), $100 lunch for two from Braided Rivers, $100 makeover and manicure from Swish Skin & Beauty, a $300 voucher from Style Footwear, a $320 prize pack from Vivo Ashburton and a $500 voucher from Sparrows.

While Kate was thrilled to be nominated and loved the experience, she was mindful of the many, many mums out there who also deserved the same opportunity.

Above: Kate with the prize pack.
Kate with the prize pack.

“I feel really, really humbled because there’s so many mums out there doing so much,” she said.

“If I could, I would make it go a lot further than one person.”

To which Stacey quickly interjects; “there are so many deserving people, but it doesn’t make you any less deserving”.

“You just do things because that’s what you do,” says Kate.

As an awesome day of pampering came to an end with a Guardian photoshoot, Kate said she was overwhelmed by the whole experience.

“Everyone has been so lovely and there’s so many super people who donated (products/services),” she said.

“I feel like I won the mother of the year award.”

  • Stacey’s Nomination

It’s my pleasure to nominate my mum, Kate McIntyre for the Mother’s Day competition. My mum is so deserving of this and a pamper day would really pick up her spirits. The main reason for nominating her is that she does so much for others… not just her loved ones but complete strangers. The other day at Countdown, she bought a lady some nappies that she had put back because she couldn’t afford them. She is always helping me out with my two boys, a nearly two-year-old and a ten-week-old. She has my oldest every Friday as she loves spending time with him and it also gives me a break.

When he’s at preschool, she’ll watch my baby so I can run into town and do jobs. She even takes my washing home with her! I’ve recently struggled with PND and her support is what has gotten me through. 

Recently, she has also been having a rough time with my grandad being very unwell. It is emotionally hard but Mum, putting others before herself, has been helping Gran out by doing jobs around the house like lighting the fire, cleaning their windows and doing all the ringing around to arrange care. 

I can’t think of a more deserving person. She is an amazing person and the best mum I could ever ask for.

I hope you will consider her for this amazing prize. 

Many thanks,
Stacey Stoddart

IMG_2372Hollie from
Vivo Ashburton
puts foils in Kate’s hair.


IMG_7298Kate enjoys
a manicure and make-up
from Swish Skin & Beauty’s Rachelle.


IMG_7341Melissa from
Style Footwear consults
with Kate to find her perfect shoes.


IMG_7362Samantha from
Samantha Rose Flowers
spoils Kate with goodies.


IMG_7372 - only use if can't remove chinCheers! Kate (right),
her daughter Stacey (left)
and her mum Helen enjoy wine
and a meal at Braided Rivers.


  • Kate responds after her makeover

Wow, what a day! Thank you so much for making me feel like I had won the mother of the year award!!! Thank you to all the folk that made it possible, Hollie from Vivo, Rachelle from Swish, Samantha Rose Flowers, the beautiful Melissa from Style, Richard and the gorgeous girls at Sparrows and, of course, a beautiful lunch from Braided Rivers! And not to underestimate the time and effort put in by Emma, Megan and Penny …

I’m so blessed to have such an amazing daughter, who firstly took the time to enter your competition…especially when she is a busy young mum herself, and secondly that I could share the day with her… Life just doesn’t get better than spending time with people you love …

So, thank you all again for a most amazing day.

Kindest regards,