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The Great War memorial

The highly respected Robert Galbraith was Ashburton mayor from 1915-1931. It was his misfortune to be the sitting mayor (more)

Overbridge turns 100

People walking over Ashburton’s railway overbridge might notice a new blue plaque was unveiled last Friday to (more)

Maladies and treatments

Last week’s heritage page focused on the establishment of Ashburton’s first hospital, and the other smaller (more)

The Belgian Relief Fund

This Thursday, October 12, marks the centenary of one of New Zealand’s darkest days at war. Not only one awful (more)

Fire museum’s funding request denied

Seven Ashburton District councillors and mayor Donna Favel have thumbed their noses at the keepers of Ashburton’s (more)

Last dance at the Radiant Hall

The 1960s was a decade of change and young people were rewriting the rules. Dance was a prime example. No (more)

Music, art and war

The many musical programmes in the Ashburton Museum’s archive would originally have been kept as a reminder of a (more)

Museum discoveries in Croatia

I believe that one should take any opportunity that comes your way, so when I was invited to go to the Czech (more)

The town that never was

In 1883 it was to be a town of the future but today Diamond Town at Mt Alford is simply a forestry block, the (more)

From Gaslight to Middle Age Spread

There is never nothing to do in a museum. Much of my time is spent answering enquiries or working with new (more)

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