It’s so sweet when lambs get hair ties

Farmy Princess with Donna-Marie Lever

It’s been another epic month on the ranch – dominated not by farmy things, but rather, slight panic as we get one of the little humans ready for school.

I love that Little-Miss-Almost-Five is off to a rural school soon  – she’ll be able to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb and actually have the lamb with her in the classroom!

But again, like farming, I know very little about the whole school thing – so I rang my very cool farmy friend Penny for a bit of help.

It’s always hard to know when is a good time to ring a farmy person because they are usually in the middle of something very farmy! Penny answered slightly breathless as I asked for help with the school uniform situation. “Sorry I’m just tailing at the moment …” she said. Ooooh … my investigative journalistic mind launched into work mode – Who could she be following?

Was she working on an undercover farming project? This was sounding very, very interesting. “Ummmmm … It’s more of a lambing situation …” she replied.

Oh, of course. I requested photographic evidence immediately since I was unable to witness the event. A series of loud message alerts started to erupt on my phone as I stood in the uniform aisle at The Warehouse. The first few shots were close-ups of cute baby lamb faces. Nawwww, so sweet! Then … gasp … what was this? Farmer Penny had some kind of contraption that sort of looked like a metal table where the lambs lay down, legs up in the air and had what I could only identify as hair ties put on to their wee tails. I’m picking this wasn’t for fashion reasons.

Then more beeps – photos of each one getting a wee cuddle after the tailware was added – that part was definitely something I could volunteer for next time.

She went on to explain why it was done, adding “I won’t lie to you – this is messy work”. Hmmm, messy? Maybe another farmy job not for me then! I’m sure this city girl will find a farmy job soon that I can handle…

TV reporter, journalist, mum and born and bred Aucklander Donna-Marie Lever talks about life after marrying a farmer and moving to rural Mid Canterbury