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Answer to housing woes

  Could Ashburton’s population swell on the back of young Auckland couples willing to relocate and find (more)


Making the world greener

Inspired by her children, local businesswoman, Megan Watene, is working towards the goal of making the world a cleaner, (more)

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Our precious shorebirds

The Ashburton River is one of the most important braided rivers in Canterbury due to the nationally significant (more)

Triplets (from left) Erana, Jamee and Chloe Te Moananui support each other and find strengths in their differences.
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Triplets prepare for big year ahead

  High-achieving Ashburton triplets Erana, Chloe and Jamee Te Moananui are looking forward to supporting (more)

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New people, new perspective

As a local, it is often hard to see the appeal of a town that you have lived in your entire life. It is (more)

Contemporary New Zealand artist, Mark Braunias, completed his eye-popping installation at the Ash-burton Art Gallery this week. He spoke with Megan Gnad about his inspiration, love of painting giant wall canvases and why Mid Canterbury should be proud of its local gallery.
Photo Susan Sandys

When a wall’s not just a wall

Contemporary New Zealand artist, Mark Braunias, completed his eye-popping installation at the Ashburton Art Gallery (more)

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Ashburton’s patriotic concerts

Just 10 days after August 4, 1914, when Britain and the Empire declared war on Kaiser Wilhelm II following the (more)

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Bugs may hold the key

Kiwi scientists are exploring the mysterious role the bugs inside us play in regulating our diet and metabolism, in (more)

Hanne Landing at Hardwickefsaeture

An unfriendly welcome

Upon hearing the term Auckland Islands you could be forgiven for conjuring up a mental image of latte drinkers (more)

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Big shoes to fill

  Ashburton College’s sports boss Trevor Cochrane has hung up his stopwatch. Guardian reporters find his (more)

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